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Legends of Tomorrow – Shogun review

After the death of Hourman Rex Tyler, Vixen stows aboard the Waverider and takes out most of the Legends team until Nate Heywood stops her and becomes a human steel thanks to the serum redesigned by Ray Palmer. Seeing that makes me wish for a Captain Atom. This is inconsistent as the Waverider would have detected Vixen. It’s funny to see the Legends being beaten by the Justice Society of America last week and being beaten by Vixen alone.

I love the training scene when Ray trains Nate on how to use his newfound powers. However, Nate causes he and Ray to land in feudal Japan where we learn about Katana’s ancestors. Katana needs to join Legends. Nate is a great addition to the show and he’s the audience viewpoint.

Ray is at his most dramatic when training Nate in feudal Japan. We also see Sara doing well as team leader and she sounds like Captain Janeway of Star Trek Voyager. She tries to convince Vixen that Heatwave is not a murderer and Heatwave has proven to her what he can do, despite tension between them.

We found out through Professor Stein and Jax where Rip Hunter may be. I just hope the writers don’t BS their way out of the idea of searching for him like they did last season when Sara found out about Dinah Laurel’s death.

A good episode overall.

Arrow – Penance review

The latest episode of Arrow shows prison breaks on both the present and in flashbacks. In the flashbacks we see Oliver committing a prison break in Russia. In the present Oliver and Lyla are trying to break Diggle out of prison, but Diggle does not want to be rescued and wants to pay the consequences for killing his brother Andy. On top of that, Felicity and Oliver’s new team also disagreed with it. As Oliver went on with his prison break mission, Felicity leads the new team to deal with Tobias Church. Not everyone got out as Wild Dog ends up being captured and tortured. There should be an Arrow spinoff with this new team or have them join Legends of Tomorrow. There is a new father/ daughter dynamic happening between Thea Queen and Quentin Lance. Thea’s new role in this season seems to be a throwback to the first two seasons before she became Speedy. I think this is a good episode and the new team is like Oliver’s version of the Suicide Squad. Maybe Diggle should lead these new guys while Oliver is doing his Mayoral duties in Star City.

The Flash – The New Rogues review

The latest episode continues Jesse Quick becoming a superhero speedster as she undergoes super-speed training under Barry that shows her that she’s almost as fast as him. The costume she uses is a recycle from Tangent from last season, but they painted some of it yellow along with the symbol. When out in the field with Barry, she did well and their pairing is like Superman/ Supergirl and Green Arrow/ Speedy. Now Earth-2 has its own speedster in Jesse Quick.

The show is becoming too dependent on Harrison Wells as one of him leaves to return to Earth-2, another of him arrives from Earth-19. Luckily the two Harrison Wells meet as the one from Earth-19 comes across as a comedic wise-ass. This episode seems to be about finishing loose ends from last season as it could have fit in there.

The villains are Mirror Master and his girlfriend, Top. There is history between them and Captain Cold Leonard Snart. Mirror Master now has a reason to go after Captain Cold, but was fooled by a hologram of him later on. I thought we would see the return of Captain Cold that is affected by Flashpoint.

How many times will they tease us with Barry and Iris making only to have it not last?

Caitlin Snow continues to deal with her transformation as she secretly uses her freeze powers to free Barry, but both Cisqo and Wells realize that they didn’t free him. The ending shows her that she is transforming with parts of her hair being white and her lips being blue. I wonder which version of Killer Frost will she resemble? The one from the first season finale or the one from Earth-2?

Great episode for the team-up of Flash and Jesse Quick. I just wished Jesse would stick around.

Supergirl – Welcome To Earth review

It’s not easy following the first two episodes with Superman in it. So how do they follow it up with? By having former Wonder Woman Lynda Carter as President Olivia Marsden, named after the wife of Wonder Woman creator William Moulton Marsden. There was lots of debuts such as Mon-El, who is awake, along with Maggie Sawyer and M’Gann M’Rzz aka Miss Martian. This is also the first episode without Cat Grant, who left the show in the last episode that reflected Calista Flockheart’s departure due to production moving to Vancouver. This episode is described as X-Men meets Men In Black in that Supergirl is protecting a world that fears aliens while the DEO is tracking them down. It also has the political views of show producer Greg Berlanti as he needs to be careful when doing that.

The theme of this episode is duality and acceptance that pertains to Krypton and Daxam and Humans and Aliens. President Marsden tries to sign the Alien Registration Act that allows aliens to have the same rights as Humans on Earth. While Supergirl is onboard with it, Martian Manhunter disagrees with the President’s policy. Basically J’onn comes across as someone who doesn’t believe he’s an alien, but I like the President’s last line to him about defending the world not being enough, but also living in it. That is the difference between both Superman and Martian Manhunter. Superman is defending the world and living in it, Martian Manhunter is defending it while remaining on the outside looking in. I love a couple of nods to the Wonder Woman TV series such as Supergirl’s spin.

Mon-El is from Daxam, the sister planet of Krypton as the two worlds were at war. Supergirl has become biased against Mon-El and this bias also resonated with her alter-ego, Kara Danvers, where she has to report unbiased like her cousin Clark Kent. This was why Snapper Carr ripped up her article to teach her a thing or two about journalism. James has done well as new boss of Catco and has already come in conflict with Snapper. I think we can live with James’ new purpose here as I’m liking it. Eventually Supergirl and Mon-El came to accept each other since both their worlds are gone.

Maggie Sawyer is introduced and already has come into conflict with Alex Danvers about interfering in one organization’s affairs. She wasn’t going to put up with nonsense from Alex and eventually the two are starting to form a friendship. I think this episode is the start of exploring Alex’s life outside the DEO. I think we have a pretty good idea on which character will be coming out from all four DCU TV shows. Alex of all people should know the difference between good aliens and bad aliens since she has an alien sister and works for an alien boss.

Miss Martian makes her live debut and she looks pretty good as a great hook into the next episode. I can sense a Young Justice adaptation here that if they bring Superboy from Cadmus, we may see a relationship between he and Miss Martian just like the Young Justice cartoon series. The villainess is Scorcher who emits fire from her eyes and hands. I wished they show her more in the episode and one of the criticisms about Supergirl is her villains. They need to correct this for the November Sweeps.

Farewell Pete Burns 1959-2016

Pete Burns, lead singer of the pop group Dead or Alive, has passed away at the age of 57 due to cardiac arrest. His band Dead or Alive is best known for their hit You Spin Me Around, which was used in the movie The Wedding Singer. He was often compared to Boy George of Culture Club for their looks and had a great look before he took many surgeries that gave him many botches. Burns has appeared in reality TV shows, but his plastic surgeries is what he was known for more than Dead or Alive. One of the visionaries in pop music, he will be missed by all worldwide.

Star Wars Rebels – The Last Battle review

The episode refers to the remnants of the Clone Wars when an intelligent droid leads the Separatist droids against Kanan, Ezra, Zeb, Chopper, and Captain Rex. For Ezra, this was his chance to experience the Clone Wars. Kanan was a Jedi Padawan when the Clone Wars happened. The droid sets up a war games for Captain Rex and the others to rescue Zeb from him. Chopper was the wild card. The droid has deduced that the Republic has become the Empire while the Separatists have become the Rebellion. Hera and Sabine are not in this episode much because the last few episodes focused on them. Ezra is showing his leadership skills well. This episode could have fit in last season as it feels out of place in this season. Good episode overall.

Rocky Horror Picture Show: Let’s Do The Time Warp Again review

Today was the airing of the remake of the Rocky Horror Picture Show with a sub-title Let’s Do The Time Warp again to distinguish itself from the original. Laverne Cox plays Frank N Furter, the role made famous by Tim Curry, who plays the Criminologist. There was a lot of color than darkness in this remake, but the performances felt bland as I wasn’t feeling it. It’s like none of them owned the iconic roles. I wanted to like it, but I couldn’t. According to Twitter, Tim Curry was the best thing out of all this. The remake happened when it shouldn’t and it was produced by Lou Adler, who also produced the original movie, and directed by Kenny Ortega. This was one of those instances where they failed to understand why the original movie stood the test of time and it’s still in theaters, which makes doing the remake to be pointless. Laverne Cox did alright as Frank N Furter as he made it his own, but it’s tough to follow Tim Curry. Another reason why this is underwhelming is because of one person – it’s creator Richard O’ Brien. Without his vision, it’s not the same.  I have to give it to them for a lot of effort that went into this.

Legends of Tomorrow – Justice Society of America review

The last time we had the Justice Society of America on live-action TV, it was in Smallville for its two hour movie. We see the Justice Society in action and in full form as they take on the Legends team and whipped their tails hands down. They are comics’ first super-team that set the standard for other teams, including the Justice League of America. The JSA members are Hourman, Commander Steel, Dr. Mid-Nite, Obsidian, Star Girl, and a new version of Vixen where she is Mari McCabe’s grandmother, Amaya. They are old school, full of high morality, and uphold the American ideals. The episode reveals what happened with Hourman in the first season finale. In watching the episode, I feel this should have been the true season premiere instead of last week’s where it was unnecessary. The Legends team have mixed reactions with Ray Palmer worshipping them while Nate Heywood idolized his grandfather, Commander Steel. White Canary and Heatwave didn’t seem to like them. Professor Stein was assumed as temporary team leader in Rip Hunter’s absence. This is the first episode without Rip and it didn’t really feel the same without him.

The differences between the two teams are startling and it shows how much comic superheroes have evolved for almost 80 years. However they teamed up to face the Nazi villain to take him down and retrieve some kind of amulet. Unfortunately the Legends suffered its first major casualty in Hourman at the hands of Reverse-Flash. This will cause the Legends to learn about Reverse-Flash as they may need Flash’s help. It was awesome seeing the JSA in action. Professor Stein proved incapable as team leader so he handed over leadership to Sara, which concerns me as she may not have the emotional stability to lead the team especially when it comes to Damien Dahrk.

Overall a much better episode than last week and I’ve said before what should have been the true season premiere.

Arrow – A Matter of Trust review

There are trust issues between Green Arrow and his new team, particularly Wild Dog, who defies his orders to go after the villain played by current TNA wrestling star Cody Rhodes. There is another between Mayor Oliver Queen and Star City as well as Felicity and Ragman. Oliver is doing well as Mayor and this is the perfect role for him and what we’ve been wanting. Seeing Oliver and Wild Dog kind of reminds me of he and Huntress from the first season. In a way this season tries to go back to the roots of the first two seasons and regain the things that made it great. We see Green Arrow’s team growing on both sides of himself. Cody did well in his role as the villain and one would think of this as a rematch from SummerSlam. The end of the episode sees Diggle being jailed and how nice to see Deadshot again. I suspect it’s a way around the embargo by WB because of the movies. Good episode overall.

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