Farewell Martin Landau 1928-2017

Actor Martin Landau has passed away at the age of 89 due to unexpected complications. He is best known for appearing in Mission: Impossible series and Space: 1999 and won an Oscar for his performance in Ed Wood directed by Tim Burton. He was encouraged by his mentor Lee Strasberg to teach film acting and ran the LA branch of Actors Studio until his passing. He has taught the likes of Jack Nicholson and Angelica Huston. His legacy in Hollywood is cemented and will be missed by the show business community worldwide.

Farewell Christopher Wong Won aka Fresh Kid Ice 1964-2017

2 Live Krew member Christopher Wong Won aka Fresh Kid Ice has passed away at the age of 53 for health causes. He was a pioneering Asian rapper and founder of the hip hop group The 2 Live Krew that were based in Miami, Florida along with fellow rapper and founder Uncle Luke. They were known for the hits Me So Horny and Banned In The USA. Fresh Kid Ice suffered a car accident in 1988 and a couple of strokes in the 2000’s. His contributions to Hip Hop are cemented and will be missed in the Hip Hop community worldwide.

iZombie – Looking For Mr. Goodbrain Season Finale review

The season finale is finally upon us as the third season was building up to the zombie apocalypse. Liv continues to disguise as a normal human until Chase reveals the true intentions of the zombies to the entire world. This gives Blaine a perfect opportunity to operate as usual in this new zombie world while Ravi comes up with the zombie vaccine. The cliffhanger was him or Liv trying it out to see if it works or not. Major being a zombie again was a letdown and it threw away whatever progression they have of him becoming human again. The biggest disappointment was the zombie apocalypse itself as I was expecting a lot more and this felt underwhelming. Bad enough that Liv was not a part of it as this felt like a throwaway. Mixed ending to the third season at best.

Funko Batman TV Series Action Figure review



Yesterday I caught the first wave of the Funko figures based on the Batman TV series that consists of Batman, Batgirl, Catwoman, Mr. Freeze,, King Tut, and Bookworm. I decided to buy Batman first naturally as all the figures are 3.75 inches. It’s a throwback to the retro figures of the past of the same size. I got this from a comic store as this was supposed to come out next month. The price is $10. If you couldn’t get the Mattel action figures, this is the next best thing. Batman is well presented in detail and articulation. Unlike the Mattel figure, its cape is vinyl as it’s going to be difficult for him to fit in the Batmobile. But he looks exactly like he was in the TV series. It’s another way of honoring the memory of Adam West. Funko did an incredible job with this as I will collect more from the TV series.

Mattel Surf’s Up Batman Action Figure review


I continue to honor the memory of Adam West by buying the Surf’s Up Batman action figure from Toys R Us and it was one of the only two left from the action figure line available. The discount was 40-50% off of its original price of $19.99. The figure is based on the episode where Batman wore yellow shorts to surf against the Joker. He comes with the yellow Batboard, a comic stand, and a collectible card that shows he and Joker surfing. The figure is 6 inches tall and has plenty of articulation and joints. Its cape is a cloth instead of vinyl. You can have Batman stand on the surfboard or the comic stand for display. This is a figure to keep.

Farewell Stacy Wilson Campbell 1977-2017

I didn’t find out until a month later that one of my classmates has passed away from a blocked artery that caused her heart to stop. Her name was Stacy Wilson Campbell, who was 39. This was unexpected and the news was brought by one of my other classmates from Norland Middle School. According to her husband, she had no stress and no chest pains. Stacy was relaxed until her collapse. Just like that, she was gone unexpectedly just as she was about to launch a handbag line.

She was born Stacy Katrika Vanessa Wilson in Miami, Florida in July 19, 1977. I first met Stacy in the summer school prior to 8th grade in Norland Middle School after I got accepted into its magnet arts program, which she also was enrolled in. I don’t think we had the same classes during 8th grade, but we were later on when we both got accepted into Design and Architecture Senior High school.

Stacy was what you called the alpha female of our class and can whip asses. I didn’t mind having my ass whipped by a girl like her. She was full of light and knows how to make a scene or throw a party and you couldn’t throw a party without her. Her and I rode the same metro bus on our way to DASH and she used to get on my case about eating at McDonald’s for breakfast.

Her and I would be in most of the same classes such as Drawing, Portfolio, English, and Spanish. In Spanish, I remember she was about to get into a fight with another classmate named Sam Machado and the two were ready to go at it. She wouldn’t hesitate in hurting him or vice-versa. In portfolio, she just didn’t care because we had what you called Senioritis. We couldn’t wait to graduate from DASH and embrace the real world. Stacy was voted as one of the most popular members of our class, along with 2 other people.

When we graduated in 1995, Stacy called for a 10-year reunion between us that really didn’t happen because we lost one of our own in 1997 named Miguel Escobar. Since DASH she lived in Naples, Florida and moved to Atlanta. She gotten married in either one of those places, but I have not seen her since high school graduation. It was a shock to me that she would be the next one gone. What was more sad is that she never got to reach her milestone age of 40 like another classmate Carlos Carles last year.

Stacy was incredibly gifted as an artist and fashion designer. I will never forget her outgoing and vibrant nature. This one’s for you Stacy as your soul will be blessed eternally forever.


iZombie – Looking For Mr. Goodbrain Part 1 review

After being discovered on the cover of a newspaper, Liv takes it upon herself to disguise as a normal human being which allows actress Rose Mciver to be herself instead of wearing the zombie makeup. Here, she and Ravi have tensions over Ravi having sex with Katty. I guess this was Ravi’s way of dealing with his breakup with Peyton. Speaking of Peyton, she’s offered a new job for the zombie mayor. I guess this is a good way of integrating Peyton more in the zombie storylines. The episode ended with a good cliffhanger involving Filmore Graves going into the season finale next week.