The Flash – Abra Kadabra review

A villain from Earth-19 has appeared in Earth-1 and calls himself Abra Kadabra as he is from the future, 64th Century to be exact. He knows who Savitar is and can do things with his magic. This attracts Barry whose mission conflicts with those of the returning Gypsy, who wants to take him back to Earth-19 to face justice for the murder of her partner. Apparently this causes tension between Gypsy and Cisco as we found out it would never work.

Meanwhile, the battle with Abra Kadabra has injured Caitlin Snow as a pipe went through her abdomen. She refuses a hospital as they have records of her metahuman powers. HR Wells didn’t appear in the majority of the episode until the end as in a way Caitlin Snow died and is reborn as Killer Frost thanks to Julian removing the necklace that inhibits her powers. I wonder if this is going to cause Danielle to leave the series after this season as a prophecy is fulfilled.

Great episode overall.


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