Legends of Tomorrow – The Chicago Way review

The midseason finale of the Legends’ second season has them going to Chicago of 1927 to investigate an aberration that involves Damien Dahrk, Reverse-Flash, and Malcolm Merlyn. This is Merlyn’s debut in the Legends series as we have not seen him through Arrow’s 5th season, except for that 100th episode as a fantasy image that doesn’t count. The Legion of Doom is forming with these three and they’re on a race to find the amulets that does something to reality as we discovered later in the episode. The rest of the group also find out about Professor Stein’s daughter that exists through his actions back in 1987, but this is not exactly an aberration as it had no impact in the larger thread.

We have the return of Captain Cold  who exists through Heatwave’s hallucinations. I hope this is not how Dinah Laurel Lance’s return in Arrow will be like this as this would mean no originality. As Sara fought Malcolm, Vixen got to meet the Reverse-Flash who killed Hourman back in the second episode. I think this is the first time the Legends have been attacked in their own ship. It was clear that the Legends are no match for the Legion of Doom and amidst of all this reveals the end where Rip Hunter is directing a movie about the Legends back in 1967. He sure has mastered quite an American accent. Quite a way to follow up the crossover and a good episode overall.

Farewell John Glenn 1921-2016

John Glenn passed away at the age of 95. He was the first and oldest man to orbit Earth and would go on to become a Senator. The event touched the hearts of America and the world as it opened up the space programs for both United States and Russia. He will be missed by the space community worldwide.

Arrow – What We Leave Behind review

The midseason finale of Arrow shows Oliver and his team on the move against Prometheus until they were betrayed by one of their own, Artemis, who has worked with Prometheus for some time and was used to infiltrate his team. Felicity’s boyfriend knows that she’s working with the Green Arrow and decides to pursue this against her wishes, but unfortunately this gets him kidnapped by Prometheus. He executes a plan that spins almost everyone from Team Arrow into several directions – Oliver wishes to be away from everyone as he kept killing, Felicity crying over the loss of her boyfriend, Diggle apprehended by the authorities after receiving a call from Lyla about their son, and Curtis breaking up with his boyfriend. In a way Prometheus is like the Arrow equivalent of Zoom from Flash’s last season and we had hints of his identity. All of this was nothing compared to the end when we have the return of Dinah Laurel Lance. Is she alive through Flashpoint, through Sara’s actions in Legends when she told Damien Dahrk about his destiny, or the evil Earth-2 counterpart named Black Siren? All of this will be answered when the show returns from hiatus. Good episode and the crossover talked about at all.

The Flash – The Present review

The midseason finale shows Team Flash celebrating Christmas while trying to look for Savitar. It’s also revealed that the crossover was one week ago, but it was barely mentioned. The team discovers that Julian was involved in an expedition that involved Alchemy’s stone while HR Wells trains Wally West because he saw potential in him. It didn’t sit well with Barry, Iris, and Joe as they were adamant about it considering what happened at Flashpoint and last week. Barry confronts Julian about his expedition and there is still tensions between them from the start.

Barry goes to Earth-3, where Golden-Age Flash Jay Garrick battles Trickster. Seeing John Wesley Shipp and Mark Hamill reunite and still play heroes and villains brings a smile to my face and Earth-3 is a lot more colorful than Earth-2. After booking the Trickster, Barry needs Jay’s help about Savitar as Jay thought he was a Speed Force Myth and that Barry is powerful enough to deal with him. They team up to deal with both Savitar and Alchemy and Jay got a first taste whipping thanks to Savitar and Barry took the stone from Alchemy. Barry and the team were right that Dr. Alchemy is Julian, but that he is being used like a template.

In the midst of all this, Cisco sees the ghost of his brother Dante. Problem with this throughout the season is that Cisco and Dante barely had a relationship. If not for Caitlin, Barry and Wally would have been dead at the hands of Savitar. This also marks the first time Barry has traveled to the future 5 months from now and sees Iris being killed by Savitar. In the comics, she was killed by Reverse-Flash and was later alive in the 31st Century. I wonder if they are going to go this route. I think this is why they had Barry and Iris as a couple since this season started. Wally West gets his Kid Flash costume as Barry needs some help in the field like Oliver is doing with his team. It’s good to see Barry and Julian made up as Julian is the latest to know Barry’s secret identity, which has become a lost art these days. I hope Julian is Rip Hunter’s ancestor as they look alike.  A great end capper to the first half of the third season.

Farewell Van Williams 1934-2016

Green Hornet TV star Van Williams has passed away at the age of 82 on November 28. His death was not known until today. Van appeared in several TV pilots and movies before he was cast as the Green Hornet Britt Reid for the TV series with Bruce Lee as his sidekick Kato. The series lasted only a season and was a spinoff from the Batman TV show. Since the Green Hornet, Williams appeared in several more TV and movie projects before retiring from acting in the early 80’s to become a Sheriff. He made a cameo in the 1993 Bruce Lee biopic movie, Dragon: A Bruce Lee Story, as the Green Hornet TV director. Van has appeared in talk shows and conventions to talk about his time in the Green Hornet. This year was the 50th anniversary of the TV series. Van Williams will be missed by his fans and the show business community worldwide.

Star Wars Rebels – An Inside Man review

Kanan, Ezra, and Chopper infiltrate the Empire to disguise as workers, but a tragic death of someone close to Ezra has changed things at the hands of Grand Admiral Thrawn. I suspect he recognizes both Ezra and Kanan and went after someone close to Ezra on purpose to send a message. Thrawn has become a great threat to the Rebels. As Kanan and Ezra have trouble with their mission, they got an inside man and it’s none other than Agent Kallus himself as he is revealed to be Fulcrum. Kallus’ actions are the result of his encounter with Zeb from last season. Most of the Rebels, except for Chopper, don’t seem to trust Kallus and it’s understandable. A great episode overall.

Legends of Tomorrow – Invasion review

The conclusion of the mega-crossover culminates in Legends when Citizen Steel, Heatwave, and Vixen travel back to 1951 to capture one of the Dominators to interrogate him, but they end up getting captured by the government while Cisco and Felicity stayed behind in the Waverider, which marks their first time inside the ship. Meanwhile, Oliver explains his issues with Supergirl as an alien while Professor Stein is dealing with the daughter he never knew in this new timeline. Also Cisco’s time trip caused an aberration that led to the Dominators’ returning as he now feels what Barry went through. I was glad Barry and Cisco made up.

I wanted to like this, but I couldn’t as I didn’t feel a sense of danger for the heroes. There were no stakes and the Dominators were not threatening enough. Unfortunately, it’s the government who were threatening the heroes more than the Dominators. We see the heroes battle the Dominators, but it didn’t feel epic at all. Highlights include Supergirl saving Oliver’s life, Supergirl and Flash putting some device on the Dominators, and Cisco, Firestorm, and White Canary preventing the Gene Bomb from landing.

Seeing Kara receiving an interdimensional device from Cisco opens up doors for future crossovers. With this now over, I feel Supergirl has not been vital to the story as the Arrowverse heroes could have done all this without her. The Supergirl and Flash portions were good as they’re helmed by Andrew Kreisberg, but the Arrow and Legends part of it was underwhelming and they’re helmed by Marc Guggenheim. I had wonder how Guggenheim would handle Supergirl and it’s clear he’s not well-suited. This crossover shows me why merging Supergirl’s universe with Arrowverses’ isn’t happening nor would it work. The timing was not good as Supergirl was a midseason finale and Arrow was an Anniversary milestone. I hope the next crossover will correct some kinks. A mixed ending to the whole event.