Arrow – Lian Yu review

After last episode that saw Oliver gather the unlikeliest allies, they go to the island of Yian Lu together to rescue the rest of Team Arrow and his son William. Main villain Prometheus Adrian Chase counters with his own group to deal with Oliver’s group. The stage is set for a battle royale in Lian Yu with a lot on the line while the flashbacks saw Oliver fighting Dolph Lundgren in Lian Yu just before Oliver returns home.

There were dream fights such as Nyssa Al Ghul and her sister Talia Al Ghul, along with new Black Canary and Black Siren of Earth-2 with their matching sonic screams. Then there is Malcolm Merlyn trying to save Thea. In the midst of this, we see Adrian has an ace where if Oliver kills him and gets back William, the whole island blows up. So Oliver was careful to save everyone.

Oliver doesn’t have to consult with Felicity concerning William since it’s not her child.

So Adrian Chase goes out with a bang that produces the most ballsy ending by shooting himself triggering the explosion on the entire island, along with Team Arrow and some villains. Not everyone will survive and not everyone will return for the 6th season. I have to say that Chase is up there with Slade as the show’s best villains.

Great season finale. Unlike Flash and Supergirl, I will not do a season review since I didn’t most of the second half of the season. Things are now at full circle.

iZombie – Eat A Knieval review

Liv takes on a brain of a prankster thus bringing out the prankster in her. Despite Liv doing reckless jokes and stunts, Blaine is the highlight as he broke up with Peyton because he kept a secret from her and he is torn from the straight and narrow path and a criminal path. Blaine shows why he is likely the best character from the show. I have to wonder if Major is the one who dies at the end of the season. An okay episode.

The Flash – Finish Line review

Last week ended with the apparent death of Iris West at the hands of Savitar just as it was foreshadowed early in the season. But that was just the showrunners taunting those who hated Iris West. That came true when the season finale started with the revelation that the Iris who died was actually HR Wells disguised as her and Iris disguising herself as HR. This was something that many people, including myself, saw coming a mile away.

Since then it felt underwhelming until the climax where Barry, Wally, and Jay took on Savitar while Cisco and Vibe took on Killer Frost. That was the only thing I liked about the finale and Iris kills Savitar thus ending the Flashpoint arc altogether.

The end of the episode was something I didn’t care much for, but when I saw the Speed Force hovering over Central City I thought it was the antimatter clouds from Crisis On Infinite Earths. The end had Barry going to the Speed Force as penance for creating Flashpoint and not many cared for this knowing he will return. I wonder if they’re doing this because of the Justice League movie and the upcoming Flash movie with Ezra Miller.

Like Supergirl I will review Flash’s 3rd season. An underwhelming end to an underwhelming season.

Farewell Roger Moore 1927-2017

Actor Roger Moore has passed away at the age of 89 after a short battle with cancer. He is best known for playing James Bond in many movies after succeeding the original Bond Sean Connery. He was the longest serving James Bond to date. Moore brought humor to the James Bond franchise and after his run ended, he was succeeded by Pierce Brosnan. He also did plenty of other films, television, and voiceovers along with various charities. Moore was Knighted by both Queen Elizabeth II and the French government. Roger Moore will be missed by the show business community worldwide.

Supergirl 2nd Season review – Why The Second Season Failed

Supergirl’s second season is now over and it’s a good time to look back on why it failed, despite some of the highlights. When Supergirl’s 1st season ended, no one knew if they were going to stay on CBS, move to another network, or have it be cancelled altogether. We found out that Supergirl was renewed for the 2nd season, but that it would not stay on CBS. Instead it moved to the CW for a few reasons – it was produced by Greg Berlanti, who produces the other comics shows, California did not renew its incentives, and the crossover with the Flash. Not only did Supergirl moved to the CW, it also moved to Vancouver along with the other DCU shows. Already the CW President wanted a mega-crossover between all four shows. The show’s producers and writers probably didn’t have time to plan Supergirl’s 2nd season.

To cement Supergirl’s launch in CW, they were able to bring in the biggest character Superman. There was hype surrounding Superman’s appearance in the CW. He appeared in the first season through body doubles and silhouettes so that he doesn’t overshadow Supergirl. Basically Superman got more attention than Supergirl and that’s expected because he still commands star power, despite the focus on Batman. He was slated to appear in the first two episodes. The reaction was overwhelmingly positive after seeing his dark portrayal in film. History was being made to see both Superman and Supergirl together live-action in suit and flights unlike Smallville. Viewers wanted more Superman, but couldn’t since WB controls Superman’s film rights.

Also most of the characters and plots from the first season did not return for the second season and the only rogue who returned from the 1st season was LiveWire. The things from the first season that made the show great were not translated to the second season. It was night and day here. Half of the writers from the first season left and they brought in new writers who had no understanding of Supergirl. They brought in Kevin Smith to direct a couple of episodes and Sterling Gates to write one episode.

After Superman’s appearance, Cat Grant also left as Calista Flockheart did not want to relocate to Vancouver with the rest of the cast and her status was reduced to recurring. They brought in new cast members in Mon-El of Daxam, Maggie Sawyer, and Lena Luthor. Mon-El would become Supergirl’s love interest and Lena Luthor would become Kara’s best friend. Maggie Sawyer serves a purpose for Alex in that they decided to explore Alex’s life outside the DEO, which didn’t happen in the first season. The void left by Cat was filled by Snapper Carr and James Olsen became acting CEO of Catco in her absence. They also brought in Miss Tessmacher as a winking nod to the Superman movies. Winn no longer works at Catco and works at the DEO as it’s tech equivalent to Cisco of Flash. They also brought in Miss Martian to highlight Martian Manhunter’s background.

The plot of the season was supposed to be a mysterious organization called Cadmus, whose mission is to eradicate all alien life from Earth and that includes Supergirl. They had the right idea up until the mid-season finale when Supergirl participated in the Mega-Crossover, which she was not well integrated with. One of the first big problems of the season was turning James into a vigilante hero out of his desire to be one and we didn’t see any of those things in neither season. Instead we see James doing it out of self-serving glory and endangered Winn in the process. The reaction to him being Guardian was negative and rightly so as Supergirl didn’t need additional help other than Martian Manhunter and the DEO.

When we got to the second half of the season, this was when the creative problems escalated. After the Cadmus arc came to an end in the episode Medusa, we didn’t see the Luthors or Cadmus until a few episodes later. They also focused on James as Guardian, which took up plenty of screentime that was not necessary. The producers and writers decided late in the game that they were going to do a Daxamite invasion led by Lar Gand and Rhea, whose mission is to bring back Mon-El. They also turned Alex into a Mary Sue where she was able to cross lines and take on Cadmus by herself and didn’t pay the consequences. That caused her popularity to take a hit and we didn’t see Cadmus until the season finale. The season had no direction and was left deciding between Cadmus and the alien invasion. They chose the latter.

The biggest failure was that they made the show too political and failed to focus on Kara’s journalism. Instead we saw her love life with Mon-El and there were only two episodes that focused on her journalism. It was also clear that Snapper could not fill the void left by Cat and him being unlikable didn’t help matters. James hardly spend time at Catco and many were wondering if it’s going to exist for the third season. Close to the season finale, they did an episode spotlighting on James in an attempt to redeem him. Thankfully the problems were resolved in the 2-part season finale where both Superman and Cat Grant returned. Start the season with Superman and Cat and end the season with Superman and Cat. Certain people in Supergirl’s staff have a political agenda that was really pushing it and it’s preventing Supergirl from reaching its full potential like the Flash.

The two-part season finale is where the show regained the things that made it great, but it was too little too late as the whole second season was a failure. However, the two-part season finale made me forget about the creative problems in most of the second season. With the third season early renewal, they have plenty of time to plan these things out and will have to work extra hard in regaining the viewers they lost. Clearly the highlights of the season were Superman, Cat Grant, and the lesbian story with Alex and Maggie. When Supergirl is not emphasized and not being in the highlights section, you know something is clearly wrong. It’s time for the third season to go back to the basics and regain its greatness.

Supergirl – Nevertheless, She Persisted review

The 2nd season has culminated into this season finale, which is an echo of the last season finale. In the 1st season finale, Supergirl went up against Alex who was under control of Non and Indigo. Here Supergirl goes up against Superman, who was under control of the Silver Kryptonite by Rhea where he thinks he’s fighting but is actually fighting Supergirl. It started with the super-fight between Superman and Supergirl that was awesome and of course Supergirl defeated him because it’s her show, no other reason.

From there the echoes of the 1st season are still there such as Supergirl making a speech like she did in Better Angels. Just like Max Lord helped out Superman and Supergirl, Lillian Luthor did the same thing. It’s like these writers are not progressing the show, but rather recycled ideas.

Supergirl has drove this episode as she should have done throughout the 2nd season and it felt like this finale has solved the problems with the rest of the season. James was barely in this episode as himself and there was no Guardian, which I’m fine about.

The alien invasion in this finale was more epic than the mega-crossover. I called it that the White Martians would appear. At first I thought it was the Dominators, but I had to remember that Miss Martian is a White Martian. This is how you do the alien crossover.

The fate for the Mon-El and the Daxamites is just like the comics as Mon-El is sucked into either a wormhole or the Phantom Zone and that leads to him being cured by Brainiac 5 and joining the Legion of Superheroes as this should happen for the third season.

The end of the episode shows another Kryptonian has left Krypton along with Kal-El and Kara and I think it’s either Eradicator or H’El from the New 52. I think they’re going back to the greatness of the first season by having evil forces from Krypton. Watching this and last episode, along with the first two episodes of the season will be like watching a Superman/ Supergirl movie. Later on I will write about Supergirl’s second season, which I have a lot to say about.

Great season finale and an explosive end to the 2nd season.

Farewell Chris Cornell 1964-2017

Singer Chris Cornell has died last night at the age of 52 and the cause of death was suicide by hanging. He founded Soundgarden and had a string of hits, including Black Hole Sun. Chris was a peerless vocalist who sounded like no other. While Soundgarden was gaining respect from fans and critics alike, the same couldn’t be said for his solo career. It wasn’t until he formed another band called Audioslave with members of another 90’s group Rage Against The Machine and they have fared better in the Billboard 100 than Soundgarden did. Soundgarden did a concert last night and they were in the midst of working on a new album. Chris Cornell will be missed by all worldwide.