Star Wars Rebels – Double Agent Droid review

This is the second episode where Kanan has been absent since Sabine left. Here we have Chopper and a former Imperial infiltrating the Empire to get some information, but the tech experts of the Imperials have realized that both of them are after some information. They attempt to use Chopper to know the location of the Rebels hidden base, but luckily Hera caught it in time and made sure they didn’t get it. The chemistry between Chopper and the former Imperial droid is a variation of C-3PO and R2-D2’s in that the former Imperial droid feels superior to Chopper, who responds with mischief. It was the former Imperial droid who saved the day while Ezra and Zeb didn’t do much. If you think about there is some kind of divide among the Rebels where Ezra, Hera, and Zeb are on one side believing in the Rebels’ cause while Kanan and Sabine would rather be independent as this has been going on since last season. Captain Rex is also on Ezra’s side as well, along with Saw Gerrera. A good filler episode at best.


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