Legends of Tomorrow – Amazing Grace review

I’m not too keen on time traveling episodes involving young versions of celebrities before they become famous. Last season they did it with a young George Lucas and this season they’re doing it with a young Elvis Presley. Here we see the timeline being altered where Elvis never became famous and rock n roll doesn’t exist. This affected the Legends in that Nate’s hair has changed, Zari’s game has changed, and Mick’s food changing as well. Problem with this is that the rest of the Legends should be affected as well, so why has Sara not changed in some way while most have?

Later they also discovered that Elvis has one of the totems that they’re searching for. Meanwhile, Zari is showing Wally the ropes in fitting in with the team. As nice as it is, they don’t each other well enough for Zari to do that. It should have been Nate to give Wally the tour of both the team and the Waverider after seeing them together at the start of the season. Wally seems to be doing better in Legends than he ever did in Flash.

The end of the episode involving the Death Totem will lead into the next episode. Okay episode at best here.


Arrow – Doppelganger review

After last week’s episode that saw the confrontation between two groups of Team Arrows, the new team had to take a backseat to make way for the return of Roy Harper whose return is made under questionable circumstances involving corrupt cops who are all under the control of Richard Dragon.

It was nice to see both Thea and Roy together again and Roy’s reaction to Thea’s speedy outfit. It felt like an old-school Arrow episode with almost the original Team Arrow with a couple of noticeable absences.

However this is more about Earth-2 Dinah Laurel Lance aka Black Siren, who is posing as her late Earth-1 counterpart and is on the run from Black Canary Dinah Drake, who still has a vendetta against her. Oliver stands in her way to have her put it aside while he deals with her. It looks like Earth-2’s Laurel endgame may be to return to Earth-2.

We learn her true allegiance is to Richard Dragon, but knowing her she will discard him to look for a better opportunity from someone else with more power. Good episode overall.

Black Lightning – Equinox: The Book of Fate review

After last week that saw Black Lightning and his daughter meeting and battling each other before they realize who the other were, we get to see the aftermath of it in terms of how they all deal with this development concerning Jefferson seeing Anissa with powers and Anissa knowing her father is Black Lightning. This is a giant step towards Anissa becoming Thunder just like in the comics and cartoons.

The most significant developments of this episode were that the lady crime boss is now gone while another crime boss is resurrected. They are not afraid to kill off some main characters who are staples to the show. The lady crime boss reminds me of Amanda Waller. The end of the episode leads into the next episode where Black Lightning is framed.

How long will it be before Jennifer starts to develop her own powers as well?

Good episode overall.

The Flash – Enter Flashtime review

The selling point of this episode was the returns of Flash Jay Garrick and Jesse Quick due to Wally being in Flash. Flash and his team attempt to stop a bomb that causes everything around Flash to stay static. Barry took turns in bringing members of his team to experience what it’s like to be inside the viewpoint of a speedster. Both Jay and Jesse had to be brought back as they each bring something different to the problem – Barry with the leadership, Jay with the wisdom and scientific, and Jesse with the ideas.

One other thing to note is that Ralph is absent after the last several episodes focused on him. But there were plenty of developments in this episode such as Harry and Jesse reconciling, Jay deciding to retire and train a female speedster on Earth-3, the return of the mystery girl from the crossover, and the uncertain future of Killer Frost.

If Killer Frost leaves the show at the end of the season, it’s likely because of the Flashpoint movie that will use her, Captain Cold, and Heatwave. Good episode after Barry’s time in jail.

Star Wars Rebels – A Fool’s Hope/ Family Reunion and Farewell series finale review

This is it. After four seasons, Star Wars Rebels has finally come to an end. It’s the first Star Wars animated series under Disney since they bought out Lucasfilm. The fight for Lothal comes to a head between the Ghost Crew, led by Ezra and the Imperials, led by Grand Admiral Thrawn. Kanan Jarrus was already dead a couple of weeks ago, so everything was up to the rest of the Ghost Crew. Everything that Ezra learned under Kanan and the Ghost Crew has all come to this. We also know that freeing Lothal will not come without a price.

While this is mainly about Ezra Bridger, everyone else had their character moments. Whatever happened in the finale will lead into both Rogue One and A New Hope. There were returning faces such as the surviving Clone troopers and Hondo. it had to end with a bang as there were casualties.

We know both Hera and Sabine survived thanks to the Forces of Destiny, but now we also find out that both Zeb and Kallus also survived as I expected both to perish. We also learned from Sabine’s end narrative that Hera and Rex continued to fight for the Rebels through Return of the Jedi as we’ve speculated about Rex. There was a time jump post-Return of the Jedi where Hera has a child with Kanan and that Ahsoka Tano is also alive during this time as well. Both Sabine and Ahsoka set out to find Ezra as they seem to set up for the next series.

I’ve said this on the forums and Youtube – Dave Filoni is making a trilogy of animated shows such as Clone Wars, Rebels, and the likely Resistance with Ahsoka Tano as the bridge between all three in the similar manner that both C-3PO and R2-D2 were with all the trilogy films.

I’ve watched Rebels since the beginning to now the end and I want to thank the Lucasfilm for giving us a great Star Wars animated show as we look forward to the next Star Wars animated show. Great episode to end with a bang.

iZombie – Blue Bloody review

The show is settling in its new reality and new status quo quite well since last week’s premiere. Liv consumes the brains of a dead rich girl who was killed by a rapid fire tennis ball. The mystery-of-the-week took a backseat to the reunion and breakup of both Liv and Major, who make petty arguments over traffic and the fact that Major was more concerned about his reputation at the Fillmore Graves than doing the right thing. This is another one of those will they/ won’t they thing in CW or perhaps any other network that they do most of the time. A decent episode overall.

Legends of Tomorrow – No Country For Old Dads review

Last episode ended with Ray Palmer captured by the Dahrk’s after saving Damien’s daughter. We know Damien Dahrk’s daughter is played by Brandon Routh’s real life wife as they’re touching upon it with subtlety. Though Rip Hunter and Kid Flash Wally West have joined, or rejoined in Rip’s case, they have taken a backseat to this thing with Atom and the Dahrk’s as we get to learn more about them than anything else that would separate them from other villainous families such as the Luthors or the Wilsons.

If anything Damien Dahrk is carrying this season like he did last season and this episode showed two versions of him – one current and one younger. Meanwhile, Ava has become the director of the Time Bureau after the death of the previous director and Rip uses this to his advantage to get back with them. It’s good to have Rip back as it was not the same without him. Wally has his own heroic moment in his first outing as new team member of the Legends. I have no doubt Wally will succeed in Legends than Flash.

Good episode overall.