Superman Fan 4 Life!!

I am proud to be a fan of Superman and I could care less if the others thought he was too powerful, too good, or what have you and you can bet that they don’t read his comics. A true Superman fan would read the comics first before seeing him in other mediums like film, television, and animation and eventually collecting memorabilia.

If anyone became a Superman fan because of the movies or TV shows, they would likely be casual fans and not hardcore fans like myself. However when it comes to posting debates and opinions on the forums concerning Superman, this is where my passion for Superman is on the line. I would post my statements, opinions, points, and counterpoints with other Superman fans, but when someone tries to impose their views on me and not respecting others like me that’s when I get disrespected.

Example was when we were talking about Tom Welling’s recent interview about the season finale while he’s promoting his upcoming appearances for the show Lucifer or how Superman may be shafted in the current movies. While others accept these things, I can’t defend it as I felt it was utter disrespect towards Superman. Waiting for 10 years in Smallville to see him wear the suit, only to find that it’s CGI, close-ups, and a shirt rip shows the problem of him wearing the suit. It wasn’t a matter of the show earning Superman, it was a matter of him overcoming his fears to wear the suit.

As for the DCEU, the Justice League seems to be promoted as being complete without Superman despite what the producers say that it doesn’t exist without him. That was how it all came across. If Superman ends up being shown for Act 3, then where was the buildup in the first 2 acts? If they wanted to kill him off like they did in Batman v Superman, they should have waited.

This is an example of me being passionate about Superman and I know one other poster felt the same way. But for some other people to question my passion, it disrespects me as they imply that I’m not a fan of the character. My position about Superman in the DCEU hasn’t changed, although Man of Steel was the only thing I cared about.

I’m damn proud to be a Superman fan for life and it’s going to stay that way until the end!!


WWE Sting Action Figure review


I picked up this Sting action figure because it captures the Sting of 1997-98. The sculpt and detail of the figure is impressive and bears resemblance to the Sting we know and love. He stands about 7-8 inches and possesses plenty of articulation and joints. He doesn’t come with anything, not his trenchcoat and baseball bat. For me, this is a souvenir collectible from the WCW Monday Nitro and the Monday Night Wars. I know WWE has released figures based on his other personas as I’m thinking about getting them. One of the best figures of Sting that may be up there with the Sting figures from TNA.

KISS Ace Frehley 1997 Action Figure review


It’s the 20th anniversary of the action figures based on the rock group KISS and I got this again from a local comic book store. This is actually a lookback review since it was released 20 years ago. The figure was made by Todd McFarlane’s McFarlane Toys to cash in on KISS’ successful reunion tour. However, they released two versions of these figures – one with the band letter stands and one with the solo records. The solo records are the second edition and they put those out because the first editions with the letters sold very well. The KISS figures are part-rock band and part-superheroes. Each member of KISS have instruments that serve as their fantasy weapons. In the case of Ace Frehley, he is equipped with a guitar that turns into a flying sled. He also comes with a rocket pack that shoots a couple of rocket missiles. There is the hockey-like shin guards that come with several rockets on each leg. The face is pretty good, but the hair is something you can comb with a brush. The figure stands well, but its articulation was limited. When you move one of his arms, they tend to break. McFarlane Toys seemed to have focus on the look than the substance. The figure is based on the Love Gun era as with most of the figures, except for Gene Simmons. Ace also comes with a laser hand gun. He’s about 7-8 inches tall that could stand with the rest of the current superhero action figures by DC and Marvel. A great KISS collectible to have with one’s own KISS memorabilia collection.

Why The Movie and TV Superman Made Me Forget About Smallville

The movie and TV Superman made me forget about Smallville. I’ve watched Smallville religiously for 10 years because I’m a Superman fan and proud of it. I was looking forward to the finale where Clark would finally wear the suit. Unfortunately it became a day of controversy. It was no problem of Clark becoming Superman, but its execution was what bothered me – we had close-ups and CGI’s of both Clark and the cape, along with a shirt rip that revealed the symbol. We never saw him wore the suit in live-action. In a new interview Tom Welling revealed that he made sure he didn’t wear the suit in the finale. Of course he had a say in this because he was one of the producers of the show’s final 3 seasons.

Many of us, including myself, felt cheated and were let down. Even the show’s creators Al Gough and Miles Millar were confused by the finale. Smallville ended in 2011 and a new Superman movie called Man of Steel was released in 2013. Man of Steel was a breath of fresh air because Henry Cavill embraced the character, embraced wearing the suit, and embraced flying. While the movie was polarizing for fans and critics, I did like the action sequences. Seeing Henry fly and wore the suit made me forget about Smallville and I felt that this was should have been in the show’s finale.

Henry has been promoting Superman very well onscreen and offscreen, which included he and current Lois Lane Amy Adams doing the ice bucket challenge while Henry wore the suit. That is dedication to the Superman legend.

A couple of years later the Supergirl TV series debuted and would give us its Superman played by Tyler Hoechlin where he is a veteran who has been through it all. He captured the essence of both Superman and Clark Kent in just 2 episodes. Like Henry, Tyler likes being Superman and enjoys wearing the suit and flying with it as well. This further cemented my moving on from Smallville.

New interviews with Tom Welling come up promoting his upcoming appearances for another DCU TV show Lucifer where he will play a police officer. In his latest interviews, he made sure he didn’t wear the suit in the finale and he is not interested in appearing for Supergirl either. I don’t think the cast and crew of Supergirl need any drama and I doubt Tyler would listen to someone who never wore the suit either. I was getting ready to move on from Smallville until these interviews with him come up and his answers made him come across negatively.

The stars of the DCU movies and TV love wearing the costumes and embrace being these characters and their careers are doing fine. Tom may have been Clark Kent for a generation in the 2000’s, but right now both Henry Cavill and Tyler Hoechlin are the Supermen for the current generation.



Farewell Martin Landau 1928-2017

Actor Martin Landau has passed away at the age of 89 due to unexpected complications. He is best known for appearing in Mission: Impossible series and Space: 1999 and won an Oscar for his performance in Ed Wood directed by Tim Burton. He was encouraged by his mentor Lee Strasberg to teach film acting and ran the LA branch of Actors Studio until his passing. He has taught the likes of Jack Nicholson and Angelica Huston. His legacy in Hollywood is cemented and will be missed by the show business community worldwide.

Farewell Christopher Wong Won aka Fresh Kid Ice 1964-2017

2 Live Krew member Christopher Wong Won aka Fresh Kid Ice has passed away at the age of 53 for health causes. He was a pioneering Asian rapper and founder of the hip hop group The 2 Live Krew that were based in Miami, Florida along with fellow rapper and founder Uncle Luke. They were known for the hits Me So Horny and Banned In The USA. Fresh Kid Ice suffered a car accident in 1988 and a couple of strokes in the 2000’s. His contributions to Hip Hop are cemented and will be missed in the Hip Hop community worldwide.