The Flash – Cause and Effect review

I don’t know what the writers were aiming for in this episode, but it was the dumbest episode ever. This is not the time to do an out-of-character amnesia episode when it’s close to the season finale. Just because Barry loses his memories means that Savitar loses his as well. How does that really  work? There’s no time traveling involved here. Also how does Savitar’s memory loss affect Wally’s powers?

They need to show us how Savitar loses his memories or his powers being influx. Iris sure isn’t listening to her dad when she can’t take Barry to work like this, but she did. What was she hoping to achieve here?

Something tells me that with Caitlin as Killer Frost she may not be a series regular anymore as there isn’t much for left for her to do once she she reaches her destination. I don’t know if her saying she doesn’t love anybody is her talking or Killer Frost talking. Team Flash had every opportunity to put the power cuffs on her and didn’t. That was weak there.

It’s funny when Iris tells Barry on what it’s like to be a hero again or how to be a hero, I find it laughable because everything Barry did was the opposite of it and becomes destructive.

The only good thing of this episode was the beginning with Flash and Savitar, along with Flash and Kid Flash teaming up.

Least favorite episode of all time.


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