Transformers: Combiner Wars Episode 4 review

The end of last episode led us to believe that a certain Decepticon leader would make his appearance in this episode and we were proven right. Here we see Megatron taking on three of the Constructicons for his training in the ruins on Earth. Optimus Prime and Windblade go to Megatron to seek his help while Megatron wants to go at it with Prime one more time, but even Windblade got involved. The flashbacks showed the difference between the leaders of both Autobots and Decepticons respectively. There were great character moments, especially between Optimus Prime and Windblade. The series gets better and better with each succeeding episode. I think this is going to lead into Optimus Prime/ Megatron/ Windblade Vs. Rodimus Prime/ Starscream/ Mistress of Flames, along with the Combiners. Great episode overall.

Transformers: Combiner Wars Episode 3

The third episode picks up immediately where the 2nd episode left off and it all belongs to Optimus Prime and Windblade. This was a great way to make Optimus Prime look good as he’s shown to be the veteran of many great wars. He doesn’t look clean as there are broken glass on his chest to likely show his battle scars. His purpose is likely to show Windblade the error of her ways and that she can’t win all battles. It also shows how much she has changed from her days as City Speaker. The end makes me think they will bring in Megatron in this. Great episode here.

Transformers: Combiner Wars Episode 2 review

I don’t care what the haters say, I like the new Transformers web series Combiner Wars as it’s a combination of G1 and IDW. Here we have Windblade basically taking on Arcee’s role in trying to destroy all combiners. Because her friend Maxima died at the hands of both Menasor and Computron, Windblade sets out to assassinate the Council that consists of Rodimus Prime, Starscream, and the Mistress of Flame. I think she’s aiming for Starscream the most if they’re going by the comic books. She would have succeeded if not for the intervention of Optimus Prime that sets the stage for the next episode. A little bit better than the first episode with plenty of drama and intrigue.

Kenny Baker 1934-2016

Actor Kenny Baker, who played R2-D2 in six Star Wars films, has passed away at the of 81 due to long illness. He was a midget actor who acted in a theatrical troupe that gave him a taste of show business. Baker joined the circus for a brief time and formed a comedy act when George Lucas hired him to play R2-D2. He played R2 in 6 Star Wars films, but didn’t play him in the 7th Star Wars movie The Force Awakens as he was a consultant. While C3PO and R2-D2 are a duo, Baker and Anthony Daniels did not get along in real life. He leaves behind two children, who did not inherit his and his wife’s dwarfism. Kenny Baker will be missed by the Star Wars community worldwide.

Farewell Victor Leong 1974-2016

I do not dwell in high school years nor am I keen on high school reunions, but I am writing this with heavy heart as I found out one of my classmates from my high school Design and Architecture Senior High has passed away back in March and I didn’t find out about it until now due to my acting career in film and TV. His name was Victor Leong and was a member of the Class of 94, one year my senior. He was highly skilled in making boats since 91-92 perhaps even before that, but he was doing this professionally since 92. Victor always walked to the beat of his own drums and always did his own thing. A living definition of artist, he never went along with the programs the school set for him. Everything he has done has always revolved around making boats even to his passing. He and I took the Humanities class during my Freshman year in 91-92. Like me, he was weird and was voted one of the weirdest in his class back in 1994. One of my old classmates displayed a school admit where his excuse for being late was having power cut out by the UFO. It may have been funny to him, but the school administration didn’t share his sense of humor and he got a detention as a result. Victor was 41 as he looked and acted young. He passed away from what they called the Freedivers Blackout, where he stayed underwater for too long and that the body no longer receives oxygen. Victor was one of a kind who will never be duplicated and his creative genius will be missed by all who knew him back in DASH.

Transformers: Combiner Wars Episode 1 review

Today is the premiere of the web cartoon series called Transformers: Combiner Wars that is produced by Machinima and is based on both the toys and comics. This is aimed at the adult audience and  not the kiddy ones. The animation is a combination of 2D and 3D CGI and the tone is similar to Transformers: Prime. It starts with the fight between Computron and Menasor that spills over to the planet Caminus, home of a Cybertronian colony. Their fight involved the female geisha-like Transformer named Windblade and she is accompanied by another female Caminus native Maxima. The fight resulted in several deaths that embarked Windblade on a dark path and the end shows none other than Optimus Prime. A good start to the series, but my only negative is that it’s 5 minutes because it’s made for an app called Go90. To me this is the Transformers’ answer to the Voltron reboot. I am going to enjoy this more than the live-action movies and even the current Transformer cartoons that are currently on.