Gotham – Azrael review

With Supergirl’s season finale aired last month, now it’s time to get back to Gotham. They are introducing the DCU character named Azrael but with a twist in that it will be Theo Galavan instead of Jean-Paul Valley. It is established that Galavan is a member of the Order of St. Dumas and that his family is a rival of the Wayne Family. Thanks to Hugo Strange, he has brought Galavan from the dead to become Azrael and his targets are Jim Gordon and Bruce Wayne. It’s a foreshadowing of the future feud between Batman and Azrael. Gordon suspects that Hugo Strange is behind these strange things while Edward Nygma continues to descend as the future Riddler. The ending of the episode made me wonder if that’s how they will end the series with Bruce as Batman. A good episode overall.

Legends of Tomorrow – Leviathan

The group travels to the year 2166 in an attempt to steal something from Vandal Savage to be used as a weapon against while discovering he has a daughter named Scandal. The past episode involving Per Degaton ties into this episode as Captain Cold attempts to turn Scandal against her father. Basically this was a great episode with plenty of action as they house the refugee resistance in the Waverider.

It’s a study of fate, choice, and destiny when it comes to Rip Hunter, Ray Palmer, and Kendra Saunders. Rip’s fate was to gather the 7 heroes and villains to change his future. Ray’s choice is to save lives and become a hero. Kendra’s destiny is to kill Vandal Savage and reunite with Carter, whom Vandal used against them as he has no memories of his previous lives like Kendra and this complicates things between Kendra and Ray.

Legends has become Pacific Rim when Ray grows into a giant Atom to fight against the Chemo-like giant Atom robot. If this is Chemo, they may have found a way to pull it off and I wonder if Legends’ budget is higher than the Flash’s. I know it’s not higher than Supergirl’s. They need to stop pulling back with this thing with Kendra in many attempts to kill Vandal Savage. I’m concerned by the time she pulls the trigger against Savage, it will end up meaningless. I agree with FK9 that these writers are not suited to do time traveling stories and you would think they learn this from the Flash.

A good episode at best with the last three episodes leading up to the season finale.

Arrow – Canary Cry review

This will be my final episode of Arrow to watch after they killed off Dinah Laurel Lance for virtually no reason. It was all to prop up Oliver and Felicity and nothing more. Basically you would think that the surviving Lance family of Quentin, Dinah Drake, and Sara would appear in this one, but there was no Sara because of Legends. I have a feeling it’s going to feel like an afterthought in the upcoming Legends episode.

Of all the Team Arrow members, Diggle was affected the most and he felt that he was responsible thanks to his brother Andy who caused her to get killed. For everything Diggle had told Oliver, it was all reflected back at him. With Dinah Laurel’s funeral, we have someone running around in her costume and canary cry device trying to carry on the Black Canary mantle. If anyone is going to become Black Canary besides Dinah Laurel, it should be Sara.

Meanwhile, there is flashbacks between Oliver and Dinah Laurel but they picked a strange time for that such as when Oliver left because of some other thing and not Tommy’s death that caused Dinah Laurel to have this drinking problem she had in season 2. They could have shown more between them in flashbacks prior to the first season. I feel that this is the producers and writers taking a shot at Dinah Laurel and the actress knowing she’s gone from the show. Since she’s gone, I have no interest in watching future episodes if they going to full throttle with Oliver and Felicity.

Here is one problem to all of this – the producers said that her death will stick. Did it ever occur to them that Sara is in the time machine called the Waverider with the other legends and that she could use it to change history to bring Dinah Laurel back? Did they even thought this through? Instead they will have an Earth-2 version of Black Canary called Black Siren who works for Zoom in the upcoming Flash episode. What are they going to do? Kill her off like they did Killer Frost so that Katie Cassidy doesn’t ever come back? Nice try, but she can appear in Supergirl or be brought back through time changes.

I have never seen so much inconsistency in this show than any other DCU comic book show. An average episode at best and a farewell to Dinah Laurel Lance. That’s it for me with Arrow.

The Flash – Back To Normal review

After last week’s disastrous episode that saw Barry lose his super-speed to Zoom, we have an episode with Barry without his powers. Problem here is that we’ve seen this before in the first season, so why go there again? I would normally call this episode filler, but there were a couple of things that interests me. Synopsis of this episode is that a metahuman kidnaps Harrison Wells as he mistakes him for the Eobard Thawne/ Wells. This was a case of Harrison Wells paying for his Earth-1 semi-counterpart.

The highlight of this episode was having Caitlin meet her Earth-2 counterpart, Killer Frost, and unfortunately it would be their only meeting because as soon as Frost was freed, she tried to kill Caitlin. Then Zoom comes in, saves Caitlin, and kills Killer Frost. What a waste as I feel more could be done with her. I wonder if they’re setting up our Caitlin to become Killer Frost and that her association with Zoom is turning her evil.

That leads to the next storyline because as Caitlin is kidnapped by Zoom, Jesse fills in for her as the team’s resident scientist and doing what Caitlin would have been doing. All the while she returns to bring her father Wells back. Jesse is fitting in nicely with the team. Then Wally West trying to figure out who Flash is, but Joe wouldn’t tell him while having him meet Flash instead in person.

The ending has Barry and Wells deciding to replicate the particle accelerator experiment that got Barry his super speed. I hope this will be the last time we see Barry without it because it’s one of the things that drew us to the series in the first place. An okay filler episode.

Supergirl First Season Review

With the Supergirl season finale now behind, I thought it would be a good idea to look back on its first season. When they first announced a Supergirl TV series, some thought it wouldn’t last because of the huge shadow that her more famous cousin Superman casts. The show is made by the people who produced Arrow, Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow. While they’re on the CW network, Supergirl would be on CBS. The focus is on Supergirl while Superman is in the background that’s used in various ways. The whole idea is to set Supergirl apart from her cousin.

The first season was about Supergirl finding her place in the world as a superhero while she found her place as Kara Danvers, assistant to Cat Grant in her media company Catco. The cast includes Cat Grant, her adopted sister Alex Danvers, DEO director Hank Henshaw, Winn Schott Jr., and James Olsen. All of them have their purposes related to Kara, but the producers and writers were trying to find their niche. It wasn’t until the mid-season point with episodes Hostile Takeover and Blood Ties that things started to come together.

If anything this show had many DCU characters, both heroes and villains such as Lucy Lane, Max Lord, General Sam Lane, Red Tornado, Master Jailer, Bizarro Girl, Live Wire, Silver Banshee, Jemm, Helllgrammite, and Maxima among others. But none were more significant than the Flash, who appeared in a crossover episode with Supergirl. When the Supergirl series launched, many wanted to see the crossover between these two shows because of their similarities in tone and style. The crossover was a success and many were happy.

Supergirl had the bigger budget than the other CW shows and we saw fights and special effects at their best. It felt like a mini-Supergirl movie and there were nods to Man of Steel. The coolest thing about Supergirl is that we saw the depth and humanity of the character much like we had with Christopher Reeve’s Superman. It is expected that the show should have a second season renewal because the first season ended in a cliffhanger that got everyone interested.

While Supergirl is the second highest-rated comic book series, it’s the highest-rated superhero show that drew between 6-13 million viewers each week. A great first season of Supergirl.

Legends of Tomorrow – Last Refuge review

Last week’s filler was something I didn’t care for with the exception of Jonah Hex and we have another episode without Vandal Savage. Only this one is more interesting is that the Time Masters sent an assassin called the Pilgrim to take out Rip Hunter and the team by taking out their younger selves while keeping the timeline intact. They only sent her out because they have been tampering with the timeline multiple times and that Heatwave aka Chronos failed to accomplish his task.

It was interesting to see how the team’s lives were like when they were young prior to their appearances in both Arrow and Flash. We also learn about Rip Hunter being sent to the refuge that is hosted by his adopted mother. The refuge is the only place that the Time Masters have no knowledge of and it’s safe haven for the team’s younger selves. The Pilgrim has potential to be a deadly villain as she has the power to counter the team.

It looks like they will go through this romance between Ray and Kendra, which is the only soap opera of the show. Eventually Hawkman will return and we may see a love triangle happening here in the second season. Seeing Jax meeting his father knowing he will be dead is painful as this would give him much needed closure to move forward. Much much better episode than last week’s.