Legends of Tomorrow – Return of The Mack review

This episode was confusing in that it took place in 16th Century and we were going back and forth between that time period and to the present.  I didn’t even know what was going on half the time. Here we have Rip Hunter going after something and needs the Legends’ help.

The tension between Rip and Sara is still there, but Rip locked out the Legends to prevent them from stopping him from carrying out his mission. Basically in the end Rip was suspended by the Time Bureau, an organization he formed from his activities.

Professor Stein learns what Ray and Jax are trying to do and he’s not pleased, but neither is Jax who isn’t pleased about Stein’s priorities on his family than their partnership. Plus Zari is trying to fit in and not even Amaya’s attempts can get through to her.

I didn’t understand what the title refers to until Damien Dahrk made his return, but I realized it was the actor playing they were talking about. I can imagine what Dahrk’s reaction would be if he were to meet Dinah Laurel’s Earth-2 counterpart, Black Siren.

An okay episode overall.


The Flash – Girls Night Out review

We seemed to be having girls night out storylines in both Supergirl and now Flash. Here we have a crossover with the appearance of Arrow’s Felicity Smoak, who came by for a Iris’ bachelor party. However Caitlin decides to skip because she is trying to run away from her old boss Amunetten while dealing with her powers.

Why did it took Iris to get through to her when Barry didn’t? This was the result of Iris and Caitlin not spending enough time together outside Star Labs as if the writers had to address it.

Barry also had his night out with Cisco, Joe, and Ralph who just joined the group and he did well fitting in. Unfortunately they got arrested and thrown in jail for the incidents they caused while drunk. It was also to remove Barry out of the way so they can put Iris on a pedestal.

The Thinker happens to be a creepy version of Professor X and I’m not the only one feeling the same way. A good filler episode at best.

Star Wars Rebels – Kindred/ Crawler Commander review

Like last week this is a review for both episodes of Star Rebels. The storyline with the war on Lothal continues when Admiral Thrawn sends a personal agent of his to track down the Rebels in ways the rest of the Imperials didn’t have. Ezra continues to be more confident and is growing in his Jedi powers. The Loth Wolves made their return and we found out what the Wolves were screaming about in relation to Kanan, but this was something we saw coming. The found a way to be from one hemisphere to another through the Loth Wolves mystical caves. While all this was going on, Hera returned to Yavin 4 with the hyperdrive part that will allow their ships to match the speed of the Imperial ships as this was the secondary storyline. Things are moving forward to the series end. Destiny Forces already spoiled as to which Rebels characters survived. Good episodes overall.

Supergirl – Damage review

Out of all the Supergirl episodes that Kevin Smith has directed, this was his best one. Here we have the return of Morgan Edge who is targeting Lena Luthor for undermining him when she bought out Catco and the end of the relationship between Maggie Sawyer and Alex Danvers.

This was a great character relationship episode that mainly involved Kara, Lena, James, Samantha, and to a lesser extent, Winn. I called for it that the focus would be on Kara, Lena, and Sam and I was right as all these women have chemistry with each other. Kara and Lena’s friendship was tested when she was accused to be responsible for the lead poisoning the device her brother Lex created back in the 2nd season that killed several children. I was glad they didn’t turn Lena evil like her brother Lex and her being shades of grey is what distinguishes her from Lex. She is the show’s equivalent of Smallville’s Tess Mercer.

Another thing that happened is both Kara and Sam connecting through their similar upbringings yet neither knew each other as Kryptonian yet. There are parallels between them and Sam later found out that she’s invulnerable during Lena’s public announcement.

James continues to do great this season as he still doesn’t trust Lena, but took a bullet for her at her press conference. I wish Kara would’ve told him about what she said last season when she first discovered his Guardian identity. No Guardian so far as I have a feeling we may see less of Guardian this year. This is the James we need to see throughout the season. Meanwhile I hope they step it up with Winn as he doesn’t have any storyline direction other than being the wizard tech of the group and equivalent to Cisco Ramon.

Now we go to the breakup of Maggie and Alex. The dealbreaker between them was that Alex wanted children while Maggie wasn’t interested. It caused Alex to breakup with Maggie and it was painful for both of them despite their attempts to make it work. All this was reflected in the fact that actress Floriana Lima decided to leave the series in pursuit of other roles. They had to work with what they got and deal with the situation as best as they can. I like to thank Floriana for her time in the show.

Great episode overall that continues to be more focused and tighter from Kevin Smith.

Arrow – Reversals review

I’m not sure what Reversals refers to. I know the selling point is the return of Black Siren Dinah Laurel Lance of Earth-2, but she’s not the main villain focus despite having some moments. The real villain is the leader of Helix named Carver James who has a vendetta against Oliver.

I wish the Team Arrow stop pretending that Earth-2 Dinah Laurel is their Dinah Laurel from Earth-1. They should go to Team Flash and ask them to send her back to Earth-2. I have to wonder why Black Siren hasn’t appeared in Flash since her first appearance there.

Looks like the storyarc of the season is Team Arrow Vs. Helix. The action sequences are the things that separates Arrow from the other shows that are either metahuman or alien. An okay episode at best here.

Legends of Tomorrow – Phone Home review

This episode was confusing as the writers are not suited for time travel stories. The story is that Ray has disappeared after they found out he was killed in 1988 as an 8-year old after befriending a baby Dominator and captured by the government officials. Unfortunately they got Ray back a day before he was killed, which was the confusing part because Ray as an 8-year old would erase all of the adult Ray’s history.

It’s a cross between Back To The Future and ET, but enough with the ET references as we get it. Also Sara has never fought a Dominator in last year’s crossover as they made up to her for this one.

The end of the episode is setting up the departure of Victor Garber, who plays Professor Stein. If Jax does separate from him, he will have to get a new partner and soon as he too will die as well. Good cliffhanger there.

The Flash – Elongated Journey Into Night review

The episode marks the debut of Ralph Dibny aka Elongated Man. It turns out that he was among those in the bus affected by the Speed Force lightning that gave him the power to stretch even to the extremes. The reactions of Team Flash has varied.

It turns out that Ralph and Barry were rivals as Ralph blames Barry for ruining his career as a good cop. They gave his story that’s similar to Plastic Man’s, which Barry has even brought up the name. To make up for their rocky past, Barry took it upon himself to train Ralph in how to use his newfound stretch powers to fight crime.

Meanwhile, we get to learn about Gypsy’s family with her father who goes by the name Breacher. He hates Cisco and is overprotective of his daughter and understandably so. Breacher tests Cisco to see if he’s worthy of his daughter’s affections. We also learn both of their real names.

A great episode that could see a Silver-Age Justice League formation.