Nikita – Black Badge review

This episode focuses on Sean Pierce, Alex’s girlfriend and member of the Navy Seals, who has been framed for an assassination he didn’t commit and that’s where Division comes in where they discover that Amanda is using a rogue Division agent to impersonate him while having him take the fall for it. This is part of Amanda’s revenge against Nikita and Division and it shows that Amanda knows Nikita way too well and what she was going to do. There was also tension between Nikita and Ryan over on handling the situation as Ryan made the call to let Sean turn himself in. I knew Nikita was going to react the way she did and she made the call to let him die, yet revive him under secrecy. All along, this was a way to get Sean into Division whether he likes it or not and Alex has pushing for that all season. Division now has a another new member in Sean, who made his choice and paid the price. A good episode for Sean.


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