Farewell Stacy Wilson Campbell 1977-2017

I didn’t find out until a month later that one of my classmates has passed away from a blocked artery that caused her heart to stop. Her name was Stacy Wilson Campbell, who was 39. This was unexpected and the news was brought by one of my other classmates from Norland Middle School. According to her husband, she had no stress and no chest pains. Stacy was relaxed until her collapse. Just like that, she was gone unexpectedly just as she was about to launch a handbag line.

She was born Stacy Katrika Vanessa Wilson in Miami, Florida in July 19, 1977. I first met Stacy in the summer school prior to 8th grade in Norland Middle School after I got accepted into its magnet arts program, which she also was enrolled in. I don’t think we had the same classes during 8th grade, but we were later on when we both got accepted into Design and Architecture Senior High school.

Stacy was what you called the alpha female of our class and can whip asses. I didn’t mind having my ass whipped by a girl like her. She was full of light and knows how to make a scene or throw a party and you couldn’t throw a party without her. Her and I rode the same metro bus on our way to DASH and she used to get on my case about eating at McDonald’s for breakfast.

Her and I would be in most of the same classes such as Drawing, Portfolio, English, and Spanish. In Spanish, I remember she was about to get into a fight with another classmate named Sam Machado and the two were ready to go at it. She wouldn’t hesitate in hurting him or vice-versa. In portfolio, she just didn’t care because we had what you called Senioritis. We couldn’t wait to graduate from DASH and embrace the real world. Stacy was voted as one of the most popular members of our class, along with 2 other people.

When we graduated in 1995, Stacy called for a 10-year reunion between us that really didn’t happen because we lost one of our own in 1997 named Miguel Escobar. Since DASH she lived in Naples, Florida and moved to Atlanta. She gotten married in either one of those places, but I have not seen her since high school graduation. It was a shock to me that she would be the next one gone. What was more sad is that she never got to reach her milestone age of 40 like another classmate Carlos Carles last year.

Stacy was incredibly gifted as an artist and fashion designer. I will never forget her outgoing and vibrant nature. This one’s for you Stacy as your soul will be blessed eternally forever.



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