The Flash – Harry and The Harrisons review

Last week saw the fallout between the Thinker and his wife. Here instead of follow that up, it takes a detour of other things that were filler at best. Such as the return of Amunet Black. Team Flash could have picked anyone’s help, but instead they use her of all people when she had Caitlin working for her when she was Killer Frost. Why in the world did Barry revealed his identity to a villain like her? You know she will take advantage of that as a a villain and I’m not sure what the writers are aiming for here.

Then you have Iris writing an article based on every info she has on the Thinker as Barry wasn’t happy about it at first, but he eventually decide to approve it and this led to a response from the Central City citizens concerning him as he has no where else to hide. This was the only storyline related to the main series plot.

As for the other versions of Harrison Wells from across the Multiverse. It seems this show can’t live without Harrison Wells and it’s an excuse to show different ranges from the actor that does little to nothing to advance the main storyline. Shouldn’t Harry “Ass” Wells return to Earth-2 and be with his daughter, Jesse, by now?

Average episode at best.


iZombie – Yipee Ki Brain, Motherscratcher!

The show attempts to turn into an action movie, where Liv eats the brains of someone that causes her to play bad cop on a suspect while Clive continues to be the voice of reason in the show. However, that’s not what sticks out. It’s clear that both Liv and Major are on opposite sides more than ever and Major meets Liv’s new boyfriend as it was not so pretty. Liv made her choice as Major made his and I think Major needs to go.

Blaine and his father look so much alike I can’t tell them apart if I wanted to. Pretty dull hour as there’s not much action in this one. It seems like they can’t wait to get to the season finale. I guess we will know if the show will be renewed or not. Okay episode at best.

Supergirl– Trinity review

This episode was the most anticipated as last week saw the three Worldkillers together. Trinity also refers to Supergirl, Lena Luthor, and Alex as there is tension between the three over them discovering Lena’s secrets involving Sam and the Kryptonite. Complicating this whole thing is James who is in a relationship with Lena himself. It starts with Kara, Lena, and Alex entering a mind dimensional realm, where they found both Sam and Julia while the Worldkillers are joining together to create an eclipse that could cause Supergirl to lose her powers.

It was awesome seeing Martian Manhunter, the Legion of Superheroes, and Winn working together to make sure Kara’s mind probe is successful. After discovering the Fortress of Sanctuary, it’s where the big battle occurs between Supergirl, Martian Manhunter, the Legion of Superheroes, Alex, and Lena against the trinity of Worldkillers. It was an awesome battle because this is what separates Supergirl from the other DCU shows. While this was happening, Kara and Winn have James check out Lena’s lab to see if she has Kryptonite. Of course James lied to Winn about checking out and just brush it aside to falsely confirm about her Kryptonite.

A lot has moved forward such as Alex having an upgraded suit with magnetic properties and a Red Sun blaster, James revealing to Lena that he’s Guardian, Lena revealing that she can make Kryptonite, and the Legion’s future may be altered as the planet Winath may be restored. Reign also has inherited the powers of both Purity and Pestilence after their deaths, though Julia is revealed to be saved. Poor Pestilence, she was introduced last week just to be killed off this week.

Great episode overall as this felt like a season finale. Put together this episode with last two and next week and it feels like a Supergirl movie.

Arrow – Docket 11-19-41-73 review

Quite a mouthful episode title there. The selling point of this episode was the return of Tommy Merlyn posing as Green Arrow. How did they pull that off? With the return of Human Target who disguised himself as Tommy and the judge who was in the pocket of Richard Dragon. The verdict was that Oliver was guilty just like he expected, but he also expected to go to jail and it didn’t happen as he was on probation.

If Richard Dragon has all of Star City in his pocket, he could have done everything he could to go after Green Arrow and destroy his operation and his friends. All of this was unnecessary. Also I could have done without that Tommy Merlyn twist as I hope this is the last time they use him. They’re doing this before Marc Guggenheim steps down for the 7th season. I wonder how did the Human Target know of Oliver and Tommy’s friendship.

An okay episode at best.

The Flash – Therefore, She Is review

Several returns were made in this episode such as Gypsy and Joe West’s girlfriend, Cecile, whom we haven’t seen since she got telepathic powers. They’re teasing Cisco’s departure from the show and they ended up throwing the potential of this relationship out the window since now Gypsy has exit the show. I have to agree that this season has many flaws and a lot of it has to do with the use of their main characters.

There was interesting stuff with Harry and Cecille in that he opened his mind to her as she used her powers to probe his brilliant mind before it all disappears. The biggest highlight of this episode is the mystery girl we’ve been seeing since the crossover and that she displayed her superspeed that was both yellow and purple lightning streaks. It’s clear who she is the daughter or granddaughter of.

The Thinker’s relationship with his wife hits a turning point when his true plans come to fruition which causes her to see his true colors and ends up with a change of heart. They’re trying to make us sympathize with the Thinker, but his actions say otherwise.

I feel this mystery girl is either Dawn Allen of the Tornado Twins or XS Jenni Ognats of the Legion of Superheroes, whom she may have separated from and landed on Earth-1. The Legion may come from a future where the Multiverse no longer exists and the Crisis was already dealt with. I predict the next crossover or a crossover between Supergirl and Flash will likely to do with the Legion and Crisis.

Good episode overall.

iZombie – Mac-Liv-Moore review

The episode deals with the lockdown of a college campus with a killer on the loose. Both Liv and Major are still on opposite sides as they seemed to be moving on from whatever relationship they had. Liv takes on the brain of a rapper and ends dressing like one. Her light purple jacket reminds me of Michael Jackson’s Thriller jacket.

The actress who played young Kara on Supergirl’s 3rd season has made her debut and has shaken things up with the core characters, including Liv, Peyton, Ravi, and Clyde. She has fit in well after doing Supergirl and I wonder if iZombie was placed after Supergirl because both she and Ravi were on that show. The show needs to be renewed soon.

Good episode overall.

Supergirl – Of Two Minds review

Supergirl and Saturn Girl have different approaches in dealing with Pestilence, who will become Blight in the 31st Century after last week’s episode showed her aura. For Supergirl, she wants to save Pestilence while Saturn Girl wants to kill her. At first we didn’t know why Saturn Girl would want to kill Pestilence other than her destroying the world Winath. It also brought out her dark side with Mon-El, who had to remind her that she brought him along. During the climax Saturn Girl still wanted to kill Pestilence and almost succeeded if it wasn’t for the returning Purity. However Pestilence’s DNA was in the dart that was used to save those who fell ill, including Alex Danvers and Winn Schott.

Speaking of Winn, the writers remind us about the friendship between he and James that was there from the beginning. How is it that Winn can tell if it’s Brainiac  5 with the image inducer and everyone else couldn’t?

The episode title also refers to the duality between Reign and Sam that are played by actress Odette Annable who is able to distinguish the two from each other. Sam has been held captive and experimented on by Lena for a couple of episodes as it was time to end it and start moving things forward.

A lot has moved forward with the introduction of Pestilence, the completion of the Worldkiller trinity, and Supergirl and the team finding out about Lena’s activities involving Reign that could result in friction between Supergirl, Saturn Girl, and Lena Luthor. A good setup for the next episode. Great episode overall.