The wedding of Diggle and Lyla was a culmination of their relationship throughout the series up to this point and Oliver, Dinah Laurel, Roy, Felicity, Thea, and Ray Palmer were in attendance. Ray was the one who ministered the wedding and was invited through Felicity. After the wedding, everyone was having a good time until Oliver and his team got a text message about impostor Arrows. Immediately, Oliver knew that this was the result of him turning down Ra’s Al Ghul’s offer from last episode. Diggle and Lyla went off for their honeymoon or so they thought.

Diggle and Lyla met with the returning Deadshot, who has a Suicide Squad mission by Amanda Waller’s orders. They are to go to the overseas to rescue a Senator and the other hostages from the terrorists. Joining them is the returning Cupid who happens to be the show’s equivalent to Harley Quinn. There isn’t much conflict in this version of the Suicide Squad and we get a flashback for Deadshot on what he was like before he became a criminal. This was a sign that his days on the show were coming to an end, so it was full circle for him. The twist here is that the Senator himself is the one behind the terrorists’ attacks. The hostages were saved at the price of one life – Deadshot’s. If they killed him off because of the Suicide Squad movie with Will Smith as Deadshot, it’s one of the stupidest reasons to do so and I can’t buy Will Smith as Deadshot.

As Oliver was dealing with impostor Arrows, the relationship between Felicity and Ray hits a snag when Ray found out about Oliver’s identity. In return, Felicity tells Oliver and Roy everything about Ray and his super-suit. Their confrontation in their civilian identities has lead to their fight in costume and we see what Ray can do as Atom. I find it funny that Oliver left Roy after Roy was knocked out by Ray’s electric volts. Dinah Laurel was good in this episode and it’s reminiscent of the first season. The writers forgot what made Dinah Laurel the female lead of the show. Felicity has lost me in this season as she became annoying. She was good when she crosses over to the Flash, which she belongs there more than Arrow.

The end of the episode gave us hints as to who might be leaving the show after this season. It’s funny that we’re getting love triangles in both Arrow and Flash. Great episode overall.

The episode is in a tough position to follow the pilot and build upon it. Upon watching the episode, it did successfully as Liv gets the hang of her zombie powers. The latest brain she eats is one of the artist who was murdered with a paint brush stabbed through his eye. She, Ravi, and Clive set out to investigate as to who done it. In the pilot, Liv gains the ability to speak Romanian. Here she gains the ability to paint like the artist, but also listen to Jazz. Clive ends up being right when it was the wife who did it. They’re trying to find the show’s chemistry and rhythm with the characters and relationships.

Liv also meets the very man who turned her into a zombie and his name is Major, who wants to make amends with her. But Liv isn’t buying it and saw that he was still hanging out with bad people. What she doesn’t know is that Major killed them and has made love to a woman, who has also turned into a zombie the same way Liv did in the pilot. No one, but Liv and Ravi, knows the Major being the evil zombie. I hope we delve more into why Ravi is fascinated in zombies such as Liv and Major.

They are keeping the zombie thing to reality and not go further into the supernatural stuff like in the comics. It’s probably a good thing for this series, but if they were to do a spin-off iZombie with someone else as the lead, I’m sure they will use the supernatural stuff to distinguish it from this series.

A good followup to the pilot as they retained the comic book opening and the narrative by Liv. It’s definitely a cross between Buffy and Veronica Mars. I like mysteries like the old Sherlock Holmes, Clue, Scooby-Doo, Captain Caveman, and Clue Club so we can this to my list of favorite mysteries.

Last week, Barry Allen went back in time a day earlier at the beginning of the previous episode as he was on his way to the morgue. Here he is seeing the effects of time travel when he completes the sentences of others before they do and he and Dr. Harrison Wells have a talk about it. Wells warns Barry not to change too much with time travel, but Barry basically ignored it when he went after the Weather Wizard before he can do anything at his apartment. Basically they reset last week just so they can show us the love triangle between Barry, Iris, and Eddie. I called it that Barry was going to capture Weather Wizard before he did anything.

I can’t blame Eddie for hitting Barry because Barry broke up with Linda and goes after Iris just as she’s in a relationship with Eddie. I don’t know what the writers were aiming for, but as I’ve said last week both Linda and Eddie came across as innocent while Barry and Iris came off as cheaters. This is an example of people not writing for protagonists and write for either antagonists or supporting characters instead.

One example was seeing Cisqo and his brother, Dante, being held hostage by the returning Captain Cold, his sister Golden Girder, and Heatwave and Barry’s priorities are not saving Cisqo but rather his love life with Iris. This is one of the Smallville effects. Barry’s priorities were messed up big time. He also had made a deal with a criminal like Captain Cold that sets up for the upcoming spin-off involving he and Heatwave.

They did a different version of the scene with Cisqo and Wells that saw a different outcome where he’s alive. With Cisqo alive, someone else dies and that someone was Iris’ boss named Mason Bridge who was investigating Wells, Star Labs, and the disappearance of Simon Stagg. This causes Barry to question about Wells with Joe and could lead to an eventual confrontation between Barry and Dr. Wells. It won’t be long until Barry finds out about Dr. Wells.

To sum it all up, pretty subpar episode despite the appearance of 3 rogues and a nice name for it as well. In both this and Out of Time, Barry and Iris came off as unlikeable and this is on the writers.

TNA Impact 3/20/15 review

Posted: March 25, 2015 in Entertainment, Sports

After the previous Impact that was hit with the series low under Destination America, this Impact stepped up many fold where it was built around the World title match between Kurt Angle and Bobby Lashley. TNA hyped it as these men never met inside the ring. It’s one of their dream matches that was PPV quality. Actually, this Impact felt like a PPV than the PPV-themed Impacts do. They followed both Angle and Lashley from their locker rooms to the ring as they would in the UFC. It shows the importance of the main event, which had star power while the one between EC3 and Rockstar Spud didn’t despite the hard work and effort they put in. They had this one right and Angle wins the title so this may mark the beginning of the end for him in TNA.

Impact opened up with an Ultimate X for the Tag Team titles that involved the Wolves, the Revolution’s Manik and the Great Sanada, and Bro Mans’ Zema Ion and Jesse Godderz. All 6 men put up a great showing and they were smart to put Zema instead of Robbie E after coming off an embarrassing defeat at the hands of Brooke Tessmacher. No way would they put Robbie E in this match as it would bring it notches down. The Wolves retained and I don’t think this match was promoted by TNA well.

Samoa Joe went up against Austin Aries and TNA hyped this to be his last match for him, but Samoa Joe didn’t know it at the time and neither did the locker room. It was for the World title briefcase that the BDC stole from Aries, who won by DQ and got it back. Here’s the part I liked – they transitioned from one feud to the next when as soon as Aries left with his briefcase, Rockstar Spud comes out with his to cash in the X-Division title show. Already he defeats Low Ki with Spike Dudley’s move to win the X-Division. Nice moment there for Spud and one well-deserved after coming off a hot feud with EC3. I wish we had EC3’s reaction as well as an interview with Spud.

Matt Hardy and James Storm’s No-DQ match was something that should have corrected their first one where Matt went over. This time it was Storm who went over, but all this does is set up for Jeff Hardy’s return when TNA returns from the UK. Storm has proven to be one of the top heels, but this Kevin Sullivan-like gimmick spells all kinds of wrong for him.

The 3-way Knockouts match for the KO title involving Taryn Terrell, Gail Kim, and Awesome Kong is the second biggest highlight to the main event. These three women can go and showed why they are better than the WWE Divas. The story of the match involves Taryn being frustrated that she can’t put away Awesome Kong like Gail has in the past and this foreshadows a heel turn for her. I’m serious, but the Knockouts need their own TV show and take over the X-Division.

The feud between Magnus and Bram is something that we should have gotten from both Bobby Roode and Eric Young. These two men really hate each other and at one point we saw Magnus powerbombing Bram on the entrance stage. Mickie James gets involved and she gets on top of Bram to beat the heck out of him. If WWE wasn’t going to go for the intergender stuff, you can bet TNA will go there to differentiate themselves from them.

Was this better than the previous Impact? Of course as this one had star power. I hope future Impacts are like these last two, along with the Feast or Fired one. TNA puts in the time and effort into their shows more than WWE does right now. Keep the momentum going!!

Happy Birthday Stinger!!!

Posted: March 20, 2015 in Entertainment, Sports

Today is the birthday of pro wrestling star Sting, who just turned 56 this year. We look forward to your match with Triple H at WrestleMania 31!!!

Arrow – The Offer review

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Arrow returns from a hiatus with an episode that picks up where the last one left off and it’s Ra’s Al Ghul wanting Oliver Queen to become the next Ra’s Al Ghul. It wasn’t much of an offer, but rather an order. Oliver considers it thus drawing concerns from both Diggle and Felicity. He, Diggle, and Malcolm escaped without any problems which leaves one suspicious. Oliver gets Nyssa Al Ghul free. Things would be okay for Team Arrow, but it’s far from it and the episode was pretty low-key.

The villain for this episode is called Murmur, who has his mouth stitched up. He’s played by the actor who played Jeremy Creek in Smallville’s pilot episode. Nice to see him again, but it’s unfortunate Smallville didn’t bring him back for its 200th episode, Homecoming. He speaks through his actions and leads through his actions. The reasons for doing what he did was what the cops in Starling City did.

We found out that Detective Lance has shut out both his daughter and Arrow for Sarah’s death that they kept from him and he sets out to put an end to vigilantism in Starling City once and for all against Arrow and everyone else. There is also friction between Nyssa and her father, Ra’s, over choosing an outsider like Oliver over her. This spawns a relationship between both Dinah Laurel and Nyssa. I hope Nyssa joins Team Arrow against her father.

The scenes between Oliver and Ra’s Al Ghul were the true highlight for me and were a lot realistic within the context of the series. They also showed the Lazarus Pit and its effects. The end scene saw Ra’s impersonating Oliver after he turned down his offer, but Ra’s didn’t have to do that as he should’ve let someone in his League do that for him. Ra’s told him that his closest allies would be gone from him as well as the police turning on him, it all came true.

Thea is at a crossroads once again as she would rather be killed by Nyssa after what she did to Sara and dealing with her father after Oliver and Diggle rescued him. Eventually she rekindled her relationship with Roy. I hope Thea becomes Speedy instead of leaving the show.

The flashbacks I could do without, but the reappearance of Shado saved it and I hope she shows up in the present time and join up with Team Arrow, along with Katanna.

Good return episode for Arrow.

iZombie Pilot review

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Last night was the debut of the iZombie TV series. It’s loosely based on the comics by DC/ Vertigo. Normally I’m not into zombies, but I’ll make an exception for this since it’s based on a comic book series and I’m a comic book fan. The show was developed by Rob Thomas, who also created Veronica Mars. I went into this not expecting much and expecting to hate it, but upon watching it I ended up liking it thus surprising myself. This has the quirkiness of both Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Veronica Mars combined.

I love the opening sequence when it was comic book panels and it was drawn by the artist who is doing the comic book series. Whenever the episode comes back from commercial, we go from comic book panel to live-action. This is one of the things I liked about the show. Also it has the narrative of its leading character named Olivia “Liv” Moore, played by Rose McIver who was in the Power Rangers RPM as the Yellow RPM Ranger. The character comes back from the dead and is caught between living and dead. She eats the brains of the victims and gains their memories, characteristics, and talents such as speaking Romanian. What this does is give her insight on how the victims end up dead and who has done it.

The supporting cast consists of an Middle Eastern doctor, who knew the truth about Liv, and a police detective whom Liv is working with. The rest of the supporting cast includes Aly Michalka, who was in the CW series called the Hellcats as she plays Liv’s roommate. The villain is the main zombie who has given Liv a scratch and some drug that makes her into the zombie. Her goal is clear that she wants to be back to normal as well as using her newfound gifts to solve crimes. It’s good enough for the series as it’s clear than anything else.

This series has the perfect combination of action, adventure, horror, and comedy than anything else. It will be likely be the only zombie series I will watch. I’m hooked and looking forward to the next episodes. A strong start to the show and its ratings proved it. Glad I chose to watch it.