Hard Work Alone Doesn’t Get You To The Top

In the real world, people have made it to the top while others didn’t. Why is that? The people who have made it to the top have something more than just hard work – they have dedication, perseverance, determination, leadership, purpose, and charisma. They set their sights on what they
work for – money, success, recognition, and promotions. Then, there are those who have worked
hard for years but do not get raises, promotions, etc. Those are the people who rely merely on
hard work and nothing else. I saw an article on Yahoo that states that hard work alone takes you
to the top and I disagree with the article for that reason – if it was hard work alone everybody would have gotten the same things already. Without purpose, goals, and the attributes that I
mentioned, all the hard work means nothing without them. To get to the top, you always have to
plan in advance and stick-to-it with the attributes while never stop until you got what you work
for. I’ve learned the last 12 years that hard work alone doesn’t get you anything. You need to work
and fight for what you got. The real world is never kind to anybody – we all have to swim with the
sharks. Finally, it takes more than mere hard work to get to the top and hard work alone is not

The Most Important Smallville Episodes

I have been watching the current Superman TV series, Smallville, since the first episode and I have been a fan since then. I always had the
fortune of watching every episode to see Clark Kent journeying to become Superman, The World’s Greatest Superhero. I am creating a list of the most important Smallville episodes that showed the evolution of its main character, Clark Kent.
1) Pilot – The one that started it all. Every Superman project (TV, Film, & Animation) always starts out with his origin and this one was no
             different. But this one had a twist – Clark’s spaceship comes with the meteoric pieces of his doomed planet, Krypton, and the
             showers have hit the small town of Smallville, where he is found and adopted by his Earth parents. The pilot sets out the characters
             and structure of the series.
2) Rosetta – The best episode of the 2nd season and, perhaps, the series. Superman Christopher Reeve guest-stars in this episode where he
                  reveals Clark’s birthplace. This is the passing of the Superman torch from one generation to the next. Despite Superman Returns,
                  Tom Welling is still carrying the Superman torch on a weekly basis for 5 years and 6 seasons.
3) Memoria – Even though I didn’t record this one, this episode revealed the rest of Clark’s origin on Krypton where we see his biological
                    parents, Jor-El and Lara, put him in the rocket ship that came to Earth.
4) Covenant – Clark Kent faces his destiny when a girl came from the Kryptonian caves and claims she’s from Krypton. She bears a name
                     Kara as a nod to his cousin, Supergirl. Clark’s friendship with Lex gets tested and gets sucked into the cave’s realm. This has
                     one of the best cliffhangers where Lionel gets his mane cut, Chloe and her father in a house that blew up, Lex poisoned by a
                     drink, Martha checking the symbol outside the farm, and Jonathan lying unconscious at the cave.
5) Crusade – This 4th season premiere introduced Lois Lane before she was the famous reporter of the Daily Planet. It’s already revealed
                   that she and Chloe are cousins and we also see Lois meet Clark for the first time. This episode also marked the first time that a
                   Superman flew for our generation. It it wasn’t for that, Superman Returns would not happened.
6) Run – This episode marks the meeting of the superheroes when Clark meets the future Flash, Bart Allen. The super-speed race between
             the two was the highlight for me.
7) Commencement – The supersized season finale where Clark, Lana, and Chloe graduated from high school and Smallville gets hit by the
                               meteor showers once again, thanks to Lana who had possession of one of the stones. In a nod to Superman: The
                               Movie, Clark throws the crystal that was once the 3 stones out in the Antarctic.
8) Arrival – The 5th season premiere introduced another element of the Superman mythos – The Fortress of Solitude, which is similar to the
                 one in the movies except that it’s risen faster due to CGI. It’s action-packed in that it also introduced other elements – The
                 Phantom Zone and Braiiac. This episode won an Emmy Award for Best Sound Editing.
9) Aqua – Another superhero crossover episode where Clark meets Arthur Curry, the future Aquaman.
10) Reckoning – The 100th episode was a milestone that a major character gets killed off. They did a good tease where we thought it would
                        be Lana, but it ended up being Clark’s father, Jonathan. This marked the end of Clark being a teenager and into adulthood.
11) Cyborg – More superhero crossover when Clark meets Victor Stone, the half-man/ half-machine Cyborg.
12) Vessel – The 5th season finale where Clark and Lex’s friendship dissolved over Lana and the end of Brainiac, who has been preparing
                   Lex for the Coming of Zod, which was the theme for the 5th Season not Superman-In-Training.
13) Zod – The 6th season premiere that features the famous S symbol and the super-fight between Clark & Lex/ Zod that was one-sided.
               This episode also introduces Jimmy Olsen, who is Chloe’s love interest.
14) Arrow – The latest superhero introduced is Oliver Queen aka Green Arrow, whose story-arc is to find superhumans to form the Justice
                  League and protect the world from evil. The end meeting Clark and Oliver sealed it between the two.
15) Static – I will include this episode because it introduced another superhero, the Martian Manhunter.
16) Fallout – Raya from the season premiere returns and helps Kal-El re-activate the Fortress of Solitude. Thanks to their relationship, Clark
                  finally embraces his destiny and train with his father, Jor-El, after he vows to defeat the Phantom Zoners.
17) Justice – The much-hyped episode where all the superheroes, except Martian Manhunter, team up to take down Level 33.1 at LuthorCorp
                   as a nascent superhero community is forming.

Proud To Be A Wrestling Fan

I have been a pro wrestling fan since 1983 when I was 6 or 7 years old. The first wrestling superstar I ever saw was, of course, Hulk Hogan. Without
him, pro wrestling wouldn’t be exciting. As a true wrestling fan, I was so caught up in the entertainment and storylines of the sport that I cheered
for the good guys and despise the bad guys. You know what? It worked because the wrestlers’ jobs are to entertain us and make us either cheer
or boo them and they have done their job well. This was from 1983 all the way up to 1997. I will tell you why it stopped at 1997.
1997 was the year for WCW when their ratings for Monday Nitro surpassed the WWE’s Raw. But at the same time, there were dirtsheets looming
around in the bookstores that exposed the business. Certain wrestling movies have revealed the inner workings of the pro wrestling business –
this is something that pro wrestlers, good guys or bad guys, are protecting against. As a result, the magic of pro wrestling has died and the fans
have become several things – spoiled, cynical, and pessimistic. The fans cheer whomever they want whether it’s a good guy or bad guy. Dirtsheet
critics think they know everything about the business and are so holier-than-thou that they are superior to the masses who watch wrestling. The
pro wrestlers don’t need to waste their time proving something to critics who are not involved in the business. I’m not going to let the critics’ views
affect me being a true wrestling fan.
Am I proud to be a wrestling fan? You bet your ass I am. I have watched the NWA, WWE, WCW, AWA, World Class, Mid-South, Memphis, Florida,
ECW, New Japan, FMW, and TNA. With AWA, WCW, ECW, World Class, and most of other promotions out of business – it’s now WWE vs. TNA. I would not count the new ECW because WWE owns it. Wrestling fans, including myself, have different tastes and that’s what it comes down to –
tastes. Just because I like TNA doesn’t mean that someone else does. The critics think they can decide what’s good and what’s not for the fans,
but that kind of thinking makes them arrogant. Right now, I watch TNA Impact and I am loving the direction they’re taking as they bring back the
realism and entertainment that pro wrestling is known for. It’s good to be a wrestling fan.

Happy New Year and New Year’s Resolution

Happy New Year as we welcome the year 2007 and I’ve said it before that 2007 will be my f*cking year, regardless of whoever’s in my way. 2006 was a year for certain people in my family, but now that I’m going to be 30 in this new year I’m going to have to step up the plate in taking whatever show business opportunities that comes my way whether I’m nervous or not.
My New Year’s Resolution Are As Follows:
-Increase my bank account
-Take new headshots and resumes
-Take every casting and TV/ Film opportunities available
-Go to the school’s gym and exercise
-Move out of the house and into a new apartment in Coral Gables
-Get a new vehicle for myself
-Pass my college classes and pursue financial aid/ scholarships
-Pursue my future love one
-Subscribe to DC Comics titles
-Participate in Aidswalk and donations