iZombie – Brainless In Seattle Part 2 review

The second part of the Brainless In Seattle breaks away from the mystery of the week format and treats it more like a feature film like they have in past seasons. Liv and Clyde continue to investigate the zombie serial killer while the feelings between Liv and Major are still despite their differences in both Fillmore and Seattle. They also finally showed Liv’s true goal in the midst of all this – to search for her true love while she made friends along the way.

Blaine is the show’s equivalent to Loki in manipulations and deception. One thing that distinguishes Blaine is that he is bluntly honest in being underpaid and blackmailed by Chase Graves. He now knows where Renegade is and will stop at nothing to get her.

They got out of their usual drama/ mystery/ comedy routine to romance comedy. I’m not sure if they succeeded here, but I wouldn’t discount on them trying it again in the future. Good episode overall.


Legends of Tomorrow – Necromancing The Stone review

The end of last week’s episode leads into this one when Sara becomes the Death Totem that allows Mallus to take over her body and attack the other Legends. We also see what Sara’s view was like when she’s taken over by Mallus. An image of someone from Sara’s past shows us a piece of her past as an assassin for the League. It’s unfortunate that Arrow didn’t  do this.

We also have another Legend who bears the totem and that’s Mick Rory who bears the fire one. He had to deal with his criminal dark side and overcome it to save the others, but it also makes sense for him to bear the fire totem.

They get Constantine back once again to save the day as usual. With him now being upped to series regular, along with Kid Flash, for a 4th season they are building him to that status by using him as much as they can. This is good for Constantine fans because the show needs a lot of shakeup big time. They need to do something different other than time travel.

Good episode overall.

The Shape of Water Movie and DVD Review

I heard a lot of great things about the Shape of Water as I didn’t get to watch in the theaters. However, it was released on DVD this week so I got it from a local Wal-Mart and start playing it. Upon watching it, I was mesmerized that the movie is a combination of fantasy, drama, and period. It’s about Elisa discovering the secret government experiment with the Amphibian Man and the love between a mute woman and an amphibian man, who was captured by the government for study and torture. The mute woman Elisa , played by actress Sally Hawkins, had no dialogue and the only time we hear her voice is when she sings in a fantasy musical scene.

The three main characters are Elisa, her co-worker Zelda, and Elisa’ apartment neighbor are all basically one character as they fight against the government, with its antagonist portrayed by Michael Shannon. The movie is set in 1962. While the period of the time appears authentic, it’s also an idealized version of the period as imagined by Del Toro. The movie is a meeting between fantasy and reality.

The movie is R-Rated because of some nudity and sex in the film. It is directed by Guillermo Del Toro, who is known to do otherworldly pictures involving misunderstood creatures and this film is very personal to him. The Amphibian Man is played by Doug Jones of Star Trek Discovery. Neither Elisa or the Amphibian Man can speak, but they can communicate through sounds and sign language. The movie has received many accolades from many film festival and it has recently won four Oscars, including Best Picture that was considered an upset by many.

It is released on both DVD and Blu-Ray. The DVD version contains several trailers and behind-the-scenes featurettes that are combined into a half-hour documentary. The movie is a high recommender for everyone.

Farewell Stephen Hawking 1942-2018

Visionary scientist Stephen Hawking passed away at the age of 76. He came up with many theories and sciences involving Black Holes, quantum physics, and relativity. Hawking was the famous face of the scientific community and achieved celebrity status that no other scientist ever had. He guest-starred in several tv shows and documentaries, most notably Star Trek The Next Generation. He had motor neurone disease or ALS that contributed to his passing. Hawking made several predictions in his final years, most of which are related to the future of humanity, Earth, and space. Hawking’s legacy and contributions in science is cemented forever. He will be missed by all worldwide.

Black Lightning – Book of Revelations review

What we’ve been waiting for is here in that Black Lightning is training his daughter in the superhero world. It’s not limited at home either as Anissa’s training is also out in the field. We get to see what Jefferson is like as a trainer as he is hands-on and with good reason involving Anissa’s safety and to watch over her. The look on Anissa’s mother does show concern about Anissa and Jennifer going down the same path as Jefferson as superheroes.

Jennifer is just discovering her powers and it will be interesting to get the whole family to get on the same page for the rest of the season. Meanwhile, Lady Eve is still around since she was killed by a resurrected crime boss. All this adds to Black Lightning and Anissa trying to clear up his name and learn that someone is obsessed with him for 30 years.

One of the best episodes of the season.

The Flash – Run, Iris, Run review

I watch the Flash for the Flash, not anyone else. If there was an episode I dreaded the most it was this one. This was about Iris having super-speed. It was a gimmicky episode that didn’t really move anything forward, except maybe Iris herself. Upon watching the episode, my fears are justified as she got Barry’s powers thanks to a bus metahuman called Melting Pot. It magnified Iris’s worst traits such as saying she’s the leader of Team Flash and was able to do something Barry didn’t and that was creating a tidal wave.

They said they addressed the lack of journalism, but we didn’t see her do anything journalism-related until the end and it was just thrown in there to just remind us. Whether she will continue to do journalism after this episode will tell the story about this season because this wasn’t must-see TV. The viewership for this season also went down as well.

After this episode, it’s a good thing the show will be on hiatus until next month. Coincidence? Definitely not. They knew we were going to hate this episode. After last week’s absence, Ralph has also returned. Don’t be surprised if the Thinker possesses Earth-2 Harrison Wells. Least favorite episode of the season. I watch the Flash for the Flash. Give us a better reason to watch or the show will continue to lose viewers.

iZombie – Brainless In Seattle Part 1 review

The first of a two-parter deals with human/ zombie night that Liv, Peyton, and Ravi took part in and Major interrupts the whole thing as he learns that Liv may have a soulmate, which he brushes off. It was an awkward reunion between Liv and Major since they broke up last week. I was hoping for the writers to get both Liv and Major to grow as characters separately and not needing each other all the time.

The real revelation was when Liv and Clyde discover lots of remains and learn that Bruce is the serial killer that is the cliffhanger leading into the second part next week. Usually two-parters happen in either season premiere or season finale or even mid-season, but this two-parter is not even in midseason. I have to wonder if this season is shorter than the past three. Good episode overall.