Supergirl – City of Lost Children review

The last thing you want is to not focus on Supergirl when it’s close to the season finale and that’s what they did with this episode as this was James-centric. The reason it was James-centric is because both Melissa and Chris were on vacation during this time. I don’t think it was a good idea as other characters would end up getting the spotlight. Also the trailer had used Supergirl’s 1st season footage to make it look like she will be in this a lot and it turned out to be false advertising. More importantly, they knew the viewers were going to hate this episode because it was James-centric. This was about James coming to a crossroads as Guardian when he found out he was inspiring fear instead of hope like Superman and Supergirl. They even made a subtle mention of Batman. Do we need another hero to inspire hope besides Superman and Supergirl? No and this was why we don’t need Guardian.

Basically James did become heroic and inspiring as himself instead of Guardian when he saved an alien boy and his mother.  Did this resolve the issue of Guardian inspiring hope? Not really as many people are still in fear of Guardian. This was something that should have happened during the middle part of the season when he first became Guardian.

There was barely any Supergirl and Mon-El in this, but if they did this episode before they went on a vacation instead of some story plot that benches them, then the writers need to rethink their priorities when they go to the 3rd season.

Alex was in the DEO the whole time and understandably so after last week. Since last week was Maggie-centric, Maggie is not in this episode and it’s for the best aftea. r the way she butted heads with Kara.

The only thing that saved this episode was the Lena/ Rhea stuff where they were playing each other to create a portal bridge to bring her people to Earth for her to conquer. In the end, it was Rhea who outsmarted Lena and both Kara and Mon-El discovered that they were working together.

The end of the episode is a great cliffhanger for the final two episodes. I hope they make me forget about this one.


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