Directors Have Done What Writers Could Not

The Directors Guild has done in 6 days what the Writers Guild couldn’t in 2 months – reaching a deal with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers. The producers have better dealings with the directors than they do with the writers. This will put pressure on the Writers Guild to end their strike because it’s pretty obvious the strike is not what’s best for the industry, it’s hurting the industry. It could also divide the striking writers themselves if something is not done. What happens if the Screen Actors Guild also get the similar deal that the Directors Guild? It will turn the Writers Guild into a laughing stock. I hope the writers strike ends real soon and follow the directors deal.

Transformers: Animated – Blast From The Past review

Originally, we were supposed to get the 5th episode called Meltdown, but was skipped for some reason. Instead, we got an episode featuring the Dinobots, who resemble their G1 counterparts. The three Dinobots are Grimlock, Slag, and Swoop and we get a substantial origin of how they were created in connection with both Megatron and Sari’s Key, not to mention the role that both Bumblebee and Ratchet played. Megatron’s manipulations from behind-the-scenes continues and Dr. Sumdac now realizes that he has awaken.
The characters who shined in this episode are Bulkhead and Prowl because Bulkhead is all about power, strength, and destruction while Prowl is about speed and grace. Despite Prowl’s attributes, he gets crushed by Bulkhead and the trees.
When the Dinobots came to life, they were duped by Megatron into thinking that the Autobots were the enemies and even Megatron has trouble controlling them. They did not transform until the very end of the episode when we see Grimlock’s robot mode that resembles the original G1 with the new twists being the flaming sword and jaw. It looks perfect.
There are some character moments where Sari and her robot teacher inform the Autobots about the Dinosaurs of Earth, but Ratchet isn’t impressed because the Cybertronians lived a lot longer. We see Captain Fanzone again still hating machines.
Actually skipping the 5th episode was a great idea because of story-continuity flow. Another great episode from a series that I’m now enjoying more than ever. I hope the ratings ascension continues.

Transformers: Animated – Home Is Where The Sparks At review

We are now on the premiere episode of Transformers Animated, which is actually the fourth episode of the series. This episodes continues to deal with the Autobots’ adjustments to their new home on Earth, but the primary focus is on both Bumblebee and Prowl. While Bumblebee is all about speed and impulsiveness, Prowl is about stillness and patience. Their character dynamic has just formed in this episode, even though we had some character moments from the rest of the Autobots.
We are introduced to Angry Archer, named after Aaron Archer of Hasbro and inspired by DC Comics’ Green Arrow, except that he’s a criminal stealing money from the truck. As usual, Optimus Prime captures him eventually as we are in a sense where the Autobots are building their reputation in Detroit.
The father-daughter relationship between Dr. Isaac Sumdac and Sari seemed distant because Dr. Sumdac’s lab is private and no one is allowed,
including Sari. However, Sari knows the location of the Autobots’ new headquarters and no one knows it, including her father. It’s clear that there is a gap between the two mainly because of the secret that Dr. Sumdac’s been keeping for over 50 years. He worries if the Autobots and Sari will ever forgive him for what he’s done.
The episode continues from the premiere where Megatron has awakened in Dr. Sumdac’s private lab disassembled and he needs a body to look for the Allspark and conquer the universe. He displays footage that has occurred in his absence and he now realizes that Starscream betrayed him by planting a bomb on his back before he went to the Autobots’ ship. Now Megatron may have to add with dealing with Starscream’s betrayal on his list as well. But this Megatron didn’t rely solely on brute strength, he uses his intellgence by taking one of Dr. Sumdac’s drones and infiltrate their headquarters through Sari.
The climax of the episode has the Autobots battling machines inside their new headquarters that have been operated by Megatron and we have a conflict between Bumblebee and Prowl about impulsiveness and patience. Sari’s new key has played a role in this episode many times and it has proven useful. This was a solid follow-up to the movie premiere as I like this series better than the last two. We do not have other Decepticons, except for Starscream in flashbacks, or Captain Fanzone for that matter, so we’ll see them down the line. Nice to see the Autobots playing Twister.

New Year’s Resolutions for 2008

2008 has finally arrived and there are resolutions, priorities, and goals that need to be accomplished, especially unfinished business from last year. Here are my goals for 2008:
-Continue my acting career and attend casting calls.
-Exposure from the independent film, If I Were A Dictator.
-Get new headshots, both color and black & white.
-Subscribe to comics, magazines, and entertainment industry trades.
-Move out back to my real home, Coral Gables.
-Continue to take classes and successfully pass them.
-Get grants and scholarships.
-Open up a savings account and invest in stocks.
-Watch movies like Dark Knight and Star Trek XI
-Buy a lot of DVD’s and CD’s
-Create a manga for Tokyopop’s Rising Stars of Manga.
-Participate in Sundance Institute’s Screenwriting Lab.
All or most of these things will be accomplished for this year. Mark my words, 2008 will be my year…
count on it!!!

Year End Message

The end of the year is here and it wasn’t a great year for me because the majority of my time was spent on school and renovating the house with my dad. The only positive highlights were doing the independent film,
If I Were A Dictator, which I had a principal role, and watching the live-action Transformers movie. My lifestyle had changed when we installed a new ceiling and fan in my room and buying a new vehicle. The only ones who had a great year were my parents and Kiettaisack, who got married this past summer. My
parents were able to travel 2-3 times for weddings of family and friends. What I did this year was not much different than 2006 and it was clear that I need to make a ton of changes in a big way, starting tomorrow
on New Year’s Day. Great year for my parents and Kiettaisack, but a bad year for me. I’ll give my New Year’s Resolutions tomorrow.

Transformers Animated – Transform and Roll Out Movie review

I watched and recorded the movie pilot of the newest Transformers series Animated and it blew me away because this was a combination of the original G1, Beast Wars, and the live-action movie rolled up in one. This could have fit in between G1 and Beast Wars easily or this could be like a sequel to the live-action film. The theme of this pilot movie is what it means to be a hero as this resonated with all of the characters. I was afraid of the premiere in that it would suck, but it didn’t and exceeded most of our expectations.
The first third of the movie took place in outer space when we see the Autobots originally as a repair crew that consisted of the novice, but courageous Optimus Prime,
the grumpy war veteran Ratchet, the biggest clumsy Bulkhead, the silent, independent loner Prowl, and the youngest, but jovial Bumblebee. Already these characters have come to life.  They get action when Megatron attacks their ship, but not before Starscream plants a bomb on his back. It ended with the Autobots and Megatron
crash landing on Earth while the Decepticons escape in the pod leaving Starscream alone. Speaking of Starscream, his voice is very similar to the original G1 Starscream’s and that’s a great thing for the fans.
The second third of the film has the Autobots awakened in Detroit 50 years later while the city has become futuristic thanks to Dr. Sumdac and his robotic empire. An
organic being fused with circuitry attacks the city and the Autobots get new vehicles to transform into to blend in and deal with the menace. This is also where we meet
Dr. Sumdac’s daughter, Sari, who is not as annoying as Kicker from Energon, but is spunky and energetic like Lois Lane. I’ll admit, she’s very cute. After defeating the
organic creature, the Autobots have been welcomed to the city while Starscream learns of their location as well as the Allspark’s.
The final third of the film has the Autobots fighting Starscream, who took no prisoners and shown no mercy in harming the humans to get whatever he wants, which is
the Allspark. He has put the original Starscream to shame. The climax has Optimus Prime battling Starscream over the Allspark which starts off the entire series with a
huge bang in Star Wars-style. The Autobots and Sari have formed a great relationship while we see Megatron in the end lying in wait.
Wow!! What a great way to begin the series with a pilot movie. There are other human characters, including the cop who hates machines. He serves as foil to them.
After a disastrous last couple of series, except for Armada, we are left with a series to give us a clear and thoughtful direction while attracting new generations of Transformers fans. Sure, it has Teen Titans and anime influence, but there are nods to the past such as the original transformation sound. Hopefully, with the success of the live-action movie, Cartoon Network should push behind this series that they could not with Energon and Cybertron. I will say this in finale – welcome, Transformers Animated!!! You have truly arrived.
This is my greatest Christmas gift ever, even if it’s a day after Christmas.