Arrow – Life Sentence Season Finale review

The battle between Green Arrow and Richard Dragon has come to a head when Diaz took Black Siren hostage and this spurs Quentin Lance to take action that eventually cost him his life. Oliver goes after Diaz and needs the help of the FBI agent who wanted him behind bars after learning he’s the Green Arrow. It was an unlikely alliance. Unfortunately for Oliver, the battle between Green Arrow and Richard Dragon was anticlimactic as the villain ended up getting away.

The reason they did this is because they will introduce the Longbow Hunters for next season, something that Richard Dragon helped found. I suspect that Dragon will return next season. The show’s dynamic has changed in that Oliver has revealed to the world that he’s the Green Arrow so everything is laid out in public. The season ends with Oliver in jail and I wonder if they will go SuperMax for the 7th season.

The highlight of this finale was the meeting between Sara Lance and Earth-2’s Dinah Laurel. There was no fight, but just heart to heart talk. Sara didn’t fight in this finale, only because this is Team Arrow’s moment to shine as it wouldn’t be fair to them since Legends already had their season finale last month. I knew Quentin Lance would be gone and that the actor has moved on to another project. I want to thank Paul Blackthorne for 6 seasons of Quentin Lance.

Marc Guggenheim will also be stepping down for the next season and will become executive consultant. Things are changing in the Arrowverse and for the better. Good season finale overall.


The Flash – Think Fast review

The penultimate episode sees the stakes raised between The Flash and the Thinker, whose plan of enlightenment has escalated. The Thinker is showing why he is among Flash’s top villains along with Captain Cold, Reverse-Flash, Gorilla Grodd, and Zoom. The end of the episode sees the return of the original Gideon being used to realize the Thinker’s plans as Flash is helpless to stop him. However, this scene is all kinds of wrong because Barry has the ability to vibrate through that vault.

The selling point of this episode is the crossover appearance by Diggle and it turned out to be brief. There really is no reason for Diggle to be in this episode unless he helps Flash’s team stop the Thinker. He’s in the same boat as Alex Danvers when interacting with the metahuman heroes of Supergirl and the Arrowverse.

Iris and Harry teaming up is something you don’t see often as Harry is trying to deal with his deteriorating mental state. You would have thought to bring in Jesse Quick instead of Diggle. Despite being betrayed by the Thinker, his wife is still loyal to him regardless.

The stuff with Joe and Cecilia didn’t bring anything new to the table, they rewritten Caitlin Snow’s history. The question is – why? They build her up for the last 4 seasons to see her become Killer Frost and it was already established that she wasn’t affected by the Particle Accelerator from the first season. This repressed memory isn’t doing her favors either. I’ve said it before she needs to move to either Supergirl or Legends, but I hope it’s the former.

An okay episode at best as it’s stalled until the season finale.

iZombie – Insane In The Germ Brain review

Isobel continues to be a great addition to the cast as I hope this isn’t the last time we see her. If it is, I hope the actress returns to Supergirl to play a young Kara again. She’s a dynamite when she pulled a prank on Liv and the others. Hell she could even be Liv’s zombie sidekick.

Peyton is faced with a choice from her parents and Ravi to leave New Seattle, where the zombies are growing more hostile towards the Humans. Meanwhile, Major is forced to eat a brain of a mobster while also eating a tracker so that other soldiers can rescue him.

The heartbreaker is when Isobel dies again when Ravi picks her up for a driving lesson and finds both Liv and Isobel’s mother crying. Ravi didn’t believe it at first and it starts to hit him that it’s for real. This was the highlight of the episode. iZombie is doing well for its new status quo and setting.

Good episode overall.

Supergirl – Shelter From The Storm review

The basic story idea here is that Supergirl and her team are trying to protect Sam’s daughter Ruby and her grandmother Patricia from the more powerful Reign, who has the powers of the other 2 Worldkillers Purity and Pestilence. It may be simple, but there is a complication as James had Lena tell Supergirl the truth about making Kryptonite. As Lena did, this causes the fallout between both of them that puts James in a very tight position. However, James ends up trusting Lena over Supergirl whom he knew for 3 seasons. It shows me that there is no hope for James at all.

The moment they brought back Sam’s mother, I knew her days were numbered and I was right when she died at the hands of Reign. I love the climax fight between Superman, Mon-El, and Alex against Reign and this is why it separates the show from the others. I guess the cape training worked. Unfortunately, now Ruby knows that her mother is Reign.

There were other storylines with one involving J’onn and his father, where we found out he sacrificed his beliefs for the oppressors. I think they’re trying to set up the departure for Martian Manhunter when the season ends.

The Legion of Superheroes now return to the future after Pestilence is dead, but Brainiac 5 bugged them and learned that Reign has the powers of Pestilence and Purity. Mon-El pointed out what I did on the forums that Blight could still happen in the future through Reign. The spoilers of Mon-El staying behind were true.

The confrontation between Supergirl and Lena is not a good one as this felt out-of-character. Here she came across as standoffish. I’m not sure if the writers got a good handle on Supergirl this season in terms of her character as she seems to be many things while Reign continues to shine. Also it’s been a while since we’ve seen Kara Danvers.

Good episode overall.

Farewell Margot Kidder – 1948-2018

Actress Margot Kidder has passed away at the age of 69 in Montana. She is best known for playing Lois Lane in the Superman movies with the late Christopher Reeve in the four Superman movies from 1978 to 1987.

In between Superman and the post-Superman projects, she was eventually bankrupt and became homeless for four years that lead to her having bipolar disorder. Her acting work was dried up.

Her acting career revived when she appeared in RL Stine’s The Haunting, where she won an Emmy Award, and the Amityville Horror. She also did voice work for the animated movie Gobots: Battle of the Rock Lords. Kidder would return to the Superman universe when she appeared in Smallville’s 4th season playing a consort to the Reeve’s Dr. Virgil Swann. It’s also where she reunited with Annette O’ Toole, who played Lana Lang in Superman III.

Margot has appeared in many Superman conventions and appearances over the years where she got to interact with Smallville’s Lois Lane Erica Durance and compared her version of Lois to the late Noel Neill’s. She became a US Citizen in 2005. Margot Kidder will be missed by Superman fans worldwide as she is now reunited with her Superman Christopher Reeve eternally.

Arrow – The Ties That Bind review

Oliver Queen managed a unique way to get Richard Dragon off his game and that’s to do something out of norm. Oliver and his team get to spend time with their loved ones before Richard Dragon goes full-blown supervillain on them. Richard Dragon has went from being the methodical, manipulative and behind-the-scenes to a supervillain who goes to extremes to destroy Oliver and Star City.

Oliver went to the last person one least expects and that’s the FBI agent who wanted him to reveal his identity and being behind bars. He does so by laying his cards on the table, but with something in return related to Felicity and William. This actually distinguishes Green Arrow from Batman, who would never put his loved ones in harm’s way and was a lot more careful in his methods.

Good penultimate episode leading to the season finale.

Batman Ninja review

The DC Animated universe has released its latest animated movie called Batman Ninja. This is an anime film that is done in cooperation between Warner Brothers and the animators from Japan. Batman and his universe have been reinterpreted for the anime audience as Samurais and Ninjas. The story is about Batman and his group going after Joker and the Arkham villains while Gorilla Grodd uses his latest invention to send everyone back in time to feudal Japan. Things take off from there.

It is clear after watching this movie that the center is Batman, Joker, Harley Quinn, Catwoman, and Gorilla Grodd while everyone else are supporting players. Things move at a fast pace where in feudal Japan, the villains all become warlords ruling their regions with their castles that have the ability to turn into either robots or war machines. In the midst of this, Batman finds out that there is a Bat Ninja Clan who worship him as their lord thanks to Nightwing, Robin, and the others. The climax is full of actions sequences and big robot mecha action that’s associated with anime.

Joker is the MVP of this film and is showing why he is Batman’s arch-enemy as their rivalry carried this film as it should. If anyone outshines Batman, it’s the Joker more than anyone else.

Most looked great in their samurai or ninja outfits, but few didn’t look good such as Red Hood who wears a ridiculous red bucket as his hood while trying to act like a morally grey tough guy. The Robin in this film is likely a grown up Damian Wayne, who should be 13 at this point if this takes place in the same continuity as the recent Batman and Justice League movies. Robin does look cute with a couple of cute monkeys. There are several cool Easter eggs that made my day.

This movie is a high recommender and a great addition to the DCU animated collection. I want an animated series based on this and I wish they would adapt the Batman Manga as their next Batman animated film after they finish with the 2-part Superman animated movie. Great movie overall.