Legends of Tomorrow – Doomworld review

The Legion of Doom has succeeded in obtaining the Spear of Destiny and have rewritten reality as they take control of the world – Damien runs Star City with Sara and Amaya as his operatives, Malcolm Merlyn has his wife, son, and daughter along with his hand, Captain Cold and Heatwave are working together again with the police to control, and Eobard Thawne runs Star Labs in Central City with Professor Stein, Nate Heywood, Jax, and Ray Palmer working for him. I think it’s a cool world where Felicity is a masked vigilante who got killed early in the episode as this was a troll to the fans.

Mick Rory knows something was wrong as he brings back his teammates with a device that restores their memories and some of them have a way of showing him their gratitude. It’s revealed all along that his teammates never trusted. If this was the case, why don’t they just drop him off to Central City and let the Flash book him in jail?

Mick got the Spear and had to choose his teammates and the Legion as he corrected his previous choice. Unfortunately, the consequences are tragic as the Legends has lost one of their own – Amaya, at the hands of Captain Cold. Her fate had to happen in order for her granddaughter to become Vixen.

This would be the lowest point for the Legends in terms of a 3-act storyline, so they decide to go back in time before the Legion got the whole Spear. In the midst of all this, Rip Hunter is with Gideon and we found out that they and the Waverider have been shrunk by Thawne.

They’ve set up well for the season finale. Great episode overall here.

The Flash – Abra Kadabra review

A villain from Earth-19 has appeared in Earth-1 and calls himself Abra Kadabra as he is from the future, 64th Century to be exact. He knows who Savitar is and can do things with his magic. This attracts Barry whose mission conflicts with those of the returning Gypsy, who wants to take him back to Earth-19 to face justice for the murder of her partner. Apparently this causes tension between Gypsy and Cisco as we found out it would never work.

Meanwhile, the battle with Abra Kadabra has injured Caitlin Snow as a pipe went through her abdomen. She refuses a hospital as they have records of her metahuman powers. HR Wells didn’t appear in the majority of the episode until the end as in a way Caitlin Snow died and is reborn as Killer Frost thanks to Julian removing the necklace that inhibits her powers. I wonder if this is going to cause Danielle to leave the series after this season as a prophecy is fulfilled.

Great episode overall.

Supergirl – Distant Sun review

This is Kevin Smith’s second episode for Supergirl and it’s better than Supergirl Lives. The hook of the episode was that a bounty was placed on Supergirl and the aliens are taking advantage of this to go after her. This causes the DEO to protect Supergirl while the President of the US orders that Supergirl does not engage the Daxamites. That was the nutshell of the episode, but I’d say this was better than the last few episodes.

Supergirl is involved in many fights than any other episode and they’re doing this to make up for the lack of emphasis on her for the last few episodes due to the musical crossover. It was too obvious that the Daxamites were behind the bounty just to bring Mon-El back to Daxam as Prince. I think I have an idea that Mon-El may return to Daxam in season’s end. I still don’t see him returning next season.

The stuff with Alex and Maggie felt out of place and unnecessary and James seems to be just there as if he’s losing his purpose. The end with Lar Gang and Rhea was something I saw coming a mile away. I agree with IGN that there is still no clear direction in Supergirl’s 2nd season, especially when it’s close to the season finale.

Much better episode than Supergirl Lives, but still no sense of direction.

Star Wars Rebels – Zero Hour Season Finale review

The story of the Rebels battling Grand Admiral Thrawn has climaxed in this season finale, where Thrawn has finally located the Rebels’ homebase and sets out to invade and attack. But before he can proceed with his plans, he has to deal with a traitor like Agent Kallus, whom he deduced was Fulcrum and helping the Rebels. What he didn’t expect was dissension in his ranks when Konstantine disobeys his orders and goes after the Rebels by himself. The season finale suffered several casualties in both Konstantine and Commander Sato. As the Rebels are under siege at their homebase by the Imperials, Ezra and Chopper need help from the unexpected source – Sabine, whose people are in the middle of a civil war. I thought it would be Obi-Wan Kenobi as I almost forgot about her. I was also hoping for Saw Gerrera to appear as well. Bendu finally makes his move and shows how powerful he really is when he took on the Empire by himself while allowing Kanan and his friends to escape. At least Grand Admiral Thrawn survived as did Agent Kallus, who finally joins up with the Rebels.

For me this was a better season finale than the last one, where everything took a backseat to Darth Vader and Ahsoka Tano. The season finale is the epitome of what the show is really about – Rebels coming together to fight back against the Empire. Thrawn has shown why he is the better antagonist for the series than either the Grand Inquisitor, Darth Vader, and Darth Maul and he fits the parameters of the series better. Also this feels like a throwback to the original idea of Star Wars in terms of space battles. Things are moving forward towards Rogue One. Great episode to end the third season.

Legends of Tomorrow – Fellowship of the Spear review

The Legends have all the pieces to assemble the Spear of Destiny and went back to the Vanishing Point to stop the Legion of Doom from carrying out their plans. Fortunately, the Legion was steps ahead of them when they had an ace up their sleeve – Captain Cold, who was plucked from an earlier point before his sacrifice perhaps before he join the Legends. Mick Rory’s loyalties have been questioned and he’s conflicted between his friendship with Captain Cold or the team. This led to his obvious betrayal of the team that you can see coming from a mile away.

The team goes to World War 1 to find JR Tolkien, who wrote the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings, as they need something from him. This is similar in how they got a young George Lucas for the show. Captain Cold may a grand re-entry to the Arrowverse in a big way when he appears before the Legends, who thought he was dead. Funny that there is no reaction from Sara since she was in a relationship with Cold back in the first season.

The Legion of Doom are starting to gel as a group, despite some questioning Eobard Thawne’s agenda. It took Captain Cold to make the team stick together. If anything Cold should be the one to lead the team since he’s a comic book character who was a part of the Legion of Doom with Lex Luthor and Gorilla Grodd. I hope they add Grodd to the team for the next season.

It’s good to see Rip starting to regain leadership slowly and back in the forefront. Something tells me that not all the Legends will return for the next season. Good episode overall.

The Flash – Duet review

The second part of the musical crossover occurs in the Flash as both Martian Manhunter and Mon-El take an unconscious Supergirl to Earth-1 to meet up with Flash and his team. This is the first time they meet Manhunter and Mon-El as they teamed up with Supergirl back in the mega crossover. The reason they brought over Manhunter and Mon-El was to make up for the mega crossover that they didn’t participate in. The Music Meister, played by Darren Criss, uses his power to render Flash unconscious throughout the majority of the episode the same way he did Supergirl. Barry and Kara reunite in the musical dimension as they have to follow the script to survive.

Meanwhile, both Iris and Mon-El are learning about what they’re love to Flash and Supergirl means to both of them. It’s funny that in the musical world, Iris and Mon-El are playing 1940’s characters and are in love. There are others in the musical realm such as Winn Schott, Cisqo, Professor Stein, Joe West, and Malcolm Merlyn as they’re also playing 1940’s characters. If only Cisco and Winn would meet each other for real, but I hope it’s for the next mega crossover.

There is lots of history going into this musical crossover as cast members have history with each other prior to the superhero shows. They are either from Glee or have went to school before they broke into show business. This is a great display of Grant and Melissa’s musical talents. I have a feeling that when the superhero shows are over, their next TV project may be another musical.

It was cool to see Martian Manhunter, Vibe, and Kid Flash team-up to take on the Music Meister and I love the reactions of Team Flash towards the Martian Manhunter. This is something that should have happened in the Mega Crossover had he been involved. Now we will have to see how Team Arrow and Legends would react towards Martian Manhunter. The musical numbers sung by everyone is starting to grow on me as I thought I would hate it. Music Meister is used for the purpose of a musical. I wonder if he’s from the 5th Dimension like Mxyzptlk. A team-up between the two needs to happen.

Great crossover episode that I enjoyed more than the Mega Crossover.