The Flash – Duet review

The second part of the musical crossover occurs in the Flash as both Martian Manhunter and Mon-El take an unconscious Supergirl to Earth-1 to meet up with Flash and his team. This is the first time they meet Manhunter and Mon-El as they teamed up with Supergirl back in the mega crossover. The reason they brought over Manhunter and Mon-El was to make up for the mega crossover that they didn’t participate in. The Music Meister, played by Darren Criss, uses his power to render Flash unconscious throughout the majority of the episode the same way he did Supergirl. Barry and Kara reunite in the musical dimension as they have to follow the script to survive.

Meanwhile, both Iris and Mon-El are learning about what they’re love to Flash and Supergirl means to both of them. It’s funny that in the musical world, Iris and Mon-El are playing 1940’s characters and are in love. There are others in the musical realm such as Winn Schott, Cisqo, Professor Stein, Joe West, and Malcolm Merlyn as they’re also playing 1940’s characters. If only Cisco and Winn would meet each other for real, but I hope it’s for the next mega crossover.

There is lots of history going into this musical crossover as cast members have history with each other prior to the superhero shows. They are either from Glee or have went to school before they broke into show business. This is a great display of Grant and Melissa’s musical talents. I have a feeling that when the superhero shows are over, their next TV project may be another musical.

It was cool to see Martian Manhunter, Vibe, and Kid Flash team-up to take on the Music Meister and I love the reactions of Team Flash towards the Martian Manhunter. This is something that should have happened in the Mega Crossover had he been involved. Now we will have to see how Team Arrow and Legends would react towards Martian Manhunter. The musical numbers sung by everyone is starting to grow on me as I thought I would hate it. Music Meister is used for the purpose of a musical. I wonder if he’s from the 5th Dimension like Mxyzptlk. A team-up between the two needs to happen.

Great crossover episode that I enjoyed more than the Mega Crossover.


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