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Arrow – Green Arrow season premiere

The season starts with a lighter tone where Oliver and Felicity are having a domestic life together in Coast City while everything else is the usual dark tone. I feel this is the writers pandering to the Oliver/ Felicity relationship. While they were having their domestic life, Dinah Laurel, Diggle, and Thea are defending the newly-named Star City in Oliver’s absence. We see Thea loving the thrill of the chase and this is the result of the Lazarus Pit. Everything was going well for Oliver and Felicity until Dinah Laurel and Thea came to him for help. In going back, Oliver finds out that Felicity has been helping the team behind his back.

The tension between Oliver and Diggle from last season is still there and Diggle wasn’t happy that Dinah Laurel and Thea went to Oliver, despite his objections. I hate Diggle’s suit as he becomes the joke of fans thinking he’s Magneto. More than that, he was being an idiot to Oliver who was only there to help and will go back once it’s over. Diggle isn’t the only one Oliver has tensions with, he also has tensions with Thea as he notices that she’s getting unusually aggressive. I hope Oliver would figure out that it’s the effects of the Lazarus Pit.

While Ra’s Al Ghul failed as the main villain from last season, they succeeded with Damian Dahrk who has made an immediate impact on Star City. Already we get a fight between he and the newly named Green Arrow as this was the way to get into the heart of the story. There was a twist we didn’t see and that is when Captain Lance is bound to a deal with Dahrk concerning the Green Arrow as this puts Lance into a moral crisis much like Major from iZombie. This is what should have been with Ra’s Al Ghul.

The flashbacks show Amanda Waller getting Oliver to do a mission on the island and there were easter eggs such as what might be Hal Jordan. There is a first for the show and it’s a flash forward  6 months into the future where Oliver stands at the grave of someone. Barry shows up, offers his help, and leaves after Oliver wants to be left alone and vows to kill Damian Dahrk. There is speculation as to who may die and it will stick. I can see either Diggle, Felicity, or Detective Lance being the ones to go and some speculation that Thea may die, but the problem I have with that is that she was already dead back in last season and was brought back by the Lazarus Pit. I’d rule out Thea for this one. The grave has to be someone Barry is close to.

While the Flash’s second season started out mix, Arrow’s premiere started strong and it’s a great premiere. I like that Oliver announced the Green Arrow name in his speech as well as getting the new suit. Interesting that both shows get new suits. Great start to the season.

iZombie – Grumpy Old Liv season premiere review

The premiere saw Liv having problems on all fronts with her family, friends, and other things zombie-related. Her mother and brother have thrown her out of the hospital as they want her kept at a distance as they think it’s drugs, but Liv couldn’t tell them about being a zombie. Then her relationship with Major has caused her to never pursue relationships again until she’s completely human again. We see Liv taking traits of a grumpy guy and I don’t know if it’s a trait to start off the premiere as it would have made her unlikable. Major is having a moral crisis when he is given a job to wipe out all zombies, including Liv. We discover that the zombie threat is bigger than we realize. A good premiere episode.

The Flash – The Man Who Saved Central City season premiere review

Last season ended with the black hole singularity that was caused by Eddie Thawne shooting himself that caused his evil descendant, Eobard, to be erased out of existence as well as Barry’s desire to go back in time to change the incident of his mother’s death. Unfortunately, this season started 6 months later that should have go into the heart of the problem. However, they used it as flashback where it was revealed that Ronnie Raymond sacrificed himself to destroy the singularity. It made the clfifhanger pointless.

There are ways to tells stories like this, but this is lazy writing . You could have started the premiere with Barry inside the singularity with Ronnie Raymond’s death being the major event. Think of Smallville’s season 1 finale, Tempest, and its season 2 premiere, Vortex. Instead it was a glossed over afterthought, along with how Iris dealt with the loss of Eddie Thawne, and Barry’s father’s excuse for leaving. I got a sense that they were wrapping up loose ends from the first season.

However, both Iris and Professor Stein have integrated into Team Flash well and Professor Stein seems to be taking over Dr. Wells’ role as a little bit older and wiser mentor than Dr. Wells was.

The highlight was seeing former wrestler Edge as Atom Smasher with a twist – this Atom Smasher is evil and is from Earth-2. He looks a lot close to the comics and they did the effect of him growing into a giant. I didn’t think they would go this route, but I’m glad they did. Other highlight was the end appearance of original Flash of Earth-2, Jay Garrick.

While things went by fast, it was a mixed start to the 2nd season. The next episode is going to be the real starter with the two Flashes.

Gotham – The Last Laugh review

The Last Laugh was the end of the Joker arc where Jerome and Barbara have turned a magic show into a hostage crisis. The episode contained several first meetings such as Bruce and Alfred meeting Dr. Leslie Thompkins that may see a triangle between Alfred, Leslie, and Jim Gordon. I’m glad this happened because it should have happened back in the first season and this was their way of making up for it. Leslie is instrumental in raising Bruce, along with Alfred, in the comics. The other meeting was seeing Bruce and Jerome that foreshadowed what it will be like when Bruce becomes Batman and deals with the Joker. The ending of the episode was worth it.

We have a reunion between Bruce and Selina that showed both of them not in exactly friendly terms. In the first three episodes, Barbara played a huge role and became interesting when she turned evil. Where was this Barbara back in the first season?

I had a feeling Jerome was going to be killed off hence the title and it seems they have no intention of bringing the Joker. They have turned it into an ideal symbolism with a vague origin. What I don’t get is that if Jerome is not going to be the Joker, then why promote him as such?

We see the Penguin again and he meets up with Harvey Bullock, who wishes he can kill him for what he did to Fish Mooney. I’m sorry but I have no desire to see Fish again as the first season emphasized a character that is not from the comics.

Good episode to finish off the Joker arc.

Gotham – Knock Knock review

The second episode picked up the intensity left by the premiere when the villains make their presence known. One thing, Penguin is not in this one nor is he needed for every episode as the last season was about him. This season is about the other villains starting with the potential future Joker named Jerome, who is showing why he may be that Clown Prince of Crime. After all, it’s Gotham’s version of the villain as the movies and animation had their versions. He is a combination of both Jack Nicholson’s and Heath Ledger’s Jokers, yet made it unique to be his own. I think he will be the stand out for this season as Penguin was in the first season. I will be disappointed if Jerome gets killed off after Fox promoted him as the future Joker.

We see the friction between Bruce and Alfred as when Bruce gets close to the answers, Alfred does what he thought was best and that’s to destroy the computer that could contain everything about Wayne Enterrprises. As a result, Bruce fires Alfred and re-hires him on the condition that he will continue his training and will do as he says. Later on, we see Alfred and Lucius Fox interact to be Bruce’s support against crime. It’s nice to see Bruce showing intellligence and maturity that is foreshadowing for the Batman.

Barbara Kean, whom everyone hated from the first season, has become likeable as a villain. Where was this Barbara been in the first season? She showed Jim Gordon her true colors as she has one of other villains beat up Gordon. There are theories about Barbara such as being the mother of either Barbara and James Jr. or Harley Quinn. Anyone of those theories could work, but I’d rather go with Barbara and James Jr.

The major character death was Sarah Essen who was just made Commissioner after Loeb stepped down. The moment that Jerome and his henchmen attacked the police, it was over for Sarah Essen and her being killed by Jerome was a nod to the comics, where the Joker killed her when she was Gordon’s wife. It’s possible that the actress may have gotten a new gig elsewhere that facilitate it. I wish they would have kept her around and stay true to the mythos. Her death resulted in Harvey Bullock returning to the police after turning down Jim’s offer. Now who will become Commissioner from this point onward?

A much better episode than the premiere that’s for sure.

Gotham – Damned If I Do season premiere review

We are back after a few month hiatus. Last season ended with the underworld being taken over by Penguin while Bruce and Alfred discover a secret cave in Wayne Manor. Also, we have Barbara whom nobody liked becoming psychotic and insane. This season questionably starts with Jim Gordon reaching his breaking point that gets him dismissed from the Gotham Police, only to be reinstated with the help of Penguin. Problem here is that we’ve seen it a few times last season so it makes it redundant.

They set the tone where the villains are freed from the Asylum and gathered by Tigress and her brother. Barbara starts to have some depth where she thinks she just have issues and doesn’t believe she’s a criminal. She made a friend of one of the inmates who got killed by Tigress for refusing her brother’s offer. Jerome whom I hope becomes Joker is the standout just like Penguin was in first season. I hope Penguin and Jerome get together so we can see foreshadowings of their partnership.

While I like Bruce and Alfred eventually getting through, I didn’t like that Bruce didn’t have patience as he would have used his keen mind to crack the code. Nice of Bruce to provide words of wisdom to Jim Gordon while having friction with Alfred. I hope they will have Bruce use the cave a lot more often this season so we can see plenty of foreshadowings of Batman.

A good start to the second season overall that’s on par with the pilot.

Farewell Jack Larson 1928-2015

Jack Larson, TV’s original Jimmy Olsen, has passed away at the age of 87. The cause of death was unknown. He played Jimmy Olsen in the Adventures of Superman TV series from 1951 to 1958 with George Reeves, Phyllis Coates from the first season, and Noel Neill from the rest of the seasons. Larson appeared in both the Superboy TV series and Lois and Clark, where in the latter he reprised his role as the older Jimmy Olsen. He also appeared in Superman Returns in 2006 with Brandon Routh. Larson was also a screenwriter, producer, and librettan as he enjoyed working behind the scenes. His contributions to the Superman mythos are cemented and will be missed by Superman fans worldwide.

Farewell Gary Richrath 1949-2015

REO Speedwagon guitarist Gary Richrath passed away at the age of 65. He was the group’s lead guitarist from 1970 to 1989. He did a solo album in 1992 and rejoined the band for one night in 2013 at a benefit concert for tornado victims. Richrath was vital to the group’s sound in many of their albums, including Hi-Infidelity. He will be missed by the rock n roll community.

Farewell Wes Craven 1939-2015

Horror film director Wes Craven passed away at the age orf 76 due to brain cancer. He is known for being the master of modern horror films and created The Nightmare of Elm Street and Scream series and gave us memorable horror characters such as Freddy Krueger that launched the career of Robert Englund who portrayed Freddy. Wes will be missed by the show business community worldwide.

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