Farewell Malcolm Young 1953-2017

Malcolm Young, co-founder and rhythm guitarist of AC/ DC, has passed away at the age of 64 due to dementia. He is the older brother of lead guitarist Angus Young. While Angus is the visible member of the two, Malcolm was the driving force and wrote or co-wrote many of their hits. The group was inducted into the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame in 2003 and Malcolm retired in 2014. The group continued without him, but had his blessing. He will be missed by all worldwide. Rock on in heaven.


Arrow – Promises Kept review

The storyline with Deathstroke continues as he reunites and spars with his son, Joseph. The family reunion between is very dysfunctional and this whole episode was about him than anyone else, including Oliver who makes a big decision. Upon seeing this some viewers want a Deathstroke TV series spinoff, but that may not happen due to the upcoming Deathstroke movie. Whenever he’s on the show, the quality is at its best.

Meanwhile, Diggle’s secrets are threatening the stability of the team and someone on the team is the first to know. The other selling point of this episode is the introduction of Richard Dragon, who in the comics trained Lady Shiva. He’s one of the best martial artists of the DC Universe. I don’t know why it took this long to debut him.

An okay episode at best.

Legends of Tomorrow – Helen Hunt review

The episode title is a nod to the 1980’s movie, but the content involves an anachronism where Helen of Troy is in the 1930’s Hollywood and Team Legends must return her to her own time as she doesn’t want to. Complicating matters is the involvement of Damien Dahrk and his daughter, who are disguising themselves among the Hollywood of that time.

Meanwhile Ray performs an experiment on both Jax and Professor Stein that sees them switch personalities much to the delight of Nate Heywood. They’ve been around each other long enough to mimic their personalities and mannerisms. It took a joining between them to switch back, which could have avoided all this drama.

Plus Amaya learns that the villainess with the totem is one of her granddaughters and it’s only a matter of time before Mari and Amaya meet before returning to 1942. I don’t see Amaya returning for a fourth season.

There was one thing that saved this episode and that is a Wonder Woman nod where they show us the island of Themiscyra with the long rock monuments and an ancient castle building. Now we know that Diana and the Amazons exist on Earth-1 and this brings possibilities in bringing either Wonder Woman or Wonder Girl Donna Troy. I’d prefer the latter, but bring in Wonder Woman from the comics storyline Odyssey where she has an alternate history that could fit in with the season premise. I think Helen of Troy could have something to do with Donna Troy.

Good episode overall.

The Flash – When Harry Met Harry review

We see multiple versions of Harrison Wells in the last season, but not together as this episode does that with funny results. However despite the episode title, this was not the main storyline as only Cisco and Earth-2 Harrison Wells are in it. The main one was Barry training Ralph Dibny into a superhero that required him wearing a prototype suit. Ralph makes mistakes while we got to see what Barry is like as a mentor.

Ralph is growing on me thanks to the actor playing him as he reminds us of Jim Carrey. I guess they were going for the Stanley Ipkiss Mask version of Elongated Man. I’d say keep him and put Kid Flash Wally West into Legends of Tomorrow since that team needs a speedster.

Things start to move along with the Thinker when Barry and his team move in on his home only to be greeted by a housewife. I wish they didn’t make the Thinker into DC’s version of Professor X. Iris starts to put the finishing touches on the wedding, which I doubt the viewers including myself care about.

A good episode overall.

Star Wars Rebels – Rebel Assault review

The storyarc of the assault on Lothal comes to a head in this midseason finale when Hera leads a fleet of Rebel ships to get through the Imperial blockade, led by Admiral Thrawn. Upon watching this felt like a throwback to the original Star Wars and it felt like an anniversary episode. Unfortunately for Hera, Thrawn is shown why he is the true threat for the Rebels particularly the Ghost Crew.

As Kanan and his team accomplished their mission in destroying several Imperial towers, they learn that the Rebel force has been destroyed and apparently this includes Hera. This causes Kanan to set out to find Hera by himself and he is stopped by the Loth-Wolf again.

In the end this lead to Hera being captured by the Imperials while Kanan rescued one of the Rebel pilots and Chopper. This was packed with explosive action and suspense befitting a midseason finale. We know Hera survives Rebels, Rogue One, and the Battle of Endor as that would have made this episode pointless to show. I’d say this was an episode that spotlights Hera more than anyone else.

Great way to end the first half of the final season.

Supergirl – Midvale review

Out of the Supergirl episodes for the third season, this is the one that I was most looking forward because of the flashbacks on their younger years that reveal how Kara and Alex became closer. The casting of both the younger versions of Kara and Alex were dead-on as they captured the mannerisms and personalities set forth by Melissa Benoist and Chyler Leigh. Upon watching it, I felt like they could explore more from that episode onwards of Kara and Alex solving mysteries together like the Hardy Boys.

The episode saw a shout out to both Adventures of Superman and Smallville in major ways. Erica Durance plays an FBI agent who is named after the late Noel Neal, the original Lois Lane. Plus they referenced Chloe Sullivan with her Wall of Weird. Mind you that the Smallville in the Supergirl universe is likely not the same Smallville from the TV show because in that TV show, there is already a Kara Zor-El that was found underwater and could fly whereas Clark couldn’t.

The mystery involves the murder of one of the high school students who was being outed as a nerd and Kara befriends him. Both Kara and Alex bonded closer over this mystery and I liked how their sibling rivalry played out onscreen. I’m telling you that we must have more flashback episodes or a spin-off prequel series based on Midvale for the CW Seed. There is no  Supergirl costume in sight and no Winn either as it’s a first. No James, Lena, and Reign either. J’onn briefly appears in this episode.

Helen Slater returned as Eliza Danvers in both the present and the flashbacks as she’s a mediator for between Kara and Alex. She has done a great job addressing Kara’s unhappiness over the loss of Mon-El more than Alex’s breakup with Maggie. I wish Dean Cain would return for this episode.

Great episode overall.

Arrow – Deathstroke Returns review

The episode sees Deathstroke’s return and needs Oliver’s help in seeking his son, who is kidnapped by some villain and their mission involves traveling overseas. It’s good to have Slade back in the show because he’s the best villain they had in season 2. Now he is an antihero who is about deals.

The other storyline is the return of Vigilante and this ties to Black Canary. When they revealed who Vigilante, it was something everyone saw a mile away and how he was thought dead. If both of these storylines are too obvious, then the writers didn’t think this through. Obvious equals boring.

Basically the focus was on Deathstroke and Black Canary while Oliver seems to be taking a backseat. The only thing that’s helped the show through the years is its action sequences. It’s what distinguishes it from Flash, Supergirl, and Legends.

An okay episode at best.