Happy 40th Anniversary, 2001!!

Happy 40th Anniversary to the 1968 landmark sci-fi film, 2001: A Space Odyssey. In honor of the memories of Stanley Kubrick and Arthur C. Clarke, we are celebrating the milestone epic. Thanks to the two men who brought us the future.

Happy Birthday, Clark Kent!!!

Today is the birthday of Smallville’s Clark Kent himself, Tom Welling!! Happy B-Day, Tom, as we look forward to seeing the rest of the Smallville episodes this season!!

Smallville – Sleeper review

After the dark, stellar episode in Descent, we are hit with a filler episode that is Jimmy and Chloe-centric than both Clark and Lex. In this episode, Jimmy is forced to work with the government in arresting Chloe about hacking into government files. While the plots are fine, the characters are distorted.
Last week, Clark vows not to let Lex get the box in Zurich. This week, he cares about Lana and nothing else. This distortion of Clark has allowed Lex to get the box and its contents in Zurich. He also puts Chloe at risk in hacking government files that puts her in harm’s way. It is clear that the writers are trying to destroy Clark in this state and they destroyed an opportunity to have him move beyond Lana. Everything Clark has done in this episode was prompted by Chloe and he has no mind and motivation of his own. However, the one saving grace for Clark is that he first finds out that Kara is in the past on Krypton, where Brainiac is trying to kill his baby self.
Last week, Lex fired Chloe from the Daily Planet. This week, he gets Chloe cleared from the government. The question is, why? Why would the new evil Lex do that after firing her last week? The old Lex would have done this, but the new evil Lex from last week wouldn’t. However, his story continues to move forward when he gets the box and its contents in Zurich, but had to pay the price where someone attacks him. I guess he still doesn’t know what happened to his assistant nor would he cared.
The Jimmy/ Chloe relationship has paralleled with the Clark/ Lana relationship. Both Jimmy and Lana have spied on Lex and Chloe respectively. Both Jimmy and Lana broke up with Clark and Chloe and went to Kara and Lex, respectively. The difference between Jimmy and Lana is that Jimmy is the more honest and righteous of the two.If Lana wasn’t in this episode, the writers would find a way to replace it with another such as the Jimmy/ Chloe relationship. They admitted that there is no spark between them just as there is no spark between Clark and Lana, so why waste time on things that will never happen?
Chloe is a contradiction on to herself because she accuses Jimmy of hacking into her files, which is something she had been doing for the last 7 years. She has the
world-saving perspective from her time with the Justice League, yet her actions do not go in harmony with it. Chloe should know what keeping secrets does to relationships and she should have appreciated Clark more for it. The writers are trying to have Chloe regain the magic she once had in the first three seasons when she didn’t know Clark’s secret, but if they’re to do so then they’re doing it the wrong way.
The real hero of this episode is Jimmy Olsen, who prevents Chloe from hacking further by putting spyware in her computer. He goes to Clark about his relationship with Chloe and her secrets. Jimmy saves Chloe from the government and goes to Lex afterwards. As of late, Jimmy and Lois have become more interesting than Clark, Lana, and Chloe.
An average filler episode as Sleeper refers to the tone of the episode, which was a sleeper.
Notice the pattern from last season when you have filler episodes near season’s end and they both feature Jimmy Olsen.

Smallville – Descent review

After the lackluster several episodes from last month,  we have an episode that easily buries them all. This episodes makes a monumental history when Lex Luthor makes his final transformation into the iconic villain we know him to be. He kills two birds (Lionel Luthor and Little Alexander) with one stone. Whatever good was inside him is now totally gone. The relationships and conflicts between Lex and Lionel throughout the series has finally paid off as part of wrapping up Lex’s story for this season due to Michael Rosenbaum”s contract status next season.
Clark has stepped up big time in that he is proactive on all fronts. He is focusing on the bigger picture by having Chloe search for Brainiac and Kara. He confronted Lex three times throughout the episode – one at the crime scene, one at the mansion that was intense, and one at the funeral. He is the only one who can stand up to Lex by refusing the leave the mansion and ignoring Lex’s idea of a closed funeral to pay his last respects to Lionel. He conducted his own investigations by discovering the last message by Lionel about the two keys controlling the traveler.  He also saved both Lois and Jimmy from being frozen to death.
Chloe has been fired from the Daily Planet and it was a smart move by the writers because now she’s taking over the Isis Foundation to not only track down Kara and Brainiac, but also crusading against Lex. However, I find her to be out-of-character in this episode in that she should have given Clark the locket and keys as soon as she got it. Why is she telling Clark twice about the keys when Clark already told her? Clark doesn’t need her to remind him of that.
Lois and Jimmy continue to be proactive as they got evidence that Lionel was pushed out the window instead of committing suicide. However, that got them in trouble when Lex’s assistant did her part in erasing the evidence and locking them in the freezer.
Lex’s assistant served her purpose in that Lex got the keys and she erased the evidence of Lex’s murder of Lionel, but once she did that she was eliminated. If it’s by Lex, then she got way too close and doomed herself by revealing her cards. Plus Lex isn’t too bright when he prevented himself from learning Clark’s secret. On the other hand, if it’s a surviving member of Veritas then it would Lionel’s MB act from beyond the grave.
Lionel Luthor is now gone and I’d like to thank John Glover for giving us 7 years of a wonderful character for the series. He may have died protecting Clark’s secret from Lex, but his power and greed caught up with him and Lex made sure of that.
The father, Jonathan Kent and Lionel Luthor, are gone. It is now the sons, Clark Kent and Lex Luthor, who will set the stage from this point on. Let the war between good and evil begin.
Great episode for Clark and Lex.

TNA Lockdown – Samoa Joe Finally Captures The Gold!!!

Last night’s TNA Lockdown has two matches that were worth watching. They are, of course, the Lethal Lockdown cage match between Team
Cage and Team Tomko and the TNA World Title match between Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe that showcased a new hybrid style that will be
innovative for pro wrestling in the 21st Century.
The Lethal Lockdown was packed with star power with the likes of Sting, Christian Cage, Kevin Nash, and Rhyno along with new rising stars
like AJ Styles, Tomko, Matt Morgan, and James Storm among others. Everyone involved has busted their tails in trying to top last year’s Lethal Lockdown with brutal climactic finishes. Christian Cage, Rhyno, AJ Styles, and James Storm have stepped up huge in doing innovative daring climactic high spots that the WWE couldn’t match up. Hopefully, all of the participants in the Lethal Lockdown will continue to be pushed up in the weeks to come.
Now on to the TNA World Title. What both Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe have done is genius because they have pulled off a hybrid style that many say would not work, but both men proved everyone wrong as the did a style that’s a mix of pro wrestling and mixed martial arts. It was clear that both Angle and Joe were working hard to make this match special and it paid off huge by having Samoa Joe finally as the new TNA World Champion. Now Samoa Joe is among the top guys with Sting, Kurt Angle, Christian Cage, and Abyss to hold the TNA, not NWA, World Title. Congratulations, Joe, you deserved it!!
If TNA is smart, they will build up Samoa Joe as a credible World Champion by giving him worthy opponents in a similar manner that WCW did when Bill Goldberg won the WCW World Title from Hulk Hogan. With TNA’s television ratings holding steady along with house shows and pay-per-views, and merchandising, TNA’s future is as bright as ever.

Transformers Animated – The Elite Guard review

The second season of Transformers Animated starts with the introduction to the Elite Guard of the Autobots – Ultra Magnus, Sentinel Prime, and Jazz. All three offer something different to the Autobots. Ultra Magnus is the Autobot Supreme Commander while Jazz is the ninjabot whose training is more advanced than Prowl’s. Sentinel Prime has become the foil to Optimus Prime and the Most Hated Autobot because of his condescending attitude towards him, his group of Autobots, and the organics
which would make him more suited to the Decepticons than Autobots. With Dr. Isaac Sumdac captured by the Decepticons, Sari is running her father’s company in his
absence and learns the reality of running a business.
Out of the Elite Guard, Jazz is more attune to the organics but not initially because of Sentinel Prime’s influence on him. There is something of a hint that Bumblebee, Bulkhead, and Sentinel Prime went to the Autobot Boot Camp together. I’d like to see Prowl and Jazz interact more by comparing notes on their ninjabot training. It’s also great to see Jazz returning to Transformers cartoon since the original G1 series and Phil Lamarr is the best VA since the late Scatman Crothers.
The rivalry between Optimus Prime and Sentinel Prime has been touched on in the pilot and Along Came A Spider and has escalated to a head in The Elite Guard as Optimus reveals that he and Sentinel are of the same rank, so Optimus would take orders from Ultra Magnus, not Sentinel Prime. Also, Sentinel Prime isn’t adapting well on Earth customs, but we don’t know if it’s on purpose. It takes many characters to put him in his place – Optimus Prime, Ultra Magnus, Bulkhead, Bumblebee, and the Dinobots. It’s the clear that being in the Elite Guard has gone to his head thus earning him the title of the Most Hated Autobot.
Sari’s background has touched on in the season finale and more cliffhangers for her have been revealed as she does not exist legally. Many people think that she’s a robot, but there’s no evidence of that. She is organic as her DNA is displayed in the Allspark and that the Autobot ship has detected her as organic, so I would think that she’s a special human like Kicker or that she’s a clone of her own father.
Megatron has been repaired, along with the Decepticons so he has bigger matters to attend to like building a spacebridge to Cybertron and gathering pieces of the Allspark, which may be the main storyline for the 2nd season. We now know who is not in the main Decepticons – Starscream is offline and Black Arachnia is off on her own. Hopefully, Soundwave will join up with the main group along with the Constructicons and Oil Slick. Animated Megatron is so much like his G1 counterpart in that the Decepticon cause supersedes personal vengeance unlike the Megatron from Beast Wars/ Machines, Robots In Disguise, and the Unicron trilogy.
This series is winning me over since Armada and it continues to get better and better. What a way to start off the second season and a wonderful episode.

Transformers Animated – Megatron Rising Part 2 review

Part two and season finale of the episode, Megatron Rising, has Megatron returning in a very big way that would make the original G1 Megatron proud. He has decimated several Autobots and had Starscream pay for his treachery. The Decepticons are back, but not completely.
While Starscream is out, Black Arachnia has a side story with Sari about the Key and once she reached her destination, she was denied once again. I was hoping to see Black Arachnia, Soundwave, and Lockdown join up with the rest of the Decepticons and this was a missed opportunity, along with the Dinobots, who have proven to be useless in these times of need.
There are hints about Sari – either she is a cyborg or she is a special human with powers ala Kicker from the Energon series. What was Dr. Isaac Sumdac going to tell Sari? That she’s not his real daughter, but adopted? Speaking of Dr. Sumdac, his keeping Megatron a secret has caught up with him that causes mistrust from several Autobots, especially Bulkhead. I was hoping that Dr. Sumdac would die, but he ends in Megatron’s hands instead as their fates intertwined.
The action and plot were flawless and I hope to see more action between the Autobots and Decepticons. I could care less about the human villains, except for the Headmaster, who could easily join the Decepticons. The Autobots were willing to defend the Allspark and the Decepticons were willing to kill anyone to get the Allspark.
Optimus Prime is the one who shined because there not too many episodes that focused on him in the first season, except for the pilot movie, Along Came A Spider, and now this. He has done something that makes him worthy of the legacy, sacrifice the Allspark.
The G1 nods in this episode are the Ark crashing into a crater and Megatron’s battle damage that’s similar to his original G1’s in the animated movie. I have a feeling that the Ark crashing into the crater will be their headquarters from now on, starting with next week’s episode, Elite Guard.
We have a new catchphrase that’s a response to the Autobots’ "Transform and Roll Out". It’s Megatron’s own version to the Decepticons, "Transform and Rise Up". Finally, a catchphrase for the Decepticons.
Great season finale as this series gets better and better.