Batman: The Complete Television Series DVD review



I bought this holy grail DVD set in honor of Adam West, who passed away this Friday. Luckily I got this from Best Buy, who discounted this set from $160 to $49 including tax. If you got this from Wal-Mart or Target, the price is $69. This was released back in 2014 and up until that year, the series was in landlocked in legal issues between WB and Fox. WB owns Batman while Fox produced the series. They had to come to an agreement as well clearing up other rights issues such as music and likeness. The show was never released on VHS or Betamax, but it was released through bootleg. Only the movie had been released on home video over the years because of different distribution. Now the series is finally released on home video.

All 120 episodes of Batman are in this set and have been broken down into seasons. This is also available on season sets as well to provide flexibility. The episodes are remastered in pristine quality as if it was shot yesterday. It comes up plenty of special features, including a look at Adam West’s career, a tour of the Batman memorabilia collection, a panel with Adam and several people from the comics industry, the celebrities appearing on the show, and some never-before-seen footage such as the screen tests and the Batgirl pilot. There are no commentaries from any of the show’s stars and the closest to it was Adam narrating the premiere episode while he was working on another DVD.

The set comes with an episode guide booklet. If you have the limited edition blu-ray set, it comes with a small die-cast Batmobile, trading cards, and posters. If you put this with Batman: The Movie, the recent animated movie, Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders, and the Batman 66 comic series you have the complete set of adventures from the Batman TV series. It’s the holy grail for the Batman fans. Thank you Adam West for the great memories you gave us. You will be missed.


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