Let The Drivers Back Up First, Pedestrians!!!

There was an incident at a Bank of America after I deposit some money in my bank account after the drive-thru ATM didn’t work. When I back up, I didn’t see the guy behind me because he came out of nowhere. Then, he had the nerve to ask me if that’s how I back up so I responded that I didn’t see him there and that he should let me back up first. So I went out in a huff to avoid incidents, but the area that the bank was in isn’t that great because there was a Burger King that was robbed recently a couple of months ago. If you see me back-up, let me back-up first before you even cross over if you want to value your safety. This isn’t the time to show off your manhood here. Pedestrians think the world revolves around them and that they don’t care about their safety or lives anymore. No wonder the accidents pile up year-after-year. To the asshole who was in the back of me out of nowhere, thank you for ruining my day. You’d better hope we don’t cross paths again.

Transformers Movie Optimus Prime Keychain review

I went to Target and I got the Movie Optimus Prime keychain that will be added to my keys. It looks like the Movie Optimus Prime with the wiring in-between his joints. The cost was $4 and that’s not really bad. I assume Target only carries these things. A collectible that will be with me for many years to come, especially when I see the movie next month. It’s an action figure keychain. I can play with it whenever I get bored.

Transformers Movie Toys Are Out Today!!! Cyber-Stompin’ Optimus Prime Review

Today is the day that the Transformers movie products are out at many retail stores, including Wal-Mart, Target, K-Mart, etc. Hasbro and Dreamworks are wasting no time launching the assault to promote the movie that will be out next month. I have never been more happy in my entire life. I went to Wal-Mart to get the toy that I wanted most – Cyber-Stompin’ Optimus Prime.
Cyber-Stompin’ Optimus Prime is up to 12-inches and is a non-transformable figure with the detail and body-sculpting that’s very impressive. However, the feet are very big although it may not matter because the overall look is what counts. You press on a couple of buttons close to his chest and he screams out orders and his eyes light-up in blue, along with some sounds. When you press his right forearm, it shoots off his fist. When you press his left arm, it makes a firiing sound with his left hand gun lighting up. They used someone else’s voice instead of Peter Cullen’s.
The head looks almost like the Optimus Prime we know and love.
This Cyber-Stompin’ figure of Optimus Prime will be one of the things I will cherish for the rest of my life and no doubt I will sleep with it. It’s like having Optimus Prime right in your bedroom.

Memorial Day Message

Today we celebrate the memory of the soldiers who made the sacrifice to fight for our country and
pray for the return of the soldiers in the overseas.

Smallville 6th Season – A Lookback

Smallville’s 6th season was the weakest, most inconsistent, and the most anticlimatic season ever in the history of the series. The themes of the season were the Rise of Lex Luthor, The Corruption of Good, and The Lonely Road of A Superhero. When they were promoting the 6th season, they said that Clark is the odd man out in terms of the relationships. Everyone else has a relationship, except for Clark. This told me that the focus was going to be on its supporting characters and not its main character, Clark. The ones who have shined in this season were Lex, Lana, Chloe, Lois, and Green Arrow. They introduced both the Green Arrow and Jimmy Olsen.
The first third of the season focused on the Green Arrow, whose purpose was to find other heroes to form the Justice League, including Clark. His other purpose was to get Clark to see the bigger picture where he’s not the only one who is saving the world. Clark realizes that a superhero community is forming. Meanwhile, Clark is pursuing the Phantom Zoners he let loose in the anticlimatic premiere, Zod. Clark also gained a new
power, super-breath. The last time that Clark had a new power was back in the 3rd season and in the 4th season, he flew under the Kryptonian
influence but that didn’t count. This was showing me that Clark has not progressed like the other characters did. Another superhero was introduced and his name is the Martian Manhunter, who made his first appearance in the anticlimatic filler episode, Static. He later appeared in the episode, Labyrinth. The high point of the season was Justice, which brought all of the past heroes in Smallville together to take down a Level 33.1. facility and rescue one of their own. I’m glad Clark didn’t join the group because I can’t see him working under Green Arrow’s leadership. It should have been Clark leading the group. The main problem I had with the 1st 3rd of the season was that Green Arrow tends to overshadow Clark whenever he appears in an episode. Clark had become a secondary character in Smallville.
The second third of the season was the triangle between Clark Kent, Lex Luthor, and Lana Lang that had Lana accepting Lex’s marriage proposal and being pregnant. My question is this – what does all that have to do with Clark’s journey towards Superman? Nothing. It was a redundant storyline that had no end, especially with the baby storyline. Both Martha and Chloe were very inconsistent with their advices – telling Clark to stay away from Lana and the following week, encouraging him to tell her his secret. Make up your minds. It seemed Clark had no mind of his own. Speaking of Chloe, not all of a sudden it’s revealed that she’s a meteor freak out of the blue. The triangle lead up to the wedding between Lex and Lana, two supporting characters. The wedding episode had Lana discovering Clark’s secret at Chloe’s expense. At the expense of her friend. It only advanced the Lex and Lana story, but it did nothing for Clark. This was
when things started going downhill.
The final third of the season was about Lex’s 33.1 and Project Ares, but the way they executed was very weak. Even after the wedding, the triangle still happened and Clark had become obsessed with Lana Lang even if she was married. Chloe’s mother all of a sudden had the power to control people with her mind. Lana had also made a dark turn thus further cementing her status as the most hated character of Smallville and rightfully so. Viewers kept turning away from these pointless triangles. Close to the season finale, there was a film noir episode that was
pointless and redundant that had nothing to do with the main arc. Then, we have Martha becoming the new US Senator abrupty exiting the series. Finally came the season finale where Clark finally shined where he battles his Bizarro self in one of the best fights ever and Chloe revealing her powers. We also see Lana dead, which made a lot of viewers including myself very happy.
Like I said before, this season was the best for Lex, Lana, Chloe, and Green Arrow but it was the worst season for Clark Kent. The producers and
writers need to start reading some Superman comics for some ideas. Al and Miles need to write an episode again because they haven’t written
an episode since the 4th season and that’s sad. The season started anticlimatically and ended anticlimatically. Very sad.

Smallville – Phantom review

The 6th season finale has corrected some of the problems during the 6th season while others were done in an anticlimatic fashion. What this season finale has really done was to correct the problems concerning the main character of Clark Kent. The character that truly shined in this
episode was none other than Clark Kent and it is sad because he has not shined in most of the season (which I will address in the next blog about the 6th season).
The main plot of the season is Clark Kent pursuing the phantom zoners and level 33.1., not the ridiculous triangle between Clark, Lex, and Lana. Most of the episode was disjointed and out-of-place. The scene between Clark and Martha was the one out of two that were the most tight since this will be the seed of Clark moving out of Smallville. Annette O’ Toole leaves the show and will not return as a regular in the next season so we should be seeing her in guest-appearances.
Clark Kent has blurred the line between love and obsession as he has assaulted Lionel Luthor for forcing Lana to marry Lex. It seems Clark didn’t care if anyone else dies, except for Lana Lang. He even assaulted Lex at the river dam about killing Lana. However, we got to see Clark Kent doing his own investigations at the Daily Planet with Chloe just like old times at the Smallville Torch. Then, after his only interaction with Lex, he meets the final phantom who has took some of his DNA and becomes the Bizarro image of Clark Kent. They engage in one of the best fights ever that’s up there with his fight with Titan from Combat. This was way better than his fight with Lex/ Zod from the season premiere and it was not one-sided.The coolest thing to ever happen was that we get to see Bizarro Clark fly and have his face turned into the Bizarro we know and love.
I’m also glad that the relationship between Clark and Lana was not the main thing and it shouldn’t be but this was also out of place where out of nowhere Lana decides to leave Lex out of the blue and turn up at the barn. We’ve seen this thing before during the 4th season finale Commencement. Clark tells Lana his secret, which Lana said she already knew. But why didn’t Clark ask her how she found out? The wedding episode took away the impact of this scene big time, even if Clark told Lana about his alien origins. Clark told Lana that he knew about Lionel havin a hand in forcing Lana to marry Lex and Lana told him why. Like I said, this scene didn’t feel like a big event thanks to the wedding episode. Next, we see Lana suddenly leaving Lex, who responds by backhanding her and rightfully so as I’m sure the majority of the viewers
liked it.
Lana’s death in the season finale was open-ended because of the truck in the way and also because Kristin Kreuk has outside projects that she
wants to do in the fall while Smallville will be shooting their 7th season. If Lana’s death is faked, she should not appear in the first half of the
seventh season so that Clark and the others can progress without her being the obstacle and taking up a lot of screentime. Her death was
similar to Jason Teague’s back in the 4th season where we didn’t know if he survived the meteor shower or not. I find it funny that Lana says
she doesn’t trust Lionel or anyone else. Then why did she called him? Why did she even bother to come to Clark? Also, why didn’t she say goodbye to Chloe since they’re supposed to be best friends? It’s obvious that Lana’s main motivation is to get out of Lex and Smallville to protect herself and doesn’t care if any of her friends were in danger. Very selfish, Lana. I hope you’re truly dead. Good riddance.
Lex’s descent to evil continues when he searches for the Phantom, backslaps Lana Lang, and sacrifices the scientist to become the phantom’s
meal. It wouldn’t surprise me that he planted the bomb in Lana’s SUV and he may have planted it a long time ago in case she tries to betray
him. Lex also had a meeting with his father about Lana’s stealing the disc from the briefcase. Why Lex didn’t confront Lana about it?
At the end of the episode he gets arrested for Lana’s death. How did the police knew that Lex would be at the dam? How can they arrest Lex if
there is no body? Did they retrieved the charred remains of Lana’s body?
Chloe’s powers are finally revealed to revive her cousin, Lois Lane. Some people think that Chloe’s dead, but I don’t because she will return in
the next season and her powers will be explored. As for Lois, her independent streak has gotten the better of her as she was stabbed by a
security guard. I’m surprised that there is no interaction between Clark and Lois.
Lionel’s true colors are revealed as he is the emissary of Jor-El, which doesn’t surprise me. Remember that I said that Clark can deal with Lionel and that Lana doesn’t realize it. Well, this came true when he assaulted him after Lana told Clark why she married Lex.  Martian Manhunter reveals that he worked for Jor-El and is charged in looking after Kal-El. Manhunter tried to get the final phantom, but was wounded. I have a feeling that we may see Clark and John vs. Bizarro in the 7th season premiere.
This was a good season finale that was much better than the season premiere. Disjointed for other characters, but great episode for Clark.

Smallville – Prototype Review

It seems that the show has regained some of the things that made it successful that they lost for the wrong reason. There is plenty of action compared to the last 3 episodes mainly between Clark and Wes Keenan. The episode mainly focuses on Lois Lane, not Clark Kent. This was a 180 from the last 3 episodes that were character-focused. While Clark’s fight with Prototype was okay, he has been used to further the Project Ares’ plot by Lex. Plus, we will see how he will deal with Lionel in the season finale.
Lois witnesses an assassination of a senator that got her involved in the middle of the action. The scene between her and Wes dragged out a little too much. With her old friend gone, Lois vows to put Lex behind bars. I’m surprised that Lex didn’t know that Lois is involved but even if he did, he wouldn’t care because nothing would get in the way of his power trip, not even his wife.
Speaking of Lana, she didn’t do much, which is a good thing (hear that, dec5?) but she told Clark of Project Ares. I wished they leave the love thing out. That turned more viewers away as a result. Later, Lex found out that Lana was snooping around and I’m sure by the season finale, he would have already figured it out what she’s been up to all season long.
Chloe is doing very well as Clark’s sidekick the way it should have been rather than seeing her being the brains of the outfit. Martha Kent will go to Washington to become the new US Senator thanks to Lionel Luthor. You might think he’s isolating Martha from Clark, but it’s really for Clark’s own good if he is to fulfill his destiny as Superman. I like it that before Martha leaves the show, Clark gives her a wisdom that reflects his upbringing by his adopted parents.
Lionel Luthor looks at the Phantom footage and scribbles the Kryptonian message of mirror meaning Bizarro. The true motives of Lionel will be revealed in the season finale.
Unfortunately, this episode has hold the record of the lowest rated episode of the series and season. The damage by Promise and its subsequent episodes has already been done. Hopefully, the season finale will undo it.
Sadly, this is the final episode for Steven Deknight and I want to thank SDK for giving us the Justice League. You will be missed.