2 DC Superhero Movies On The Backburner!!!

               Today we learned that, not one, but two DC Comics superhero movies have been ceased. They are both Wonder Woman and The Flash. Joss Whedon and David Goyer are no longer attached to these projects. It seems that the reasons for the news are the same – neither Whedon or Goyer couldn’t come to agreements with WB about the script and budget of the films. While I’m glad that Joss Whedon is no longer attached to Wonder Woman, I am surprised that David Goyer is off the Flash project because he has written for DC Comics and has done a wonderful job with Batman Begins. Let’s examine what went wrong with Wonder Woman and Flash movies.
              When the WB announced that Joss Whedon was going to write and direct the Wonder
Woman movie back in 2005, fan anticipation was running high and provided a big boost to the
iconic female hero. As months passed on, Joss Whedon was having trouble writing Wonder Woman mainly because he didn’t quite get the character and the material. Another problem is that he’s a Marvel guy writing the Astonishing X-Men. His idea of Wonder Woman is that she would not wear the iconic star-spangled outfit that Lynda Carter made famous. That’s when there were some concerns. Not only was he having trouble with the script, there were other movies that he had to direct like Serenity. If you read his interviews, it seems that he really didn’t want to direct Wonder Woman. Then yesterday, the WB bought another Wonder Woman screenplay
that took place in World War 2. Now that Whedon is no longer attached to Wonder Woman, it’s
probably the greatest relief for him so that he can move on. The WB actually chose the wrong
person to write and direct Wonder Woman. I wonder if the Smallville producers would use Wonder Woman for the series. But regardless, you cannot mess with something that’s iconic like
Wonder Woman because you have to stay true to the material.
              As for David Goyer no longer attached to the Flash movie, Goyer has written for DC
Comics before. There were rumors that the Flash movie would either be Jay Garrick or Wally
West. I know Goyer would stay true to the material the way he did with Batman. One would
like to know what ideas that Goyer had for the Flash movie. He and the WB couldn’t agree on
the script and budget of the film. This had an effect on Smallville because the TV series’
producers had to use the Impulse name instead of the Flash name. If Kyle Gallner returns to
Smallville, he should use the Flash name once again.
              There you have it – 2 DC superhero movies on the back burner, but hopefully not for
long as the WB should find writers and directors who know the materials. Feature films would
put both Wonder Woman and the Flash on the map the way they did for Superman and Batman.
One thing’s for sure – DC Comics and the WB need to compete with Marvel Comics about the
superhero movies because Marvel is way ahead of DC right now. That’s what happens when
you’re under the corporate umbrella.

Smallville Is Regaining Steam In The Season

              Since the Justice League episode, Smallville has regained steam with Labyrinth and
Crimson. Both of those got a 3.8 for two reasons – in Labyrinth, it was the appearance of the
Martian Manhunter; in Crimson, it was the beginning of the Lois & Clark legend where Clark leaps
over a tall building with Lois when they’re both under the Red Kryptonite influence. But it was also
where Lana starts to learn about Clark’s secret when the key triangle (Clark, Lex, and Lana) comes
to the fore once again. So, how do you follow it up this upward trend? The marriage of Lex Luthor
and Lana Lang & the season finale with the Phantom Zoners & Level 33.1 freaks.
             If the relationship between Clark Kent and Lana Lang is to end, end it with the marriage
of Lex Luthor and Lana Lang. These two are made for each other and I wouldn’t be surprised if
their child is named Lena Luthor as a nod to the comics. The season finale will have Clark Kent,
Martian Manhunter, and other superheroes take on the Phantom Zoners & the Level 33.1 freaks.
I actually like the 6th Season better than the last one.
             I have to say that Tom Welling has stepped up to be the focus again that he should’ve
been throughout the season. Hydro, Justice, Labyrinth, and Crimson have showcased Tom’s acting and directing talents. Let’s hope the rest of the season does Clark Kent justice.

Superman vs. Wonder Woman – Who Wins?

The ‘Who Wins’ series concludes with Superman vs. Wonder Woman, 2 of the most powerful heroes of the DC Comics universe. As I said on the other ‘who wins’ blogs, it all depends on the writers. Superman and Wonder Woman are equal in power, strength, speed, and flight and that’s where it ends. Notice that invulnerability is not included and the reason is that Wonder Woman can be hurt by projectiles or bullets if her bracelets didn’t deflect them. If she has invulnerability, that makes the bracelets pointless and redundant. While Superman has his power from the sun, Wonder Woman is powered by the Gods of Olympus as her power is tied to Earth. That’s where Superman has the advantage where he has his powers whether he’s on Earth or other planets. Wonder Woman can’t go to long distances or else she’d be depowered. While Superman is stronger, Wonder Woman is a better fighter. In the cartoon series, Justice League, both Superman and Wonder Woman were fighting each other without knowing and Wonder Woman won because Superman realized the truth. In Superman: For Tomorrow, Superman had the upper hand where he backslapped Wonder Woman to the max. But in Sacrifice, both Superman and Wonder Woman were battling each other where Superman thought he was fighting Doomsday. He heat-visioned Diana’s face, knocked her from the Sun to the Earth, and broke her wrist. But Diana won by using her tiara to slit his throat. In JLA: League of One, Superman beat Wonder Woman
when he stopped her from harming the other league members further. Like Superman’s battles
with Batman and Captain Marvel, his fights with Wonder Woman are inconclusive but it depends
on the writers. This concludes the ‘Who Wins’ series as I’ve now said my piece on these debates.

Superman Vs. Captain Marvel – Who Wins?

            Now here’s another superhero debate that will never die – who will win between Superman and Shazam Captain Marvel? The answer to that as well as the other ‘who wins’ debate is that it depends on the writers. I have seen Captain Marvel sneak in a super sucker punch on Superman to get the win and that was under Grant Morrison when he did the JLA series, but that was really a letdown. Under Jeph Loeb’s writing, he had Superman admitting that Captain Marvel would have the advantage. But my response to that is – how? Both Superman and Captain Marvel are equal in power, strength, invulnerability, flight, and speed and that’s where it ends. But Superman has more arsenal than Captain Marvel in that he has the vision powers, super-breath, and super-hearing. Captain Marvel can call on Shazam to strike lightning on Superman. In the JLU episode, Clash, we saw the best superhero fight in the series when Superman and Captain Marvel battled it out with Superman getting the upper hand. I know Alex Ross likes Captain Marvel, but I’m sure he’s disappointed that he got beaten by Superman. In addition to the writers, Superman has a broader view of the world than Captain Marvel does. He’s not quite as naive as Captain Marvel, who is essentially a kid at heart. Captain Marvel represents innocence and that can be corrupted as we saw in Kingdom Come, where Lex Luthor corrupted Captain Marvel to turn against Superman. Superman adapted very well to the grim dark world
and Captain Marvel would have the hardest time adapting to it. It’s a superhero rivalry that will
never be gone.

Smallville: Labyrinth review

Last week’s most anticipated episode, Justice, was a hard episode to follow. But they followed it
up with Labyrinth, which features the Martian Manhunter J’onn J’onnz, who should have been in
Justice but couldn’t for budget reasons. The majority of this episode has Clark in an alternate
world in his own head where he has no powers, Lana was his only childhood sweetheart, Chloe
Sullivan being the only one who believes him, Martha Kent marrying Lionel Luthor, and Lex losing
his legs after being saved by Clark from the bridge of the first season. Except that Clark didn’t have
powers. We now find out that Clark was attacked by a Phantom who can get inside his head and
make an alternate reality for him. Luckily, Clark has help from J’onn J’onnz, who also was inside his
mind. The Martian Manhunter of Smallville looked cool in silhouette with red eyes. It’s better than
being in green make-up or else it would look pretty fake and that’s what the producers were thinking. Now we know that Martian Manhunter will aid Clark in taking down the Phantom Zoners
in the later part of the season. Lex only had 2 scenes in this episode while the triangle of Clark,
Lana, and Chloe has returned in full force. A solid follow-up episode to Justice.

Superman Vs. Batman – Who Wins?

               There is a comic debate over the years on who would win between the top 2 superheroes, Superman and Batman. The real definitive answer is that it depends on the
writers. One writer would have Superman take out Batman with his super-strength and super-speed
before Batman does anything. Another writer would have Batman would have preparation time and
strategy to use the Kryptonite Ring to weaken Superman. Dark Knight Returns, Dark Knight Strikes
Again, and Batman: Hush showed that Batman wins over Superman. Superman: For Tomorrow,
Lex Luthor: Man of Steel, and Justice showed that Superman wins over Batman. The results are
inconclusive and it’s a balance between light and darkness, which is what Superman and Batman
represent, not one overshadowing the other as I have seen in several issues. But like I said, it all
depends on the writers but the true winners are the fans, including myself.

Smallville Justice Is The Highest Rated Episode of the Season!!!

                         As I predicted – Smallville: Justice is the highest rated episode of the season.
All of the hype for Smallville: Justice has definitely paid off and the producers confirmed that the
members will return, but only separately. I predict that there will be a Justice League series when
Smallville ends with Clark flying out of the Fortress of Solitude in that iconic suit.