The Flash – Infantino Street review

The penultimate episode shows Barry recruiting Captain Cold from his time with the Legends of Tomorrow. I wonder how Barry knew where he’d be. After last week’s farce, they hit this one out emotionally as something did happen at the end of the episode that this season was building towards – the death of Iris West. This was seen when Barry went 5 months into the future and the result still remained the same despite whatever attempts to prevent it from happening.

However I can see this cliffhanger as something the producers as taunting the fans who hated Iris. If they do pull off a twist where the HR was impersonating Iris that was dead while Iris impersonated HR that was on the rooftop, it would be seen as too obvious and that it’s something coming from a mile away.

I wonder if Caitlin has a place in the show as a series regular now that she is Killer Frost because once that character reaches his or her destination, there’s nothing for them to go on and that character would be written off.

The episode title was named after Carmen Infantino who co-created Barry Allen in the mid 1950’s to ignite comics’ silver-age. Good episode overall.


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