Farewell Jimmy Snuka 1943-2017

Pro Wrestler Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka has passed away at the age of 73 due to stomach cancer. He was best known for his high-flying style in the WWE in the early to mid-80’s. Snuka appeared in the first WrestleMania and was also the first opponent for the Undertaker. He introduced the high-flying style to the WWE, which was then known as World Wide Wrestling Federation and World Wrestling Federation. Snuka has wrestled in many promotions throughout his career and was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 1996. He was charged for the 1983 murder of his girlfriend, but his charges were recently dropped after deemed unfit to stand trial 12 days before his passing. Snuka is survived by his children, including his daughter Tamina who is wrestling for the WWE to carry his legacy. He will be missed by the pro wrestling community.

Star Wars Rebels – Warhead review

Up until this episode, there hasn’t been much focus on Zeb since the third season started and this was their way of addressing it. The rest of the Ghost crew were not in it much as they only appeared in beginning and end. Zeb was ordered by Hera to look after the Rebel base with Chopper and former Imperial droid, AP-7. In Empire Strikes Back fashion, the Empire sends probes to nearby worlds as one landed in the Rebels’ base. Zeb may have felt bored not doing anything, but he got his taste when he dealt with the Imperial droid who plans on trying to infiltrate the Rebels’ base and inform the Empire. However, Zeb and Chopper had different ideas and they had some help from Agent Kallus aka the new Fulcrum. Grand Admiral Thrawn is getting suspicious as to how the Rebels were one step ahead of him. A good filler episode, but I don’t think it was a good idea to follow up last week’s with Saw Gerrera with a filler like this. A good episode for Zeb.

Vehicle Voltron/ Dairugger XV Figure review

Dairugger XV Mini_1

Up until now, I had no idea this existed. I had seen review blogs and video reviews of the Vehicle Voltron/ Dairugger XV figure that’s either a knockoff or bootleg, but I’d say it’s an import from Japan or one of the other Asian countries. A knockoff figure would have to be repainted completely different from the one we know. Its colors are exactly like the cartoons. As much as I love Lion Voltron, I’m also a big fan of Vehicle Voltron as well. I got this from a local Tuesday Morning yesterday as they’re the only store that carries this. It costs $6 and it’s a good deal. Upon seeing and getting it, this figure is huge as it stands almost 8-inches tall. If you have the Blazing Sword Lion Voltron, it would be a good companion piece to it. It’s not diecast, but pretty good plastic. It doesn’t completely disassemble into its vehicles. The Vehicle Voltron Dairugger XV figure also comes with its chrome sword, which is a huge plus as well as its copter blades. Articulation is good as the arms and legs bend. They didn’t  completely painted its face. The cardboard for the figure displays a good artwork of Vehicle Voltron and also has several Japanese Transformers such as Star Saber, Minera, and Nightbeat. In the back of the figure is a reproduction of the instructions that don’t apply to this. If this is a bootleg, it’s a good one and a great collectible for Voltron fans. A high recommender here.

Voltron Legendary Defender – Ultimate Voltron review



One of the most highlighted and most anticipated collectible for the Voltron Legendary Defender series is the Ultimate Electronic Voltron. I got this from Toys R Us for $39 with tax. Upon unboxing the whole thing, this stands an incredible 14-inches as this is huge. It’s articulation blows everything else away and it looks exactly like the Voltron from the cartoon series. It comes with the sword, missile, and a pair of detachable wings. It also comes with instructions. When you press a button on its waist, it has 15 quotes and sounds from the TV show although it doesn’t sound like the voices. It lights up Voltron’s eyes, sides of its head, and chest. You can come up with many poses for the Ultimate Voltron and you have to find the right balance to make it stand. The Ultimate Voltron has battle damages all over it. This has to be highest recommender for Voltron fans. Adults may want to display it or preserve it as they should keep the box it came with while kids will want to play with it and even sleep with it. It’s the ultimate for Voltron fans.

Voltron Legendary Defender – Lion Attack Voltron review


I don’t usually review toys as I leave it to others, but I felt this would be a good time to do so as this would be my first. The first wave of toys for Voltron Legendary Defender came out last hear consisted of basic action figures such as the lions that don’t combine, two versions of Voltron, and a Robeast from the Galra Empire. The focus of this review is the Lion Attack Voltron, one of two basic Voltron figures. The Lion Attack Voltron has the ability to shoot out the lion head. It’s left arm does not move much due to this feature. It’s articulation is much superior to the Sword Attack one and most of the figure can move its head, right arm, legs, and the waist. The negative about this is the painting as they didn’t finish painting Voltron’s face and it’s the same problem for Sword Attack Voltron as well. This figure stands about 5-inches tall. I got this from a Toys R Us store for $10 and it’s not a bad price. This is a high recommender for Voltron fans.

Star Wars Rebels – The Ghosts of Geonosis review

The Rebels head to Geonosis where they run into an original Rebel named Saw Gerrera, who debuted in the Clone Wars series. Only Captain Rex has history with Saw. We find out that he lost his sister and carries on the fight in her memory. Saw is impressed with the current Rebels, but his methods are known to be extreme and this was something that Hera has an issue with. Saw works well with the Rebel team and ends up joining them in the end. This was an attempt to cash in on the Rogue One movie, where Saw Gerrera was in it. Matter of fact, he is voiced by the same actor who plays him in Rogue One. Truth be told that the Rebels series definitely needs a rub from Rogue One by having Saw. I suspect now that the show will line up with Rogue One than anything else. A good start to the second half of the third season.

Looking Back In 2016

The first day of 2016 was great when I won some money from a scratch-off Lottery ticket, but then everything went downhill from there. My acting career for this year was fair at best as In didn’t do much. The only things I did were the Baywatch movie with the Rock and a couple of web TV series, Saudade and Duels. In Saudade I got to interact with the creator, director, and writer this time around than I ever did last year and it was interesting shooting at her house. In Duels, it was my first experience with firepower on set and I was used a lot. It was also my correction of one of the shoots I did last year as they were shot in Downtown Miami, where I had a minor car accident that ruined 2015 for me. After Duels, I had to take care of personal business.

We finally did the re-roofing project with a company as the permit we kept renewing and extending for the last four years has finally paid off. My family and I got to do some long-overdue projects at home such as cutting down several trees and dumping out lots of unwanted stuff.

There were deaths of several people who were part of my life such as my former longtime agent, Joyce Gilbert, and a couple of my classmates from Design and Architecture Senior High school named Victor Leong and Carlos Carles. Joyce’s passing hit me hardest as I had a great working relationship with her from 1997 up until her departure from Martin and Donalds Talent Agency in 2014. She was the first person who signed me to the agency as I attended castings and booked several jobs over the years with her. As I’ve said in my tribute to her, I wouldn’t have an acting career without her and I thank her for all she’s done for me as an actor as I embark on the next chapter.

Victor Leong was highly skilled in making boats from possibly before high school until his passing. A one of a kind who will never be duplicated. My condolences to his sisters, Kathleen and Zonnia. Carlos Carles is an original member of the Class of 1995 who attended DASH for four years like I have and remained the same. He never changed his hairstyle as I felt he was the Dick Clark of our class. Victor and Carlos will be missed by the DASH alumni.

I got to buy many of the things I wanted to buy and I opened up several more bank accounts to help me set for life. I also became addicted to the video game Star Wars Old Republic. 2016 was a good year for me financially, but not in terms of a personal level or career level.