The Flash – Finish Line review

Last week ended with the apparent death of Iris West at the hands of Savitar just as it was foreshadowed early in the season. But that was just the showrunners taunting those who hated Iris West. That came true when the season finale started with the revelation that the Iris who died was actually HR Wells disguised as her and Iris disguising herself as HR. This was something that many people, including myself, saw coming a mile away.

Since then it felt underwhelming until the climax where Barry, Wally, and Jay took on Savitar while Cisco and Vibe took on Killer Frost. That was the only thing I liked about the finale and Iris kills Savitar thus ending the Flashpoint arc altogether.

The end of the episode was something I didn’t care much for, but when I saw the Speed Force hovering over Central City I thought it was the antimatter clouds from Crisis On Infinite Earths. The end had Barry going to the Speed Force as penance for creating Flashpoint and not many cared for this knowing he will return. I wonder if they’re doing this because of the Justice League movie and the upcoming Flash movie with Ezra Miller.

Like Supergirl I will review Flash’s 3rd season. An underwhelming end to an underwhelming season.


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