The episode has Jim Gordon taking down Commissioner Loeb for his corruption of the entire system of the Gotham City Police, including Harvey Bullock. They had to enlist the help of Oswald Cobblepot to investigate Commissioner Loeb and his home life. It was disturbing that his daughter was held in a shelter so that she wouldn’t go to the asylum. In the end, Gordon got what he wanted and Oswald helped got rid of an old couple.

Meanwhile, the episode picks up where it left off when Alfred was recovering in the hospital and Bruce Wayne realizes that he has an enemy in his own company of Wayne Enterprises. He interacts with Selina Kyle for the first time since she blew him off. Bruce now has direction to restore the family honor in his company with her help even if she doesn’t agree with it.

Fish Mooney has a new left eye that’s solid blue, but also lets the inmates know she rules the basement. The doctor has outsmarted her when he has her see why it’s futile to try to escape of betray him. She’s actually in an island surrounded by vast oceans. Her days are numbered.

A good episode at best.

Farewell Leonard Nimoy 1931-2015

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Leonard Nimoy, who portrayed Mr. Spock, for 50 years has passed away at the age of 83 due to lung disease that was from years of smoking. He was born in Boston, Massachusetts on March 26, 1931, 4 days after William Shatner’s birthdate. Leonard went to Hollywood at the age of 18 and was guest-starring in shows such as Dragnet, Mission Impossible, and other films and TV shows. It wasn’t until the year 1964 that he met Gene Roddenberry and was casted as Mr. Spock to star in the original pilot of Star Trek called The Cage, which also starred Jeffrey Hunter as Captain Christopher Pike. NBC rejected the original pilot because they felt it was too cerebral and they wanted cast changes. Roddenberry kept Mr. Spock. NBC commissioned a second Star Trek pilot called Where No Man Has Gone Before and Nimoy was in this one, along with William Shatner as Captain James T. Kirk. A legend was born and a lifelong friendship between Nimoy and Shatner was formed. Mr. Spock was presented to the world on September 8, 1966 and Nimoy’s life has changed for the next 49 years.

The original Star Trek series lasted only three seasons and Nimoy played other roles in projects such as Mission Impossible and Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Despite this, he was forever identified as Spock. He even wrote a book called I Am Not Spock. In 1973, he and most of the original cast reunited for the Star Trek animated series that won an Emmy Award and it only lasted for 2 seasons. The Star Trek conventions formed in the 70’s and the original cast attended NASA’s launch of the space shuttle, appropriately named Enterprise. 1979 was when Nimoy’s career underwent a renaissance when the original cast reunited for the first of many Star Trek films.

Spock has died in Star Trek 2 and Nimoy got to direct both Star Treks 3 and 4 with the latter being the most successful financially. It was during this time that he voiced the character of Galvatron in Transformers: The Movie and directed a comedy hit called Three Men and a Baby. Things were winding down in the late-80’s and early-90’s, but in 1991 the original cast made their final film called Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. Nimoy also got to guest-star in Star Trek: The Next Generation’s 2-parter called Unification and interacted only with Captain Picard and Data. It would be the last time that Nimoy played Spock until 2009. He even authored a sequel to I Am Not Spock called I Am Spock.

During this period, Leonard attended Star Trek conventions and was pursuing photography with naked women as the subject. Nimoy is also related to film director Michael Bay through his marriage to Susan Boy. He also has 2 children named Adam and Julie with Adam being a film director in his own right. In 2009, he played Spock once again in the Star Trek reboot film directed by JJ Abrams. He passed the torch to Zachary Quinto, who plays the younger Spock. Nimoy played Spock again for its sequel, Star Trek Into Darkness. He returned to the Transformers universe by voicing Sentinel Prime in Transformers 2:: Dark of the Moon.  The last couple of years he revealed he had lung disease due to smoking and has been in and out of the hospital until his passing.

Leonard Nimoy’s contributions to the film and TV world, along with science fiction are cemented forever with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and a handprint in Mann’s Chinese Theater. The world mourns his passing and celebrates his ilife. He is  survived by his wife, Susan Bay, and his children Adam and Julie. He has lived long and prospered and is now in the stars forever.

Arrow – Nanda Parbat review

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The episode saw the return of Ra’s and Nyssa Al Ghul and Marc Singer debuting as General Shrieve in flashbacks. Seeing that secrets were out in last episode, things go down south for Oliver who has plans to protect Malcolm and Thea. As Thea told Dinah Laurel, it didn’t sit well with Oliver while Dinah Laurel tries to go at Malcolm for killing Sarah. We find out that Thea was the one who contacted them to make Malcolm face justice. I wish the threat of Ra’s Al Ghul had better stakes than just Thea. I was glad Oliver got even with Nyssa from earlier in the season.

The other storyline saw Ray Palmer working on a suit to fight crime in Starling City and Felicity realizes he’s on the same path as both Oliver and Barry. She tries to get him out of the lab, but to no avail as Palmer finally completes the suit and begins flying. This was the producers nod to Brandon Routh’s past as Superman from Superman Returns. Just as Flash has Firestorm, Arrow has both Black Canary and Atom. If Black Canary and Atom are not part of Team Arrow, I can see them forming their own group that could be a foreshadowing of the Justice League.

Oliver and Diggle set out to rescue Malcolm from the League of Assassins at Nanda Parbat, but Ra’s turns the tables on them when he offers Oliver to be his heir. It may not sit well with his daughter, Nyssa, nor members of Team Arrow. This is the cliffhanger until sometime in next month. Now it has joined the Flash for another hiatus. An okay episode out of a mixed third season.

The second part of the season finale arc picks up where Call To Action left off. Kanan is being captured, interrogated, and tortured by the Empire, led by Grand Moff Tarkin who doesn’t believe Kanan is a Jedi until the Inquisitor proves otherwise. Kanan knew how to frustrate the Inquisitor after several battles between them. What this episode was really about is Ezra showing his resolve to rescue his master and how the team functions without Kanan as their leader. This causes Hera to step up as she’s second-in-command, but she gets an order from Fulcrum to not rescue Kanan and go into hiding. That created tensions within the group as Ezra sets out to rescue Kanan without her knowledge.

Ezra, Zeb, and Sabine work well together in trying to get information and Chopper is the most useful here than any other episode to date. Chopper impersonates an Imperial astromech droid to get information while the Rebels get the actual Imperial astromech droid, whom Zeb likes better than Chopper. In pure Chopper fashion, he pushes the Imperial astromech droid out of the Ghost ship as only he can. The reactions of both Ezra and Zeb are priceless.

This is the penultimate episode towards the season finale as they learn where they’re taking Kanan – to Mustafar, where Obi-Wan and Anakin fought and where Jedi die. I expect that things will get darker from this moment onwards and I have a feeling the season finale is going to be a game changer. Great episode overall.

Gotham – The Red Hood review

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We are now in the home stretch of Gotham’s first season where Jim Gordon and Harvey Bullock are facing a new threat of criminals wearing red masks or red hoods to steal from the rich and give to the poor. A modern day Robin Hood or Bonnie and Clyde. They discover that if one red hood dies, another takes its place by wearing the red hood to keep the criminal persona going. It’s a foreshadowing nod to the Joker’s first years in crime as the original Red Hood. This is also one episode where they have Gordon being back to focus by being that cop to fight Gotham’s corruption. As likable as Dr. Leslie Thompkins was in the last few episodes, it also got Gordon sidetracked.

Bruce Wayne and Alfred Pennyworth are being visited by an old friend of Alfred’s who comes visiting Wayne Manor for unknown reasons. Through young Bruce, we get to see the history between Alfred and his old friend and why they went their separate ways. Unfortunately, it lead up to a confrontational struggle that saw Alfred getting stabbed and Bruce calling 911 for help. There was also a power shift in Wayne Enterprises that saw someone being kicked out.

Penguin and Butch are trying to work together at the club while Fish Mooney is holding power in the Arkham basement, where she think she rules. Fish took out one of her own eyes to prevent the doctor from holding power over her, but it’s clear that they are stalling for Fish where she will meet her eventual demise at the end of the first season. There is no reason for her to be in the show any further once Penguin got the club.

Leslie Thompkins is absent after the last few episodes, but they conveniently bring back some focus on Selina Kyle and Barbara Keane. I don’t know what the writers were aiming for with Barbara, but she came across as creepy when she gets too close with Selina. It’s a storyline I don’t care much for. The show needs to set its priorities straight once again and focus on the very two people such as Bruce Wayne and Jim Gordon.

A solid episode overall as the Red Hood arc kept my interests.

Arrow – The Return review

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The episode shows Oliver and Thea going to the island to train against Ra’s Al Ghul at the behest of Malcolm Merlyn. As Oliver checks in on the island’s prison, he finds out that his old enemy has escaped thanks to Merlyn. I thought Slade was past Shado’s death here, but the producers are going for an epilogue feel to this feud between Oliver and Slade as they stated they wanted to take him in a new direction. This was also Thea’s opportunity for revenge against Slade for killing their mother from last season. In the end, she didn’t kill or she’d be like Oliver. Unfortunately, his return took a backseat.

This was also the most flashback-heavy episode ever since they show Oliver secretly back in Starling City to find out what his loved ones have been up to in his absence. This was right before the first season so we get to see season 1 versions of several cast members. It’s a look back to see how the show has evolved in the last few years. They were supposed to have Moira Queen but she turned them down. In the flashbacks, both Diggle and Felicity were unnecessary as they didn’t add anything to it. Oliver and Maseo were on a mission to get something for Amanda Waller and the government. As he accomplished his mission, he gets another deal from Waller and the government in return to head back home.

The only other characters we saw in the present day are Dinah Laurel and her father after learning about Sarah’s death, but Quentin feels that Dinah Laurel betrayed their trust. This could change things between them as well as he and Arrow for the rest of the season. I have to wonder if Quentin is going to be the latest casualty in this season after the last season saw Moira’s death. Also, more secrets were out as Thea learns from Oliver that she killed Sarah under the drug influence and it could complicate things between the Queens and Lances. I can see a fight between Dinah Laurel and Thea down the line.

It’s a refresher to focus on someone else instead of Felicity as this and last episode was about Thea. Good episode overall.

The Flash – Fallout review

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Fallout immediately picks up where Nuclear Man left off. Both Flash and Caitlin learn that the nuclear splicer device works and that both Ronnie Raymond and Professor Martin Stein are separated. Presumably things would be back to normal as Ronnie can go back with Caitlin and Professor Stein can be with his wife. Unfortunately, both Ronnie and Professor Stein are feeling the effects as they can sense each other through sharing pains and memories. Complicated for them is that General Eiling and his army are tracking both of them down. Eiling also proved to be a threat for the Flash as he has found ways to slow him down as well. While Arrow has Amanda Waller, Flash has General Eiling and I wonder if we’re going to see Waller and Eiling teaming up down the line for future Arrow/ Flash crossovers.

While Firestorm is going on, Barry Allen is in the Cisqo and Joe West’s private investigation concerning his mother’s death. We learn that Barry never went back to his old house since his mother’s murder. It’s good that Barry had to see for himself that he was the other speedster who was there that night and that he could have the ability to time travel. Eventually this will lead to Flashpoint where Barry alters the timeline by saving his mother and the world around him changes. That great comics storyline showed Barry’s selfishness and its consequences as we will definitely see down the line.

They’re finally finding ways to make Iris relevant when it doesn’t involve Barry or Eddie Thawne, whom we have not seen for the last few episodes. Iris and her journalist colleague are investigating the mystery of Star Labs and Dr. Wells as she’s also suspicious of Caitlin as well. This is the Iris we should have got in the beginning instead of her being involved in some stupid love triangle with Barry/ Eddie or Barry/ Linda Park. The writers have to keep this up with Iris.

Love the end involving all three of Dr. Wells/ Reverse-Flash, Grodd, and General Eiling. Quite a way to end this February Sweeps. This set of episodes is mainly about Firestorm as he’s another DCU hero and Robbie Amell has made history by being the first live-action version of him. They’re not going with the comics route as Robbie feels it would be like Ronald McDonald, which I can see. Great episode overall, but unfortunately we have to wait until a month for a new episode.