Legends of Tomorrow – Aruba Season Finale review

The Legends get their season finale as everything comes to a head. The Legion of Doom basically succeeded in accomplishing their goals as this was the Legends using the only way to erase it – by going to back to World War 1 and prevent them from getting the Spear. Except that their other selves are also in World War 1 and they risk everything by interacting with them. Basically the showrunners have broke this very rule, but this is them not suited to write time travel stories. I have to wonder if they ever saw any Star Trek or Back To The Future stuff to see how time traveling works. Couple of Legends members like Atom and Vixen were both dead from the later point in time. The biggest BS was them putting Sara on a pedestal when she has the Spear and depowered it while seeing Dinah Laurel for the final time. All of this could have been avoided when Thawne should have gotten the Spear and leave with it. This was Marc Guggenheim showing favoritism towards his favorite character in her. What’s worse is that Rip Hunter has left the team and perhaps the show once again as there is no place for him. An assassin like Sara is not suited to lead a team. They didn’t listen to Rip throughout the whole time so his return was redundant in the end. They should have sent Amaya back to her time, but as long as she’s outside of it her granddaughter may not become Vixen so I guess Nate didn’t listen to Ray either. An okay end to the season that misfired. Later on, I will do a review of the Legends’ 2nd season.


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