Arrow – Broken Arrow review

This week has been a week for Atom Ray Palmer. He teamed up with the Flash on Tuesday and last night worked with Oliver Queen taking down a metahuman who shoots heat vision, which seems very familiar. Unlike the team-up with Flash, Ray and Oliver didn’t really work together because Oliver was told by his team to keep a low profile as Detective Lance was on to him and wasn’t falling for Roy Harper taking the fall for him. Between his time and on the Flash, Ray did better in the Flash.

Dinah Laurel has been getting better as a character since she became the Black Canary while both Felicity Smoak and Detective Lance are losing me with some of the stupid things the writers come up. Detective Lance is unraveling after the last two seasons and starts to forget how he became Captain.

The twist at the end was genius as they had us believe Roy Harper was dead, but it turns out that he isn’t and is leaving the show because Colton Haynes had a 2-season deal. He has one more episode to go and presumably would be the finale. The real shocker was seeing Thea killed at the hands of Ra’s Al Ghul. We could be seeing the start of Thea becoming the Speedy from the comics as well as a name change.

I didn’t expect an appearance from Cisqo and the chemistry between he and Ray is superb. Wish Ray would move over to the Flash, but he will have his own spinoff after this. Much better episode of Arrow than last week’s.

iZombie – Flight of the Living Dead review

After last week’s episode that focused on Clyde, we’re back to focusing on Liv when one of her old college classmates has died during the skydiving stint. This has hit close to home for Liv because she and the victim, Holly, were college roommates and Liv helped kicked Holly out of the sorority fraternity because of Holly being free spirited and adventurous. As they were searching for the killer, Liv has found a zombie that could be her potential love interest.

Meanwhile, Major is searching for a couple of his friends who have disappeared in the last several episodes. We also see Clyde’s boss who may turn out to be a zombie judging by eating the hot sauce. Even Liv got to meet Clyde’s boss. I have to wonder if the whole Seatlle town is full of zombies.

The only traits that Liv picked up from Holly is being free spirited and adventurous as she’s riding her bicycle around town. I’m telling you, I may not care for zombies but I’m making an exception for this since it’s based on the comics. Not much happening in this episode, but a good one overall.

The Flash – All-Star Team Up review

There was plenty of hype surrounding this episode when Felicity and Ray Palmer of Arrow come to Central City to get Palmer’s Atom suit be fixed after his fight with Oliver back in Arrow. Upon watching this episode, it left me disappointed in several areas. There was chemistry between Palmer and Cisqo, but there wasn’t really any between Palmer and Barry Allen who are supposed to be future members of the Justice League. Their team-up was okay, but I expected more out of it as they should have done a lot more together. The villain for this episode was the Bee Queen who was fired from Mercury Labs by Dr. Tina McGhee, who also served her purpose regarding the revelations concerning Dr. Wells. How nice of Felicity to have her own nemesis in computer hacking, but what about the Clock King from Arrow?

This episode would also see how Eddie Thawne handles Barry Allen’s secrets and it has been negative on their relationship. If things do continue to go further down south between Eddie and Iris, we may see the beginnings of the Allen-Thawne family feud that the comics would portray them. I can’t believe the writers would even go there knowing it was never going to work with Iris, but if there was one thing that saw her useful is that she investigating Star Labs on her own.

Speaking of Cisqo, the original timeline from Out of Time is alive and well and it’s in the form of his dreams. But this is actually his display of the powers that would tap into other dimensions. It also furthered the plot involving Dr. Wells as well provide more revelations in addition to Dr. McGhee’s. I see the birth of the superhero named Vibe coming.

An okay episode at best, but I just wish they leave some of that stuff with Iris out.

Gotham – Beasts of Prey review

After a long hiatus, we are in the final stretch of the first season where we have a serial killer calling himself the Ogre where he wants unconditional love from his female victims. Anything less than that spells their death as we’ve seen from his collection of pics. The case was thrust upon Jim Gordon by a cop under the orders of Commissioner Loeb who wants to shut him up while protecting this Ogre who goes after his loved ones. The power struggle between Gordon and Loeb starts in this episode and Gordon has a stubborn resolve.

Meanwhile, Bruce and Selina confront Reggie about Alfred concerning Wayne Enterprises and the identity of who sent Reggie after Bruce and Alfred. Here we see the difference between Bruce and Selina whereas Bruce spares Reggie, Selina pushes him off the building to his death which foreshadows who she will become. When Bruce becomes Batman, he could either adopt the no-killing policy or kill the bad guys like Selina did.

I’m not caring much about the Fish Mooney plot from the Arkham island as that has took up the bulk of the episode. It amplifies everything that has gone wrong, but at least she’s paying the price for her escape while Penguin tries to buy an establishment to further his power. Penguin didn’t really do much in this episode as I was hoping for more. Good episode overall as I’m looking forward to how the first season ends.

Farewell Geoffrey Lewis 1935-2015

Longtime character Geoffrey Lewis has passed away at the age of 79 of natural causes. He’s the father of actress Juliette Lewis and has appeared in many TV and films, most notably from Clint Eastwood’s. Lewis appeared in the film Double Impact, which starred Jean-Claude Van Damme, in 1991. He will be missed by the entire show business community.

iZombie – Liv and Let Clive review

As the series starts to find its way, we delve into some backstories of some of these characters starting with Clive as to who he was before now. As Liv and Ravi were looking into the body of an Asian gang member, Liv gains memories of Clive being involved with them as he displayed a darker side of himself that even scares Liv. Clive didn’t want her help as this was something he had to do on his own, so Liv did her own investigating about Clive such as talking with his former partner who revealed that he got suspended and no one wanted to work with him again. Along the way Liv gains the ability to do martial arts that was paid off in the climax. I hope we get more backstories on some of these characters.

Liv has other problems in her home front when she’s visited by her brother, who needed to get away from their mother for a good report card that had B’s. He almost saw Liv’s secret as a zombie. Major needed a roommate and got one in Ravi as they clicked in the morgue. This helps bring Liv and Ravi closer than Liv would with Clive. I’m not sure if the relationship between Liv and Clive will be the same after this episode. Nice pop culture references like Batman and video stores.

Meanwhile, the evil zombie guy has two of the henchmen doing jobs for them and get paid, but they also get killed by him. We see the beginnings of his true plan and one of the other zombie henchmen resembles Solomon Grundy. A good episode overall that continues to hold steady in the ratings.

Farewell James Best 1926-2015

Actor James Best, who played Rosco P. Coltrane from the Dukes of Hazzard, has passed away from pneumonia and was 88 years old. He was born Jules Guy in Kentucky and his mother was the sister of Ike Everly from the Everyly Brothers. Best was orphaned at age 3 and was adopted with being renamed as James Best. After serving in World War 2, he began his acting career and appeared in films and TV shows such as Twilight Show, Andy Griffith, Bonanza, Mod Squad, I Spy, Have Gun Will Travel, and others until he was cast as Rosco P. Coltrane from the Dukes of Hazzard from 1979-85, along with the animated series The Dukes, and two reunion TV-movies. Best has done many personal appearances for the Dukes of Hazzard over the years. Since Dukes, he appeared in Heat of the Night and taught acting and filmmaking in Florida. Best made his mark in the film and TV world and will be missed by all.