iZombie – Conspiracy Weary review

The countdown to the season finale begins when the zombies and the humans have their first war and both Liv and Blaine go full-on zombie mode to rescue Ravi and a friend. Both sides suffer casualties including the two men who lead the charge against the zombies. Liv eats the brain of one of the zombie hunters called Truthers and becomes paranoid as she learns of their plans and what they’re feeling about the zombies. Both Ravi and Major have their own romantic problems and the end of the episode shows a real dillemma – Liv is on the cover of a newspaper concerning zombies.

It was awesome to see Liv and Blaine going full zombie mode that you don’t see often in this series. Plenty of action, suspense, and intensity here and I hope that this will match the 2nd season finale, where it was two hours. The mystery-of-the-week has taken a backseat to the season’s main storyline of zombies vs. humans and this seems to be working. I wonder if this is going to be a test of the show doing without its weekly mystery format here and embracing the main season storyline altogether. I wouldn’t mind it as it freshen up the series in a big way. Great episode overall.

Batman: The Complete Television Series DVD review



I bought this holy grail DVD set in honor of Adam West, who passed away this Friday. Luckily I got this from Best Buy, who discounted this set from $160 to $49 including tax. If you got this from Wal-Mart or Target, the price is $69. This was released back in 2014 and up until that year, the series was in landlocked in legal issues between WB and Fox. WB owns Batman while Fox produced the series. They had to come to an agreement as well clearing up other rights issues such as music and likeness. The show was never released on VHS or Betamax, but it was released through bootleg. Only the movie had been released on home video over the years because of different distribution. Now the series is finally released on home video.

All 120 episodes of Batman are in this set and have been broken down into seasons. This is also available on season sets as well to provide flexibility. The episodes are remastered in pristine quality as if it was shot yesterday. It comes up plenty of special features, including a look at Adam West’s career, a tour of the Batman memorabilia collection, a panel with Adam and several people from the comics industry, the celebrities appearing on the show, and some never-before-seen footage such as the screen tests and the Batgirl pilot. There are no commentaries from any of the show’s stars and the closest to it was Adam narrating the premiere episode while he was working on another DVD.

The set comes with an episode guide booklet. If you have the limited edition blu-ray set, it comes with a small die-cast Batmobile, trading cards, and posters. If you put this with Batman: The Movie, the recent animated movie, Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders, and the Batman 66 comic series you have the complete set of adventures from the Batman TV series. It’s the holy grail for the Batman fans. Thank you Adam West for the great memories you gave us. You will be missed.

Farewell Adam West 1928-2017

Actor Adam West, who is best known as Batman, has passed away at the age of 88 after a short battle with leukemia. Born William West Anderson in Washington, he became an actor playing several movie and TV roles before landing his most famous one in 1966 as Batman. The show ran from 1966-68 for three seasons along with a feature film in 1966. After Batman ended, Adam struggled to find work because of his association with the character. Throughout the years since Batman until his passing, he appeared in conventions and talk shows. His career was at a comeback when the 1989 Batman movie hit and he was booking roles again. He also did voiceover works for the Batman Animated series and Family Guy. Adam did a couple of projects related to the Batman TV series such as the TV-movie Return To The Batcave: The Misadventures of Adam and Burt and the most recent animated movie, Batman: Return of The Caped Crusaders which celebrated its 50th anniversary. His last work was an appearance on the cancelled TV series Powerless. The Batman TV series was released on DVD and he was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. His influence has reached generations of Bat fans. Adam is survived by his wife, six children, five grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren. He will be missed by the Bat-Fans and the show business community worldwide.

iZombie – Return of the Dead Guy review

They are balancing out the mystery-of-the-week formula and the main season storyline of the zombie apocalypse. If anything they’re building towards the zombie apocalypse and this episode clearly belonged to Blaine to show what happens if you tried to cross him and kill him. There are some kinky moments involving Liv and Peyton. I think this will probably be the last episode to have a mystery-of-the-week as next week will be the start of the zombie apocalypse.

The Flash – 3rd Season review

The first season dealt with time travel and the 2nd season dealt with the Multiverse. The 3rd season was based on the storyline by Geoff Johns called Flashpoint, where Barry traveled to the past to bring back his parents. Unfortunately it comes at a cost where Barry’s memories have altered as well as changing the histories with his friends such as Caitlin Snow having powers and Diggle having a son named John Jr. instead of a daughter. In the Flashpoint timeline, Wally West is a speedster and fights crime as a Flash wearing a yellow suit. Because Reverse-Flash revealed to Barry of the consequences of his actions, Barry ends up putting things back the way they were but some of the changes have stuck.

I wish they would get into the Flashpoint timeline a lot more, but I feel they failed in this area because as the season progressed they wanted to pan out the wedding engagement between Barry and Iris much to the dismay of most viewers. Iris was great in the 2nd season, but here she was dropped down several notches below where they put her on a pedestal. They also taunted us with her death and as we find out, they did a twist just to spite the viewers. This season was also overloaded with Harrison Wells where we have two – one from Earth-2 and one from Earth-19, where he’s a con man trying to do the right thing with his misguided ideas.

They brought in a new character named Julian Albert who is a police scientist like Barry and is revealed to be one of the enemies named Dr. Alchemy. He reminds me of Rip Hunter of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. Later he learns Barry’s secret as the Flash and has joined the team. He is a welcome addition to the group and has feelings for Caitlin Snow, who has turned into Killer Frost. I feel Caitlin’s journey to becoming Killer Frost has reached its end and she shouldn’t be a series regular for the 4th season. Same with Cisco since he’s now getting the hang of his vibration powers.

Another new character they introduced is Gypsy, who is from Earth-19 and wants HR Wells. Her methods are at odds with Team Flash, but there are romantic feelings between her and Cisco. However, she’s nothing like the one from the comics. Her powers are identical to Cisco’s. I hope they make her more like the comics version for the 4th season should she return.

After getting cheated last season concerning Flash Jay Garrick, we now have the real Jay Garrick in action to make up for it. John Wesley Shipp is born to play Jay Garrick than Teddy Sears. He’s a great mentor to Barry and Wally. I just wished that we the entire Team Flash in Barry, Wally, Jay, and Jesse Quick, who is now in Earth-3. With Jay out of the Speed Force, she should return.

The main villain of the season is the Savitar, the self-proclaimed Speed God. This is where the producers and writers failed as we didn’t know who Savitar really is and I doubt they knew despite their interviews. We the viewers could see it a mile away that it was a time remnant of Barry from last season. I guess it was a shot at the criticism that Barry is more of a villain than a hero. You could tell that an evil speedster is getting boring and wearing out as nothing can top Reverse-Flash as the main villain. A weak season ended with a very weak finale where Barry decides to go into the Speed Force as his own punishment just as he and Iris were about to be engaged. I suspect they did this because of the movie Flash from the upcoming Justice League movie. They need to work extra hard to regain the show’s greatness.

iZombie – Twenty Sided, Die review

The latest episode of iZombie sees Liv and her friends playing Dungeons and Dragons and some of the jokes have either connected or didn’t land. Thanks to Liv eating the brains of the dead gamer, she masters Dungeons and Dragons and use that knowledge to help Clyde find the murderer. Despite all this it’s all heading towards D-Day and it doesn’t stand for Doomsday, but rather Discovery Day when the humans learns that zombies are real and living amongst them. I think they’re coasting along as they can’t wait to get to the season finale.