Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 review

The second season of Legends of Tomorrow was about the Legends battling the Legion of Doom over the Spears of Destiny that has the ability to change reality according to one’s desires. There were some changes from the 1st season as the Hawks have left in the 1st season finale and Captain Cold sacrificed himself saving the universe. Rip Hunter has sent the Legends to different points in time, but has disappeared in the process. We also saw the debut of the Justice Society of America, who bested the Legends easily because they were much more cohesive and more experienced as a team than the Legends. We have a couple of new characters – Nate Heywood aka Citizen Steel and Vixen Amaya Jiwe, grandmother of current Vixen Mari McCabe. Mari was supposed to be in the second season, but the actress’ scheduling conflicts prevent her from appearing. The showrunners decide to cast Vixen with a different person behind it.

The first half of the second season was about the team searching for Rip Hunter and Sara was made new team leader, likely a reflection of producer Marc Guggenheim’s tastes. While this has happened Reverse-Flash Eobard Thawne gathers both Damien Dahrk and Malcolm Merlyn to form the Legion of Doom to counter the Legends. We find out the truth about Reverse-Flash’s agenda while Rip was revealed to be in the late 1960’s trying to be a filmmaker. At one point, the Legion used Rip to turn on the Legends. Eventually Rip would return to the team, but unfortunately there’s a power struggle between he and Sara. It was also revealed that Rip has tasked the JSA members of guarding the Spears and scatter them through different points in time. Unfortunately, the majority of the JSA has fallen except for Star Girl.

A relationship was forming between Nate and Amaya and the writers seemed to forget that Amaya would have to return to 1942 or else her granddaughter wouldn’t become Vixen until late in the season. Then there was Professor Stein’s daughter as a result of his own actions. They also brought back Captain Cold into the show as a member of the Legion of Doom. What Thawne did was recruit him from a time before he was a member of the Legends team and was Flash’s arch-enemy. The relationship between Cold and Heatwave was completely destroyed in the end.

The Legion of Doom was shown to be stronger and smarter than the Legends in that they succeeded in obtaining the Spears and created a darker alternate reality called DoomWorld, where Thawne runs Star Labs, Damien becoming mayor of Star City, and Malcolm having his entire family. This was the lowest point of a 3-act story until the Legends decide to return to World War 1 to prevent the Legion from obtaining all the Spears, but they will have to risk interacting with themselves prior. This broke the rules of the show and a time storm has occurred as a result. What I didn’t like about the season finale was putting Sara on a pedestal and it was BS writing. The end saw Rip leaving the team, Amaya staying, and the group finding themselves in 2017, where time has converged. They’ve set up for the 3rd Season. A bold attempt to ante up the time traveling thing, but got themselves in corners many times.


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