Arrow – Lian Yu review

After last episode that saw Oliver gather the unlikeliest allies, they go to the island of Yian Lu together to rescue the rest of Team Arrow and his son William. Main villain Prometheus Adrian Chase counters with his own group to deal with Oliver’s group. The stage is set for a battle royale in Lian Yu with a lot on the line while the flashbacks saw Oliver fighting Dolph Lundgren in Lian Yu just before Oliver returns home.

There were dream fights such as Nyssa Al Ghul and her sister Talia Al Ghul, along with new Black Canary and Black Siren of Earth-2 with their matching sonic screams. Then there is Malcolm Merlyn trying to save Thea. In the midst of this, we see Adrian has an ace where if Oliver kills him and gets back William, the whole island blows up. So Oliver was careful to save everyone.

Oliver doesn’t have to consult with Felicity concerning William since it’s not her child.

So Adrian Chase goes out with a bang that produces the most ballsy ending by shooting himself triggering the explosion on the entire island, along with Team Arrow and some villains. Not everyone will survive and not everyone will return for the 6th season. I have to say that Chase is up there with Slade as the show’s best villains.

Great season finale. Unlike Flash and Supergirl, I will not do a season review since I didn’t most of the second half of the season. Things are now at full circle.


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