Arrow – Schism Season Finale review

The fourth season of Arrow ends not with a bang, but with a whimper. This finale had Oliver fighting Damien Dahrk with the support of the people of Star City and they have spoken. You can see the Dark Knight Rises influence here. The highlight was the fight between Oliver and Dahrk while everything else felt lackluster. I didn’t like how they tied Dahrk with the League of Assassins. I know some wanted Sara in the finale, but that wouldn’t be fair to Oliver. If anything, Oliver avenged Dinah Laurel. I only watched this because it’s the season finale. The end saw the opposite of last season’s finale where Oliver and Felicity left Star City and this time it’s Diggle, Thea, and Detective Lance who left as Oliver and Felicity are left standing. This sums up why Arrow is losing viewers and why it lost its favor among superhero tv fans. Oliver became the Mayor of Star City, which was fine but I had a problem of how he got there throughout the season. That’s likely the only setup for the 5th season so it left with a whimper. An okay season finale at best. I will be doing a review of Arrow’s Fourth Season later on.

The Flash Second Season review – Why It Failed

The second season introduces the Multiverse. It started with Flash isolating himself from everyone while there are DCU characters from Earth-2 who are evil such as Atom Smasher, King Shark, Dr. Light, Killer Frost, Firestorm, Jesse Quick, and Black Siren. The way Earth-2 was depicted, it was more like Earth-3 where the supervillains rule. It’s also more true to the comics than the show itself and that should tell the producers and writers that they are swaying from the comics. We also get the Earth-2 version of Harrison Wells who is the actual one and not with the Reverse Flash baggage. It was a rocky start for this second season because they threw Firestorm Ronnie Raymond’s death under the bus as it should have been a big deal.

The villain is Zoom Hunter Zolomon, who disguised himself as Jay Garrick to gain speed from speedsters from all over the world. The real Jay Garrick was held prisoner while wearing an iron mask to dampen his super-speed until the finale. I felt cheated about the Jay Garrick, but was glad we got the real one in the end and that he will return next season as he should. They owe us the real Jay Garrick Flash.

The problem with this season is that it was more about the villain Zoom than it was about Barry and I don’t think they plan this season too well because they had to work on new shows like Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow as well as setting up for Legends through the Flash/ Arrow crossover with the Hawks and Vandal Savage. In the end, Zoom was defeated by Barry and became the Black Flash through the time wraiths.

Both Cisco Ramon and Caitlin Snow got to meet their evil Earth-2 counterparts who are Reverb and Killer Frost and their counterparts were killed by Zoom. I wonder if next season will see Caitlin become the actual Killer Frost from the first season finale. We were introduced to Wally West who is Iris’ brother she never knew. Wally started displaying heroic traits, but did not get super-speed. I hope they fast-track him next season towards that.

The Multiverse only went so far as crossing over into Supergirl’s Earth as I wish they would have done more with it. I suspect Legends might delve further into the Multiverse than Flash ever did as the Waverider is said to go anywhere and anyplace.

What happened with Barry culminated into him going back to the past in the night of his mother’s death and this time he stopped the Reverse Flash from killing his mother. The Barry from the first season that was watching disappeared as likely the lives of his friends would be altered. This could lead to Flashpoint or the original timeline, where the real actual Earth-1 Harrison Wells founded Star Labs. I think this was their way of rebooting the whole thing from the first two seasons. They’re not writing Barry well this season as he did stupid things that cost him his powers and his dad. Both of these things led to what he did in the finale. It’s like they were trying to correct the first season finale and erase the second season altogether.

A rocky second season for the Flash.

The Flash – The Race of His Life Season Finale review

Last episode ended with Zoom killing Barry’s father, Henry. This episode picks up where it left off as Henry Allen dies and this leaves Barry crying and angry as he took it out on Zoom. Throughout the episode, Barry was angry while it’s revealed his friends end up betraying him as they come up with a plan of their own to stop Zoom. Unfortunately it blew up as Barry was locked in Star Labs’ cell, his friends tried to send Zoom through the dimensional breach as he took Joe with him. Thanks to Wally, Barry finds out, is upset, and has a right to be as the race is still on.

The Man in the Iron Mask is the real Jay Garrick, but at that point we didn’t know what he looked like. Barry and Zoom raced as he tries to stop him from destroying the Multiverse. Just as Zoom created time ripples of himself, Barry did the same thing in their climactic race thus defeating him. This causes the time wraiths to come out and turn Zoom into the Black Flash we know from the comics.

Jay Garrick is the man in the iron mask, but he is also the Earth-3 counterpart of Henry Allen and Barry’s reaction is priceless. We get to see Jay’s costume and takes Zoom’s mercury helmet thus giving us the live-action Jay Garrick we’ve been waiting for. Prior to the series, we wanted John Wesley Shipp to be Jay Garrick and now we got it. I hope he is used in the Legends of Tomorrow so we can see the actual Justice Society of America. As Jay, Harrison Wells, and Jesse Quick leave to return home to Earth-2, Barry and Iris have their moment alone before Barry did something we didn’t expect. I have to wonder if he’s from the same Earth as Supergirl’s.

This felt like a reboot of sorts as Barry went back in time to the night his mother died and this time he stopped Reverse Flash Eobard Thawne from killing her thus erasing his life and the lives of his friends, along with their memories. I suspect that this was his response to their betrayal. However this could lead to Flashpoint Paradox. If so how does this affect the other shows, even including Supergirl? They’re giving us a great setup for the third season. Great episode to cap off the second season. I will do a review of the Flash’s second season tomorrow.

Gotham – Transference Season Finale review

The season’s Wrath of the Villains theme reaches its end when Hugo Strange’s experiments lead to the familiar villains to break out loose in Gotham. I think Hugo Strange has turned out to be a better villain than Theo Galavan ever was. This picks up where last episode left off in that Hugo Strange gets Clayface to impersonate Jim Gordon while the real one is held prisoner in the Arkham along with Bruce and Lucius. Actor Ben McKenzie is showing his range as an actor playing dual roles. Unfortunate none of the police were able to figure out that Jim Gordon is Clayface, not even Harvey Bullock of all people as I agree with the statements that he should turn his badge in. Instead, Gordon’s ex Barbara Keane figured it out.

I think Fish Mooney may be back as a series regular or recurring character, but with all the villains on the loose it should make season 3 to be interesting. The main thing that stuck out in the end was that a villain who is a long-haired version of Bruce Wayne could be either Thomas Wayne Jr or another Clayface impersonating him. Whatever it is, it’s a great season for the villains. I just wish they had Bruce Wayne be featured a lot more. I do like he, Gordon, Alfred, and Lucius teaming up along with Selina. The good guys may be set for the next season.

DC Legends of Tomorrow First Season review

With the season finale behind us, it is a good time to look back on the first season of Legends of Tomorrow. This show is a spinoff of both Arrow and The Flash and it features characters who were on both shows. The first half of the current seasons of Arrow and The Flash were spent on launching this series with the Arrow/ Flash crossover that featured Hawkman, Hawkgirl, and Vandal Savage. From there Legends was launched and starts with a time traveler from 2166 named Rip Hunter, who gathers Atom Ray Palmer, Firestorm Jax and Professor Stein, White Canary Sara Lance, the Hawks, and the two unlikeliest members in Captain Cold and Heatwave as they are the criminals of the team. Each of them has a goal and purpose. The main villain is Vandal Savage, who was shown to kill Rip Hunter’s family as this was the plot of the first season.

Rip Hunter served the Time Masters and wanted their help in stopping Savage and they refused to do so. We didn’t know why until later in the season. The two-part pilot sees the team travel to 1975 to seek the help of a university professor, who is revealed to be the Hawks’ son, concerning Vandal Savage. The twist here is that there is a time traveling bounty hunter named Chronos, who is sent by the Time Masters to stop Rip and his team from succeeding in their mission. After finishing off Chronos, they proceed to deal with Savage in the same year and the group suffers their first casualty in Hawkman Carter Hall.

From there they went to different time periods and through them we see what the world was like in the past. In 1975 we saw what Professor Stein was like when he was young. We saw what the team’s younger selves were like prior to their superhero or supervillain lives. They even traveled to the future, where we saw an old one-armed Oliver Queen and Connor Hawke, who is actually Diggle’s son. That future only existed when both Atom and White Canary didn’t come back from the time travel missions. 

The one thing that kept my interest in the show was the character relationships in different combinations that bring out sides of the characters we didn’t know about. We see them work in different pairs. The only weakness was when they pair up Ray Palmer and Kendra Saunders after Carter’s death and it turned out to be unnecessary. The climax of their relationship was when they spent two years from 1958 to 1960 until they were picked up by Rip Hunter and the rest of the team.

Carter Hall was eventually brought back, but with no memories of his past lives or his relationship with Kendra. Chronos was revealed to be Heatwave after Captain Cold stranded him. The real casualty of the team was Captain Cold, who was caught between his criminal ways and being a hero. He lived a criminal, but died a hero when he sacrificed himself for the team and helped destroy a device that allowed the Time Masters to control the timeline. Without the device, it opens up lots of possibilities for the group.

The story between the Hawks and Vandal Savage was the real thing that held the show back from its potential and exploring the entire DC Universe. They had several chances of doing so, but for some reason the writers are having trouble with these time travel stories. It culminated in the season finale when they had to get rid of the impediments of the show and set up for its second season when they introduced Hourman Rex Tyler of the Justice Society of America. Either he is from World War 2 and part of a team that operated in secret or he could be from Earth-2 like Harrison Wells, Jesse Quick, and Zoom.

Basically if Flash was like Back To The Future, then Legends is like Star Trek using a spaceship to travel through time or perhaps travel through the Multiverse. The first season had the right idea, but was held back by unnecessary things. I hope the second season will correct this. Good first season overall.

Legends of Tomorrow – Legendary season finale review

The season finale is upon us as Rip Hunter gives the team a choice to continue with him or leave the group. Before they can do so and go their separate ways, Sara learns from her father that her sister Dinah Laurel is dead at the hands of Damien Dahrk. This causes her to want to use the Waverider to change the timeline and bring Dinah Laurel. Unfortunately for her and us viewers, the writers ended up BS’ing their way out of it, not to mention certain people in the creative team not wanting her back. These writers are not suited to do the time travel stories.

The main plot was Vandal Savage performing the ritual on the Thanagarian meteor rocks that gave him immortality and the Hawks their reincarnations. He plans on doing this in three time periods – 1958, 1975. and 2021. In Justice Society of America style, the team splits into small groups to deal with Savage and kill him in all three time periods. The big epic save went to Rip Hunter who threw the last meteor rock in the Sun while he got to see the spirit of his family one more time before making the time jump 20 minutes ago. One problem with this is that if Vandal gets killed in 1958, he should cease to exist in both 1975 and 2021. I wonder how well did the writers thought this through.

Basically with Vandal Savage defeated and dead, the Hawks decide to leave the team. Basically this was the impediment that holding the show back throughout the first season. With their exit, comes a new player at the end. His name is Rex Tyler aka Hourman and a member of the Justice Society of America. Us comic fans are happy about this and we’ve seen Easter eggs in the show, but the way the finale was structured we should have seen this coming.

The team for the 2nd season will be Rip Hunter, Ray Palmer, Professor Stein, Mick Rory, Sara Lance, and Jax along with perhaps Hourman and one other. A good way to end its first season as I will be doing the first season review later on.

The Flash – Invincible review

So last episode saw Barry Allen regaining his super-speed through the Speed Force and comes back to life, so the first thing here is that they have Barry feeling invincible after several episodes that saw him without it. They highlighted Barry’s worst traits and tried to make him unlikable. The writers seem to forget that they’re writing for Barry Allen, the main hero and star of the show. If they want to write the others as main characters, Legends is the place to do so. I find that hard to believe that Zoom would let Caitlin go after last episode that saw her captive. It’s like they’re going back to that status quo. Barry’s optimism is why he’s a future member of the Justice League while his supporting cast are trying to be reasonable.

Wally is showing signs that he will become a future Flash in his own right and Dr. Tina McGhee has discovered Barry’s identity. We even had a reunion between John Wesley Shipp and Amanda Pays from the original Flash TV series. I think Dr. McGhee will join the cast next year and maybe work for Star Labs.

The main villain for this episode is the Dinah Laurel Lance from Earth-2 and is a metahuman whose sonic scream is a lot more powerful than the one who just died. This is the Dinah Laurel we should have gotten in terms of her powers and I will bet you that this Earth-2 Dinah Laurel works at a flower shop instead of being an attorney. It’s clear that the producers of these shows are swaying from the comics and Earth-2 is more true to the comics than the actual shows, except for Supergirl. Katie seems to be enjoying herself in this one a lot more than she ever has on Arrow and one can’t blame her for it after the writers decide to put Oliver and Felicity on a pedestal.

I enjoy Cisco and Caitlin impersonating their late Earth-2 counterparts and it’s really a hint of Caitlin becoming Killer Frost of Earth-1. Just wondering how she will have ice powers since it’s established she wasn’t affected by the particle accelerator accident like Barry, Cisco, and Ronnie Raymond.

The ending was something I saw coming from a mile away. Barry’s father should have died at the hands of Eobard Thawne/ Harrison Wellls instead of Zoom last season. I don’t think they’re connecting Barry with Zoom that well that doesn’t match the rivalry that Barry had with Thawne/ Wells in the first season. Lots of deaths in Flash, Arrow, and Legends. A good penultimate episode leading up to the Finale.