Supergirl – Ace Reporter review

After a month hiatus, we have an episode that finally focuses on Kara’s journalism. This would have been pointless had she not been reinstated to Catco, but the real problem here is that the writers gave it an afterthought after focusing so much on her love life with Mon-El and the Maggie/ Alex relationship. After watching it, this was a Kara/ Lena centric episode that focused on their friendship, one that I can get behind than any other.

Mon-El works better as a sidekick than a love interest. To see he and Kara investigate Biomax was an awesome part of the episode. I want to see more of this for the rest of the season. Also, this was the least amount with J’onn J’onzz and Alex as I wonder if this is a test to see if there will be a Supergirl season without the DEO.

The triangle with James, Winn, and Lyra would have been great if they were aiding Supergirl instead of being on their own and you can’t have two groups fighting crime. Both James and Lyra need to be in the DEO.

Rahul of iZombie makes his appearance as Jack Spheer aka Biomax and the twist was interesting. I hope Jack Spheer will return down the line and I also hope Rose Mciver will appear as Raven. A crossover between Supergirl and iZombie would be cool as that is the one crossover I can get behind.

The end with Lena and Rhea is an interesting one that will play into the next several episodes. Great episode to come back with.


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