Star Wars Rebels – The Legacy of Mandalore review

This may be the final episode for Sabine Wren. It may be a sign that this is the final season of Star Wars Rebels. The last few episodes focused on Sabine and Mandalore that culminated in this episode that serves as the end of the arc. Sabine takes Kanan, Ezra, Chopper, and a Mandalorian to a planet where she is involved in a power struggle against her own mother as they disagreed on the future of Mandalore. We get to find out more about why Sabine left he family and joined the Rebels. Basically she gave the Darksaber to her mother, who in turn gave it to a Mandalorian warrior who works for the Empire. It resulted in the combat between the two when Sabine used Ezra’s lightsaber to reclaim her family’s honor. In the end, Sabine decides to stay with her family and hope to rejoin the Rebels in their fight against Thrawn and the Empire. This may be her final episode unless she appears in the two-part season or series finale, depending on what Lucasfilm does next. Basically Kanan, Ezra, and Chopper weren’t exactly needed in this episode and didn’t do much. If this is the final season of Rebels, it’s a good thing they used this opportunity to explore Sabine’s arc. Good episode overall as it’s now time to focus on the other characters, mainly Hera and Zeb.

Farewell Ivan Koloff 1942-2017

Pro wrestling legend Ivan Koloff passed away at the age of 74. He was born in Montreal, Canada and portrayed a villain from Russia. Ivan Koloff defeated Bruno Sammartino to win the World Wide Wrestling Federation championship in Madison Square Garden thus ending Bruno’s 7-year reign. He hit a career resurgence in the 1980’s when he led a Russian heel stable that consists of his onscreen nephew Nikita Koloff and Russian sympathizer Krusher Kruschev, portrayed by Barry Darsow. Ivan was part of manager Paul Jones’ heel stable along with the Powers of Pain Warlord and Barbarian and the Russian Assassin. He also took in Vladimir Pietrov and worked with Nikolai Volkoff. He retired in 1989, but did his final match in the 1993 Slamboree Legends tag team match against Thunderbolt Patterson and Brad Armstrong, who subbed for his father Bob. Since then Ivan has been involved in wrestling conventions until his passing. He will be missed by the pro wrestling community worldwide.

Farewell Nicole Bass 1964-2017

Former Bodybuilder and wrestler Nicole Bass passed away at the age of 52 due to heart attack. She was a bodybuilder until she debuted on ECW in the late-90’s as part of the stable with Justin Credible, Chastity, and Lance Storm. Then she went to WWE to become a bodyguard for Sable. She was brought in to capitalize on the success of Chyna, who passed away last year. Bass left WWE and filed suit against them when she claimed she was sexually assaulted by Steve Lombardi. The suit was dismissed. Nicole Bass wrestled on the independent circuit. She will be missed by the wrestling community.

Farewell George “The Animal” Steele 1937-2017

WWF star and Hall of Famer George”The Animal” has passed away at the age of 79. He was a star for the World Wrestling Federation in the 1970’s and 80’s when he portrayed a humpback monster who had a green tongue and ate turnbuckles during and after the match. He played both babyface and heel and was involved in an angle with Macho Man Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth. In the late 90’s he was part of the oddities and appeared in TNA’s wedding angle with Jay Lethal and SoCal Val. He became an agent and was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 1995. George Steele will be missed by the wrestling community.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Legacy Green Ranger review


When I saw this on Toys R Us, I wanted to get it so badly that I couldn’t afford at the time. However, I finally did get this as it was not Toys R Us-exclusive. I got it from a comic book store. The packaging is retro in that it resembles the original 1993 packaging when the Power Rangers first came out, but it’s smaller scaled as the figures are 5 inches. The figure I have is none other than the Green Ranger. It resembles the one from the Dino Thunder series because its helmet has a silver lining to it. There is a notation on the upper left side of the box that says this Green Ranger is from the Dino Thunder series. It was nice of them to put it there for warning. This Green Ranger is a lot more detailed than the other Green Ranger figures that have been released for the last few years. It comes with the Dragon Dagger, but the figure does not have the black holster to hold the Dragon Dagger. This is a high recommender for Power Ranger fans as you can’t miss this.

Transformers Titans Return Wheelie review

TF Titans Return Wheelie

I didn’t have the original G1 Wheelie toy and with good reason – he looked really awful with his being inside the interior of his car mode and doesn’t resemble the animated version. Last year I bought this Titans Return Wheelie from a Target at a good cheap price because he resembles the Wheelie from the cartoons. Great articulation and joints, but he doesn’t come with a weapon. He comes with a tech spec card that contains his stats. It’s just a regular Wheelie figure that has no Headmaster features and it’s too small for it. This is great for G1 fans if they want to add Wheelie to their G1 Commemorative Reissue series. A high recommender to keep.

DC Multiverse Supergirl review


I had wanted to get the Supergirl action figure for some time late last year when she was released under the DC Multiverse banner. It is based on the Supergirl TV series and stands about 6-7 inches tall. The hair is dirty blonde and the costume is like the TV show, along with some red lines. Her thighs are nylon like the TV show and she does wear blue underwear underneath the skirt. Both the skirt and cape are made of soft vinyl material. It has many articulations and joints. It comes with the left leg of New 52 Doomsday so when you buy 5 other series figures, they form the New 52 Doomsday. It’s not easy taking her out of the bubble packaging. This is a souvenir from the TV show for Supergirl fans, including myself. I got this on rollback at a Walmart for $16.95, so I could not pass this up. If I were you guys, you need to get this on rollback while you can from a Walmart. A great addition to the DCU action figure collection.