Supergirl – Red Faced review

The episode sees the live-action debut of the Red Tornado, an android capable of producing tornadoes and created by Professor T.O. Morrow. Reaction to him as live-action was mostly negative, but I think that changed when he was fighting Supergirl. In the midst of his fight with Supergirl, he was developing sentience. While Supergirl was fighting Red Tornado, Alex was taking on its creator that resulted in his death. Of note, both Red Tornado and its creator are portrayed by the same actor. Star Trek The Next Generation did the same when Brent Spiner played Data and his creator, Dr. Noonien Soong.

This is about Kara being angry about not being normal to the humans as both Cat Grant and General Sam Lane have amplified it in both of her personas. I like how Kara and Cat are bonding after Kara snapped. Red Faced also applies to the other characters when we see the relationships between Cat Grant and her mother as well as Lucy Lane and her father. I like the exchange between Jimmy Olsen and Lucy’s dad.

The storyline involving the Danvers gets more interesting when Kara, Alex, and Winn learn the truth about Alex’s father and Hank Henshaw. I feel Henshaw is the show’s equivalent to Harrison Wells/ Reverse Flash from its first season. This will lead into the next few episodes, but the episode ends with Kara being powerless that will be touched on the next episode. Great episode for the fights between Supergirl and Red Tornado. I hope they improve its look the next time around.

Star Wars Rebels – Stealth Strike review

The episode deals with the antagonistic relationship between Kanan and Captain Rex over Ezra and Kanan’s mistrust of clones who killed the Jedi with Order 66. The partnership came about because of Hera who basically set all of this in motion and I’m surprised she hasn’t been used much in this episode as she should. Deep down, Kanan does trust Rex more than he cares to admit when he rescued him from the Imperials’ torture.

Ezra has grown as a character when he now values teamwork than self-interests from the first season. His lightsaber skills showed growth, but I just wished they showed it. He is training under both Kanan and Rex in lightsaber and firepower. He also knew who to escape with ease, but it was the Rebels leader Commander Sato who was held captive. Ezra and Chopper tried to find ways to stop the Imperial ship that was armed with anti-gravity that can pull a ship in hyperspace from the distance.

I’d say this was a better episode than last week’s filler that focused on Sabine. I hope they get back on track, but Zeb is the only one who hasn’t had a character-centric episode so far so I hope that’s coming sooner than later. Great episode overall. 

Gotham – The Son of Gotham review

Things are coming to a head for the good guys, especially Jim Gordon, Bruce Wayne, and Alfred. The main villains are stepping up and there are things we didn’t expect to happen. For one thing, it was intense compared to the last several episodes.

Jim Gordon may be reaching his breaking point when dealing with Theo Galavan and he gets saved by both Penguin and Edward Nygma, whose relationship is saving the second season since Joker Jerome was gone.

Bruce Wayne is starting to show why he will become Batman when he got betrayed by Silver St. Cloud and why he will end up with Selina Kyle in the future. I just hope they don’t kill off Silver as she is important in his later life.

The fight between Alfred and Tabitha was a brutal one and this is the most active I’ve seen from this Alfred more than any other incarnation. For me, it was the highlight of the episode.

The end was between Bruce and Theo because it was mainly about the Waynes and the Galavans as it will end for one of them and it won’t be pretty. Great episode for its intensity.

Supergirl – How Does She Do It? review

This episode was supposed to air last week, but didn’t due to the Paris attacks. Fortunately they made up by airing this week and we can see why. It’s about Supergirl’s identities being pushed to their limits. As Supergirl, she has to detect and deflect the bombs planted by a former worker of Max Lord’s. As Kara, she is to take care of Cat Grant’s son Carter, who is a fan of Supergirl. The trick for her is to balance it all out.

There are still trust issues between Supergirl and the DEO when they had her being spied on by sky drones. However, they eventually discovered that they belonged to Max Lord, who is not a fan of Supergirl. In fact he’s this show’s equivalent to Lex Luthor. I think it’s good to see Supergirl facing someone in the vein of Lex Luthor , but having her own rivalry. This is the riivalry that I am looking forward to.

I liked that Supergirl put all the pieces together when she confronted Max Lord in the end. Hank Henshaw is showing that he also can’t be trusted either. I wouldn’t be surprised if both Max Lord and Hank Henshaw are in a secret partnership against Supergirl.

We are introduced to Cat Grant’s son, Carter, as she orders Kara to babysit. However, Cat comes across as distant as there were no scenes between her and her son until after climax. That made me disliked Cat in this episode. It came across as her company is more important than her own son.

This episode could have done without the love triangles as they felt like leftovers from both Arrow and Flash. It seems to me that out of Supergirl’s support team, Winn seems extraneous and I don’t think it’s really there between he and Kara. Seems like Kara doesn’t trust him for some reason. Lucy looks hot in this episode and we may be seeing why General Lane favors her more than Lois.

Good episode overall and the effects are awesome. It’s the benefit of being on CBS than CW.

Star Wars Rebels – Blood Sisters review

After last week’s episode that focused on Hera, this latest one focuses on Sabine and we knew not much about her other than trained at the Imperial Academy. We knew nothing about her life prior to the Rebels. With the appearance of her old friend, Ketsu, we find out that Sabine was a bounty hunter who was abandoned by Ketsu for the Empire. Since then, Ketsu’s part of the Black Sun. I’m amazed the Black Sun still exists after thousands of years since the Old Republic.

I felt Ezra wasn’t needed nor should Hera, but it’s nice to see the relationship between Sabine and Chopper. Ezra pointed out that Sabine was a loner among the Rebels, but the problem here is that we never saw it. This was exposition at its finest. It’s a filler episode at best.

It’s also the first episode without Kanan and Zeb. Still no Ahsoka and no Rex this time either. I have to wonder if they’re using this time properly in this season as 22 episodes may be stretching it. An okay episode at best.

Arrow – Brotherhood review

Brotherhood is the episode that focuses on Diggle as he finds out that his brother Andy is alive all this time by the influence of Damian Dahrk. It showed Diggle at his worst when he’s being stubborn about the whole thing with Andy and doesn’t think it’s him nor does accept that he’s alive. If it wasn’t going to take Oliver to get through to him, it took a confrontation with Andy to do so. It’s a role reversal between Oliver and Diggle.

Meanwhile an unexpected confrontation between Thea and Damian occurred and showed that Damian’s powers backfired and took away Thea’s bloodlust from the Lazarus Pit. She brought Malcolm in to tell him that she needs him to make it permanent. I hope Thea is not the one who dies because she was already dead last season. What impact is it going to be this time?

I have to say that this show has done resurrections this season more than any other and maybe the theme should be resurrections after seeing Sara again and now Andy. Who else would be resurrected?

It’s nice to see Ray Palmer getting involved in the action as doing routine stuff like running Palmer Technologies would do nothing for him. You can see why he will be part of the Legends of Tomorrow. I hope he’s involved in the latest Arrow/ Flash crossover next month.

Good episode for Diggle.

iZombie – Abra Cadaver review

This latest episode is where things are starting to progress as Liv takes on the brains of a dead magician, conveniently named Sid Wicked, to find out who killed him. She and Clyde discover that there are 200 rival magicians who wanted him dead. When I see Liv perform magic, it makes me wish that the actress would play Raven from the Teen Titans and appear in either Supergirl, Arrow, Flash, or DC Legends.

There is progress because Liv and Blaine reluctantly team-up to learn that there is an organization killing zombies, which Major is involved in. It will definitely become complicated for Liv and Major, who just rekindled their relationship. I never cared for the will they, won’t they aspect of the show or any other CW shows for that matter because it leads nowhere. iZombie is not a soap opera for those wondering.

Notice that Clyde is the only one who still doesn’t know Liv is a zombie while everyone else does. I’m not sure if they’re progressing Clyde as they should. Good episode overall.